Romantic Client Story in a Las Vegas Garden Wedding Venue

Las Vegas Garden Wedding Venue – Roger and Jane’s Story

Roger & Jane

Springs Preserve Wedding

About Springs Preserve


Roger and Jane wanted a private elopement experience in a Las Vegas garden wedding venue with just a couple guests. In the end they chose Springs Preserves for it’s beauty and variety of botanical gardens and trails for their small elopement in Las Vegas. Springs Preserves is located 3 miles west of the downtown area in the heart of Las Vegas. It is owned by the Las Vegas Water district and features 180 acres of green museums, galleries, and botanical garden displays. It is perfect for a wedding because it has many beautiful backdrops such as a traditional gazebo, arbor, rose gardens and a host of botanical displays.

About Roger and Jane

They decided to Elope in Las Vegas and I talked them into having a garden wedding experience at Springs Preserve. They traveled from England and wanted to have a fun destination wedding with two close friends in attendance as witnesses. It was an intimate garden experience. It took place in the heart of the summer so they were brave to take on our Vegas heat but they weathered it well. You can’t tell from the photos the weather was hot that day. The thoroughly enjoyed getting married in this Las Vegas garden wedding venue. They were very happy they chose Springs Preserve to get married in Las Vegas.


Julie planned Roger and Jane’s garden elopement to include their transportation, flowers, photography, venue, officiation and itinerary.

The photos were taken by Constantine Photography in collaboration with Custom Las Vegas weddings. Springs Preserve offers a fantastic option as a Las Vegas garden wedding venue choice. Jane and Roger has a fantastic experience to cherish for a lifetime of memories. Constantine photography collaborated with us for these excellent photos.


Springs Preserve Garden Arch

This is the garden arch area where Roger and Jane had their private garden ceremony with their friends.

Las Vegas Garden Wedding

Jane was Roger were both thrilled to finally receive their rings and promises from each other.

places to elope in vegas
garden wedding in las vegas

They had their ceremony customized with their personal story and laughter lightened the mood.

las vegas garden weddings

After traveling thousands of miles they finally came to the part where they sealed their promises with a kiss.

las vegas botanical garden wedding

We present Roger and Jane Till. Happily married newlyweds.

where to elope in vegas

Congratulations are in order.

garden wedding
wedding in las vegas

Traditional photo keepsake of wedding rings.

elopement packgages vegas

Time for some fun posed shots around the botanical garden.

small las vegas garden wedding

This photo was taken on the scenic drive with the Red Rocks close by.

small elopement wedding packages in Vegas

Springs Preserves has a beautiful garden arbor to showcase poses.

las vegas garden wedding gazebo

This is a such a romantic, traditional garden wedding gazebo in Las Vegas.

Springs Preserves Botanical Gardens

Springs Preserves is truly a beautiful botanical garden setting for a wedding in Las Vegas. It’s a great location to consider for a small intimate elopement in Las Vegas or for a larger wedding event. Many couples traveling to Las Vegas probably don’t know about this local Vegas jewel in the desert. If you are considering this Las Vegas outdoor wedding venue for your event here are some things to know about Springs Preserves.

It showcases uniquely landscaped botanical demonstrations of desert trees, flowers and shrubs with beautiful trails that encompass 1.8 miles of picturesque landscape.

  • There are many choices for having an affordable Las Vegas elopement ceremony. The elopement area may be reserved or we may choose it spontaneously on the day of the wedding.
  • Springs Preserves also has other locations that may be reserved for a more upscale experience. Even saying that it may be customized to meet your needs with chairs, music, flower decorations and more.
  • They showcase a beautiful garden wedding gazebo, a rose garden arbor, desert fountain area, amphitheater and inside event space for more formal larger weddings.

Las Vegas Garden Elopement

Garden Elopement $650.00

  • Reserved garden space 
  • Photographer 1 (hr.)
  • 50 digital photos
  • Printing rights released
  • Gallery for sharing
  • Officiant & Witness
  • Choice of Ceremony
  • Planning and day of coordination
  • Sedan for up to 3  (2 hrs.)
  • Use Silk Bouquet & Boutonniere
  • Choices of Silk Flowers for Use

Springs Preserves YouTube Video

6 Amazing Hotel Suites to Consider if you plan to get married in Las Vegas

Consider a Hotel Suite to get married in Las Vegas

Consider this wedding advice before you make a decision where to get married in Las Vegas. These hotel suites are terrific choices to consider using if you are researching having an in-suite Las Vegas wedding because it may end up being the most cost-effective solution for you in the long run.

