7 Reasons to Hire a Vegas Wedding Planner

Wondering if you should hire a Las Vegas wedding planner?
Here are 7 reasons to consider hiring one with more to follow soon. 

Vegas Wedding Planning

Planning your wedding comes with many questions. Some questions are easier than others — from what will your theme be to what dress will you wear? Some questions you won’t know to ask until you stumble into it, sometimes hours before your wedding — like timing vendor arrival.

1. Solve Unexpected Issues

You can count on having unexpected issues leading up to and on your wedding day. The place settings are beautiful but the wrong number. The buttons on your dress torpedo across the room. A certain family member is up to their shenanigans. Yay.!

A planner is “on point” in each of these little situations. An excellent Vegas planner will take care of each of these unexpected issues so well and discreetly that the couple may never know there ever was an issue.

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2. Save Money

Couples often assume that hiring a wedding planner means flushing your wedding budget down the drain. An experienced Vegas wedding planner has an established vendor network and can meet your personal price range.

Much of the wedding cost goes right to the venue.  According to this Forbes article, venues cost an average of $14,006. Unsurprisingly, a poll recently found that 91 percent of couples regret spending too much, so it pays you to truly plan ahead for what you need with an unbiased and expert outside perspective.

Rather than wasting gas and time and settling on a vendor to “just be done with a decision”, invest in an planning adviser. In the end you will save more money by having someone help you than not.  You may then put that money toward your honeymoon or life goals as a couple. A planner will not only help you determine what budget you need but will help you stay within your budget. Who doesn’t like saving money?

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3. Customized Services

A Vegas wedding planner can customize your wedding so that you can have your dream and save money. Any aspect of your wedding can be customized. If you see your destination wedding happening in Las Vegas, but with a particular ambiance in mind — Vegas wedding planners Las Vegas Strip weddings make it happen, whether that’s scenic, national park or Las Vegas Strip weddings.

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4. More Than Decorating

Wedding planners are like interior designers — right? They make everything organized and beautiful for your wedding while not spending your life savings. Wedding planners know local decorators and will help give the needed directions to do more than decorate and coordinating — they are the epicenter of the planning experience and making sure it all goes right.

Anyone who is helping you plan your special occasion should care and hold your vision close to their heart, after all they becomes an active part of this meaningful moment of your lives. They will share that vision with you and be your support, offering advise at important junctures of your planning experience. 

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5. Helpful advice

Let the little issues go and breathe. What if you never had to know about all the almost-disasters that nearly took you away from your wedding bliss? If you have a a planner to help you can let go of the stress.

It can be difficult to let the dream go when you’ve spend years imagining what your wedding would be like. Obsessing over every little detail is natural, but it can also hold you back — filling your day with endless imagined disasters. On your bid day, you deserve to tune out the stressful stuff and focus on your big moment.

6. Connections

You may prefer to take care of specific details yourself but still want to consult with a professional. Finding the right vendor for each job is intrinsic to making your dream Las Vegas wedding come true. There’s a special kind of synchronicity that you feel when you find the right person to assist you along achieving the milestones of your life, such as locating the right artist to ink your first tattoo. Connecting you with the most reputable vendors such as florists and hair and make up vendors are all important elements that come down to having the right connections.

7. Planners know the area

Your planner should be knowledgeable about the little details — which especially matters if your wedding is happening overseas.  If you are traveling to Las Vegas from overseas or even from a different state where, like Jon Snow, you know nothing, you can be at a definite disadvantage. This means you might mean in some situations you may be taken advantage of by the hustlers in Las Vegas.  If you have an adviser and confidant who knows Las Vegas you will be safer.  This means the all the details will be handled with care and guests will be at the right place at the right time.

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You should be free to enjoy the big picture of your wedding and future together blissfully without worrying about unexpected issues, staying in budget and getting all the little details right. Check out our part two which covers the ins and outs of how your Vegas wedding planner masters the seemingly endless to-do list with calm expertise. Meanwhile, you show off those fancy boots, look your best and celebrate your big day.

Wedding planning is stressful, especially when planning for a destination wedding. Let us at Custom Las Vegas Weddings help you make your wedding memorable. It’s our job, after all, and we love what we do.