The aim of this article is to help you determine if they are cost-effective. If so, then here is some needed advice for choosing your hotel suite.

Utilizing a hotel suite to get married in Las Vegas provides a solution for couples who desire a unique approach to their wedding. This option to consider may be the ticket and this choice provides a wedding in vegas for two that is private yet elegant.

Consider these hotel suites to hold a small Las Vegas wedding ceremony and reception. This idea is appealing to people whether you are eloping in Vegas or have guests for a larger event and this choice offers many advantages.

The major advantages:

  • More affordable: An in-suite wedding in Las Vegas will be more affordable in the long run if it fits into your style and vision. It is fairly easy to plan, casual, and perfect for those with privacy in mind. This choice may also be the best solution for the smaller hotel suite wedding reception.
  • Control and choices: choosing to have a Las Vegas hotel suite wedding ceremony will allow you to control it the way you want to. Quite often couples find limits are imposed on their wedding day they don’t like. This option allows you to have more control and implement ideas that work for you. You may also use decorations of your own choice and better control over the vendors you want to use for your wedding, ultimately getting more for your money.
  • Wide selection of hotels: Las Vegas offers a wide range and selection of hotels to choose from. There certainly are a host of fancy and fashionable hotel and suite choices. In my opinion, some hotel suites I have personally visited have stood out as superior for wedding ceremonies and reception choices.

    You might want to also read this article about seasonal Las Vegas weather tips.

To add some special wedding feel and bliss to your in-suite Vegas wedding, here are a number of things to think about and some background information about the suites you will want to know.

But before we look at the hotels, let’s look at your budget.

Determine your budget:

Determining your budget is the first thing you want to do. I created a Las Vegas wedding budget checklist you may want to look over here. How will you know which suite is best and what the total costs are unless you do your homework first? This article is a good starting point to help you determine what you want for your wedding ceremony and reception.

How much are you willing to pay for the most exquisite suite and is there a compromise if your budget is smaller? Know your budget and if you can make the best decision for a suite that offers a separate bedroom section so your guests and you have the privacy you need for getting ready and a first look option before the bride walks down the aisle.

Vegas Wedding Planning Preparation Checklist:

The excitement of Vegas can distract you and make you forget a lot of important details. It will help to create timelines to keep your events organized and on track.

wedding planning checklist

Pre-planning wedding checklist: The questions on this checklist are the main ones you will want to decide on and get answers to prior to the wedding day.

  • Where will the bride enter?
  • Will any person be presenting the hand of the bride upon entry?
  • Where will the music be playing from and who will be in control?
  • What songs do you want to be played before, during and after the ceremony?
    Write down the order of the songs and separate the wedding and reception playlist.
  • Do you want the guest to stand or sit during the ceremony?
  • Will you have a video? Where do you want the cameras stationed for the ceremony? (Tip: get guidance from your videographer for best lighting).
  • Where will you and your fiancé stand during the ceremony? (Again, get input from photographer and videographer and planner for best suggestions).
  • What is the recessional plan after your marriage pronouncement? Will you stand in place and have the guest congratulate you casually? Or, do you want to walk out in a more formal processional and have a moment of privacy as newlyweds?
  • Where will the food be stationed and what food will you provide for guests?
  • Will there be an official celebratory toast after the ceremony?
  • Are you having a cake and where will it be stationed? Usually, the cake table and gift table are in close proximity.

Tip: If you don’t want to hassle with the small details you might want to consider using an affordable Las Vegas wedding planner to give you guidance and help you figure out how to implement the romantic touches and decorate your suite for the wedding.

View this infographic and article to know the pros and cons to elope in Las Vegas.

Same Sex couple cutting cake In Suite Reception

  • Utilize and get help from the hotel concierge: It’s an excellent idea to check in with the hotel concierge department and know what they can offer. They have many excellent services they provide and can be a great ally. Just be careful to not give too much away if you are having your ceremony in the suite. Most hotels do not officially approve of this practice if they provide a chapel in their hotel. They discourage in-suite Las Vegas Wedding ceremonies however you are renting a private room but if there is a hotel check-in agreement be sure to comply with the rules. Remember, however, you are having a private event and have a right to do the ceremony in your room, despite what the hotel tells you. You should contact the concierge only for periphery items like food, drinks and catering services and leave the special requests up to your planner.
  • Determine the space you need for the ceremony: One factor you need to determine when you decide to get married in Las Vegas in a hotel suite is whether you want to have the ceremony inside or outside. Some suites will accommodate an outside ceremony with balconies overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. If the only option is to hold the ceremony inside, ensure there’s a distance of about 7-8 feet between the closest guests and the Las Vegas wedding officiate. It gives room for improved projection and enough room for the photographer and videographer to move about.
  • Remember the ambiance and music: Las Vegas suites have TVs with USB slots. You can play the songs you want using the suite’s system or you can upgrade for a better, distinguished sound. It helps accomplish a certain mood and helps ensure the sound doesn’t hamper the officiant’s voice or anyone talking at the event.
  • Preparing the suite: You will want to dazzle up the suite in time for the ceremony. This doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money though. You have options. If you plan to DIY your decorating here are some ideas.
  • Las Vegas wedding In Suite photo

    Decorations: If you are a DIY bride or groom and have the vision already dialed in, you will want to make a checklist of items you need. Sometimes hotel concierge departments will allow you to ship in a box of decorations ahead of time if you figure out if it’s cost effective to do it that way. Otherwise, you will want to have a rental car during your time here to enable store buying runs for supplies. This idea will only work if you have the time.

  • Candles: Consider getting electric votive candles to place around the room. Hotels do not like you to use real candles because it’s a fire hazard. Electric votive candles can be bought at various stores such as Target or Walmart.
  • Flowers: Use flowers to decorate and bring out the best in the atmosphere. Having the florist prepare a few stationary floral arrangements to sit on the cake table and around the room will add a lot to the event. Flowers can be delivered to your hotel suite from anywhere in the city. Once again, you may have a small wedding planner coordinate all the elements for you. A good planner will work on your behalf and pass on the discounts they get to you so even with their fee it’s not more expensive to have a wedding planner help you.
  • Aisle runner: Make the room ready for the wedding with an aisle runner. You may purchase an aisle runner well in advance to spruce up the ambiance and add some formal flair to the occasion.
  • Rearrange the room: Rearrange the different furniture and consider renting chairs if the need is to formalize the setup. There are companies that will bring in chairs you can request them from the hotel for a cost.
  • Set Aside Troubleshooting Time: Technical issues usually crop up, especially with the sound, music, Wi-Fi, rented electronics, live video coverage, among others. Ensure you’ve set some time before the wedding to cover any of these issues that might come up.
  • Drinks and snacks: Your guests will most likely expect you to provide some food, even if it’s finger food or hors-d’oeuvres. If you keep it small you may decide to the nearest grocery store and get your own finger food. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Champagne or wine is a good choice to keep the alcohol cost down. This will still allow you to have a wedding toast. Most hotels will not allow outside caterers in providing food in the room. Another option would be to have the hotel provide the food and drinks for your event but this choice will be more costly.

Tip: If you want to get tips about the seasonal weather temperatures and need to know info for Vegas weather click here.

6 Great Las Vegas Hotel Suite Options:

The Venetian Luxury Suites
Luxury Suite Floor plan (Premium View) (Cost $539.00 +) (650 Sq. Ft

Las Vegas Venetian hotel suite wedding

This choice offers a unique Italian feel for any wedding. Their suites are very nice and offer a small sunken living room space for a romantic and small Las Vegas wedding ceremony. This hotel has amazing architecture throughout and a beautiful waterfall that is seasonally decorated, which is a great backdrop for photos after the wedding. The Venetian hotel showcases a small replica of the gondola canals of Venice, which is also a romantic backdrop for photos after the wedding.

MGM Skyline Terrace Suites
Floor plan and Photos (Cost: $700 +) (1300 Sq. Ft.)

MGM skyline hotel suite reception

This hotel suite is a perfect option for an in-suite wedding in Las Vegas. They offer 80 guest count balcony, three-bedroom tasteful lofts that offer a great city view that is a very romantic backdrop for a wedding. A single loft can actually accommodate 30 guests. The balcony is big enough to fit small tables and chairs and one long table for cake cutting. The view from this balcony of City center and the Las Vegas Strip is phenomenal. There are 14 of these suites available but they must be booked by phone.

The Cosmopolitan Wraparound Terrace Suite:
Floor plans and Photos Cost $300-975+ (1680 sq. Ft.)

Get Married in Las Vegas

This hotel It is a gorgeous choice for a trendy and modern wedding in Vegas with a view of the Vegas strip. The scenic wrap around suite provides an indoor/outdoor option for your ceremony. The suite overlooking the Bellagio fountains has a great view of the Eiffel tower and Las Vegas Strip. This suite boasts a well-furnished option with a king bed. It’s great whether you are having a small or larger crowd. The suite seats 17 people. The downside to this hotel suite is the fact that suites are keycard access which means someone from your planning committee will need to escort up the guests. The suites on the East tower are close to the parking garage and will be easier to get supplies up to the room, however, security is tight at this hotel so lugging supplies up to the suite might draw unwanted security attention.

The Mandalay Bay (Vista or Media Suites)
Floor plan and photos: Vista Suite, Media Suite Cost: $480 – $780 +

las vegas hotel suite reception photo
If you are considering an in-suite wedding and reception these suites fit the bill. Consider the option of having a Vegas Wedding Package at your location. This is a perfect choice that offers solutions to your Las Vegas wedding vendor planning needs. Using a hotel suite for your ceremony is a great choice for a DIY reception. The hotel views are phenomenal. The Vista Suite has a terrific floor plan for a wedding with a large bar area. The Media Suite has needed soundproofing for the larger party atmosphere. You might find it a challenge, however, to cater this event yourself. It may be best to use the hotel food and beverage department for the catering.

The Media Suite has a 1035 square foot living room with seating for 22 people. Its occupancy threshold is 40 people. The Vista Suite has 949 square ft. living room with seating for 21 people but accommodates 40 people well.

The Golden Nugget Spa Tower Suite
Floor plan and photos: Cost: $412 +

Golden-Nugget-Suite Wedding

The Golden Nugget is a classic hotel in Las Vegas. Some people prefer the older classic Las Vegas scene. This hotel is located in the heart of Fremont Street Experience. These suites feature a two-floor layout with a staircase. This would offer the opportunity for great wedding photos as well as a bridal grand entrance for the wedding processional. It also has a classic bar and antique vintage atmosphere with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows. The living room 1,200 square feet and it seats.

Penthouse A at the Palms
Palms Floor plan Cost: $250 + on Trip Advisor

Palms place hotel suite wedding photo

This penthouse accommodates sleeps eight. You may have 75 people at your event. This is a great idea for a wedding in Las Vegas you probably have not even thought of. This hotel choice also provides a luxury living room complete with a game room and pool table, full island kitchen and fireplace. It has a fantastic balcony to hold your ceremony that would boast a sparkling city view below. Its 3,650 square feet with two king beds.

Tip to keep the suite clean before the wedding:

Before the ceremony takes place, take some time to tidy up the suite, putting away your luggage, belongings, and cases with personal items. If you are having a simple wedding in Las Vegas you might want to consider selecting a hotel that offers an early check-in. This would prevent having to sleep in the suite the night before. This option will allow less time to prepare but the suite will be tidy for the wedding. If you choose this option you will

If the logistics of the wedding timing don’t allow you to have an early check-in that might not be so bad either. There are advantages to staying in the suite the night before as well. One advantage is being able to get ready in the suite and not having to rush and set up everything last minute. This arrangement will also be convenient if you decide to get your hair and makeup stylist to come to your room. You won’t have to go out and spend precious time traveling to a salon. Many hotels offer spas you may consider using as well. In either case, this option may end up being more relaxing and cause less stress.

A Wedding planner can take away the headache

Custom Las Vegas Wedding Planner

Planning everything even for a wedding in a single suite can be hectic, considering all the factors of the event. Ultimately, want to be stress-free and look beautiful for your partner and guests. For this reason, you might not want to do everything.

Rather than choosing all your vendors separately, you might want to consider a company that offers all-in-one solutions for Las Vegas wedding packages.

The on-location package approach may be the solution you need if you plan a DIY wedding and have a smaller budget. Look over these Las Vegas wedding company reviews and see what other customers have to say.

If you are not into do the wedding research yourself it’s best to hire a Las Vegas wedding planner who will take the weight off your shoulders.

What company will you choose for your Las Vegas wedding planning?



14 Creative Ideas to Include Pooch in Your Vegas Wedding

Your dog is your sidekick, always ready to follow your lead. Let’s just call your dog Fido even though I know the name you chose for your dog has got to be the best dog name ever! And for those of you who are planning a Vegas wedding, excluding an important someone in your ceremony is not an option. The special day is for inviting friends and family, and your dog is where these two meet.

Dog in vegas wedding

If you think of your wedding as a cake, the décor is just a frosting on top – your furry friend, however, a shiny ribbon that ties everything together. Below is a list of creative ideas on how to include dogs in Las Vegas weddings.

Do note, however, that some venues don’t allow pets, so make sure to communicate your requirements on time, in order to have your buddy near the aisle when the ceremony starts.

Choosing a custom wedding in Las Vegas at a home, for instance, provides not only flexibility to do as you wish to include your loyal, loving friend but the added benefit of no restrictions.

bride kissing dog

1. Include Fido in Your Vegas Engagement Photo Shoot

When circumstances don’t allow for your best friend to attend the ceremony, make sure to at least bring him along for the Vegas engagement photo shoot. An engagement photo shoot is ideal for setting the right mood – a low-stress training ground where you will have a Vegas wedding photographer taking pictures, in a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. It can be a family portrait, front and center of your “save the date” cards.

Check out these Etsy save the date invitation ideas

vegas wedding rehearsal

2. Rehearsal should include Fido

For your best friend, the ceremony itself is a sensory overload of another kid. Make sure, therefore, to prepare for the event. Just as you don’t get out of your bed and walk down the aisle, your dog, too, needs a bit of preparation. Plan to schedule a rehearsal. Hire a Vegas wedding planner to help you put together a timeline and day of coordination that includes Fido in your activities. Many day-of -coordinators will be able to steer you in the right direction with unique ideas to help that are cost effective.

Dogs get easily distracted, so better have few hours to spare. It is also a great opportunity for practicing how to take pictures with your pet and teaching him what to expect during the ceremony.


Dog with wedding collar3. Let your pooch walk down the aisle

This idea works best for a home wedding in Las Vegas. Having a Vegas wedding at a friend’s home, a rental home or your home provides much more flexibility and no restrictions. When the music starts and the noise come down to a halt, seeing your furry friend walking down the aisle is an unforgettable moment. Fido can be a ring bearer, or an escort to the flower girl, dressed up in a matching tux, or a ribbon leash.

Make sure to talk with your decoration crew if you want a flower wreath, at least one week in advance. But know your puppy too. Understand that the wedding ceremony, for them, is a kaleidoscope run wild, so almost everything can happen and often does. Sometimes it’s better to play it safe instead of betting the farm. Practice before the ceremony, so your pet knows exactly what is expected.

Here are some ideas on Etsy for fun doggie wedding signs

bride and wedding pooch

4. Recessional Doggie Escort

The ceremony itself, quiet as it is, can still provide a garden variety of distractions. You’ll need, therefore, to plan up front, and have some duct tape solutions in your metaphorical back pocket. To have a fallback, have one of the bridesmaids or someone who knows your dog well carrying treats to keep them on track.

Once the vows are exchanged, and the two of you kiss, your dog can be signaled by the planner or a friend who knows the dog well to go towards you, and then proceed quickly to the recessional. Those pictures would be unforgettable, and the crowd would definitely melt.

5. Doggie Sign Bearer

Even absent from the ceremony itself, your dog will command attention by simply being around. Wearing the rings can go wrong in so many ways as opposed to wearing a sign, so take a minute to think this over. After all, you know your furry friend better than everyone else, so if you think that the pressure is hard for him to handle, just assign a less complicated task. Wearing a sign with a creative caption is just as adorable, and people fall in love straight away.

pet in las vegas wedding

6. Include Fido in the Vegas wedding pictures

Capture each memory of the special day by snapping dozens of pictures with your wedding guests. You can invite your dog to pose as well, for a less formal and more relaxed atmosphere. Your guests will love having him around as well.

Bride kissing dog

7. Hilarious Planned Photobombs

You can pretend you are waiting to take a picture, while your dog is standing on the side. A skilled photographer can make the shoot look authentic, with your dog “ruining” or photo bombing the picture. This will be hilarious and very memorable.

8. Personalized Doggie Napkins

You can ask the bartender to replace the names of each cocktail with a custom signature of your own. And guess what, an “Aldo’s Midnight Run”, or “Bella’s restless tail” can make everyone enjoy a collective laugh.

Dogs in wedding photo

9. Reception Place Holders

When it comes to pet-inspired décor, it’s hard to overdo it. You can have your table card design incorporating a sketch, a picture, or a catchy phrase – how about “Skippy’s favorite table #15”?

10. Customize Your Cake Top

Few scrolls over at Pinterest and you’ll see how far cake design has taken off. Cake toppers are not an exception. People love custom decorations on top of their wedding cake, so having your dog in there is quite the detail.

flower girl with dog

11. Doggie Desert Cookies

When it comes to spoils, tasty treats easily dwarf everything else in significance. Do prepare, therefore, a lot of custom treats and cookies, with creative design. Pet-inspired candies are a lot more memorable than traditional commercial sweets.

12. Reception send-off

If your family pet is about to move out after the wedding, and follow you into your new home, the reception send-off picture is a great way to capture this story. As part of your new family, he gets a spot in the picture by virtue of being adorable.

wedding dog photo

13. Creative Thank you notes

You can organize a photo shoot prior to the ceremony, where your pet is wearing a “Thank you” sign. This is a very creative and personalized way for saying thanks to those who were part of your special day. They will remember it for sure, and likely keep the card for a while longer.

wedding engagement in Vegas

14. Take your dog for a scenic wedding adventure

Think of the pictures from a scenic wedding photo shoot! We offer many Las Vegas wedding ideas to accommodate requests like this. Your dog will look amazing in a natural setting, and both of you are going to have fun, enjoying the outdoors.

Dog in tux

Do remember to take a lot of treats and water, and have someone responsible for the dog, accompanying him at any time. All you have to do is enjoy the Vegas adventure with one of your best friends around.

How a Vegas Wedding Budget Checklist Can Keep You From Losing in Vegas

This article will help you think through the essential wedding budget plan for your Vegas wedding. As a wedding planner, I decided I needed to offer a wedding checklist to my clients. Couples often don’t know what is needed or leave out essential details when they plan their wedding.

cost of a Las Vegas wedding

When I ask my couples what their budget is, the response I normally get is silence. I think this is because they don’t think through the essential tips about costs for a Las Vegas wedding and don’t know the costs in Las Vegas until they call a ton of venues and get pricing. If you are a wedding couple and don’t know what you will need, this article will present much-needed information to help you plan your wedding. I admit, this is one of my longer articles but I felt the information was needed as a valuable client resource.

The information in this article focuses on how to determine your Las Vegas wedding budget. There are many elements to planning your occasion. You will have to factor in a lot of things you may not have thought of. What questions do you need to ask yourself to determine the essential needs you may need to pull off a wedding in Las Vegas at any popular Las Vegas wedding venues?

Read this article to learn about unique wedding ideas on a budget.

Las Vegas is an excellent all in one solution for weddings because it has cornered the market on easy and done for you solutions. Tens of thousands of people flock to the city of lights each year to get married in Vegas, making it a popular choice for those searching for a great location for their wedding day.

Having a wedding in Vegas doesn’t need to be expensive. Vegas is an ideal place for wedding couples who don’t want a massive, typical white wedding with loads of people staring at them. In the past weddings in Las Vegas have been known for being primarily small and intimate affairs. A lot of people prefer it that way but now since Vegas has grown and evolved in many ways, there many more options available than there ever have been to choose where you want to get married in Las Vegas.

What is the Cost of a Vegas Wedding?Money Tree

With the average wedding in the USA costing a pricey $37,000 in 2018, it is not surprising that many couples are looking for cheaper alternatives for their big day. The trend for couples in 2019 is to set a strict budget and make sure the venue ticks all the boxes.

Typically when couples have a wedding they calculate in everything required for the wedding day itself. This could include the price of the couple’s chosen honeymoon, which could add thousands on top depending on where they decide to go.

If cost is an issue, getting married in Las Vegas can be a fantastic option. However even people with more money to spend will find a variety of higher-end done for you solutions. People often use Las Vegas as their honeymoon location and wrap the accommodations into the price of their budget. This makes getting married in Vegas easy and really does become a quick and simple solution. The option to elope to Las Vegas makes creating a budget for your wedding simple.

The Cost of Eloping in Vegas

Last Minute Solution – One reason that couples love to head to places like Las Vegas to get married is that the ceremony can be held at a moment’s notice, making it perfect for people who want to tie the knot quickly, and with minimum fuss.

Eloping in Las Vegas option

If you are considering the option to elope to Las Vegas, it is a great solution for wedding couples. Keeping your guest count under 4 will keep your wedding costs within reason. Las Vegas elopements are simple, and require little planning and very few guests, if any, usually attend.

Cost variation – Wedding ceremonies, to include the space and ceremony can cost as little as $500 here in Vegas. If you have a lot of guests, say 30 – 50 guests, a good budget for eloping in Vegas would be $3000. This is factoring in options to eat affordably and typically this means eating away from a Las Vegas Strip location or choosing a buffet option.

If you decide to step outside the norm and not have a chapel wedding there are options you may not know about. Having an outdoor Las Vegas Wedding away from the Vegas Strip is a great budget saving idea. This will still enable you to have the most enjoyable stress-free experience with a number of embellishments typically enjoyed during the wedding experience. There are some ideas explored below with links to read about a lot of ideas you might consider to stay in budget and still have a unique wedding in Las Vegas.

Here is are two great solutions to have a Las Vegas wedding on a budget and elope in Vegas:

  1. Read this resource article regarding 8 Fun and Simple Ideas for Eloping in Vegas for ideas you probably don’t know about.
  2. Another great idea is to consider that includes a photographer, limousine and personal event planner. This makes a complete and simple experience that includes the Las Vegas Strip Wedding photography with planning.

Built-in Entertainment – Las Vegas is a really fun place to get married as the party never stops! Wedding celebrations can carry on the way into the night, and the following morning, or for days if that’s what you want since Vegas is a 24-hour town!

Essentials List:

What are your essential needs?

What is most important for you?

How much you are willing to spend altogether?

What Additional elements do you want to add after essentials?

Wedding Budget Checklist: I have created a Las Vegas wedding budget checklist info-graphic to help you answer these questions and help you determine what is essential for your wedding here in Vegas.

When planning weddings for clients I find many couples can’t really tell me their entire budget. I think it stems from being confused about what alternative all-in-one solutions are available for weddings to fit their individual needs.

Vegas Wedding Budget Checklist

Las Vegas Wedding Planning Essentials:

Of the many couples I have helped, I have found there are budget essentials they need to know about. Here are lists of items that may help you decide what is essential for you.

Hotel Accommodations: Keep in mind often your accommodations may be suitable as a location for your ceremony and reception. There are many travel and hotel package deals on offers advertised on the internet.

If you are researching hotels to be suitable for a ceremony and reception choose wisely as this can be a budget saver. Often times, it’s best to also check the season before you plan.

Be sure to read my informative article on accommodations and Las Vegas seasonal hotel pricing tips for weddings.

Accommodation Options – Vegas resorts offer amazing accommodations that can double for reception space, complete with city views and plenty of room to entertain guests. For those who have very little money having a ceremony at your resort is an excellent solution. This is ideal for couples who would rather have a cheaper ceremony and spend the majority of their budget on celebrating, and their honeymoon.

Venue Choice: This is one of the most important considerations. You can’t have a wedding without someplace to hold it. Your venue will determine many things and should be decided first. There are many options for wedding venues in Las Vegas. Literally, it can make you crossed eyed to try to decide. You need to determine what your Las Vegas wedding budget is before you start planning. Research wisely or use the services of a wedding planner to help you choose venues that are good economical solutions.

If you are on a budget an want click this link for a wedding in Las Vegas on a budget.

Wedding attire: You may make your own dress, buy one cheaply online and bring it or rent a tux and gown in Las Vegas. Renting seems to be the most popular and cost-effective choice for many. Often companies that rent tux and gowns will deliver to your hotel for you or offer transportation services to and from your hotel, complete with tailoring and steaming options for wrinkles.

Makeup and Hair: You may opt to do your own hair and makeup or splurge on your wedding day and go to a spa to have the spa vendors pamper you. The other option is to hire a mobile hair and makeup specialist to come to your room and pamper you in your own private accommodations. Click here to view my recommended Vegas hair and makeup vendors.

Officiant: Who will perform your ceremony? How important are their expertise and experience to you? Mobile Ministers and officiants in Las Vegas to come to your location. The price ranges for officiants vary tremendously. The price quoted you will be based on the officiant’s experience and expertise.

Here is an article I wrote with important criteria and questions to ask your officiant and choose a Las Vegas wedding officiant.

Photographer: There are many excellent Las Vegas photographers to choose from. The prices for photographers vary greatly but the market is flooded with options. Be sure to take your time and ask about the photographer to find out their background, style and what they or the company they work through offers before you hire them and get it in writing. There is a popular trend emerging here in Las Vegas and many destination locations are to release all photo rights. This option saves couples an immense amount of money but not all venue or vendors offer this option. Their styles and pricing vary a great deal. Be clear on how many photos you want and what style you want for your photos. Do you require more candid shots or posed shots? Do you want all your photos in one package price or do you want to buy prints and get the photos later? Do you want extra editing done after the wedding? Will the printing rights to the photos be released for your own printing options later? Chapels and casinos often make their money on photos after the wedding. My advice is to think it through carefully before you decide to avoid hidden costs and know the costs up front.

Videographer: There is many options couple face when planning a video of their wedding. Videographers range in price greatly, depending on your needs. The simple videos you may get from a chapel will be just that, simple and unedited. You need to decide if you want a video only of the ceremony or if having a reception the cost of determining how many hours you want the video to cover. To keep it cost effective many choose to have the video only of the ceremony. Then once the decision is made you need to decide if the video should be standard definition or high definition and how you want the video delivered.

cost of getting married in Las Vegas

Wedding in the Cosmopolitan Wrap Around Suite

The trend here in Las Vegas for many wedding companies is to deliver the video electronically. However, there is also a trend to supply it on a small disc drive that can go with the couple directly after the ceremony which is great if you are technically savvy. The downside is it won’t be edited for you if you take it directly. The disc drive option will play directly to your modern TV. So will a Blue Ray disc if you have a Blue Ray player. Most couples decide to have the video edited and special music placed on it. After all, it will be a cherished memory for a lifetime that will be played over and over for many years. I highly recommend capturing your important occasion by getting a video recording of it. I have cherished my wedding video and am so happy I decided to get it after all. It has many family members who have passed on and are no longer with us so it’s a cherished keepsake to my husband and I.

How to get married in Las Vegas:

To get married in Las Vegas you must acquire a wedding license before the wedding day. You and your fiancé must visit the Las Vegas Marriage Bureau in person to obtain the license. This must be done before the wedding and presented to a certified and approved licensed wedding officiant or Minister. The cost is $77 and you need to both present a government-issued photo ID. You may pre-apply for a license electronically online at the clerk’s website page. One of the questions I am often asked is, if you get married in Vegas is it legal everywhere? The answer is yes. When you get married in Las Vegas the legality of your marriage is recognized worldwide.

If you need to know more, here is a resource for you. This page will help you find the answers you need to know regarding the popular question, what are the requirements to get married in Las Vegas?

Flowers: Typically I find brides don’t realize the true cost of flowers. Flowers are seasonal and range in price according to availability and season. With our premade planning services we can make planning for flowers in Las Vegas easy and within your budget. The florist we work with is full service and offers us a discount as a Las Vegas wedding planning venue. We pass those savings on to you and itemize your services so you know all the charges up front. Flowers for the larger wedding parties often incur a hefty price tag. Once again, wedding planners will get you a discount and should pass that discount on to you.

determine your Las Vegas wedding budget

Knowing your budget for your Vegas Wedding is a starting point

Guest list: How many people do you want to attend? There are many other simple options that will reduce your costs when factoring in the amount it will cost to accommodate your guests. Do you want to provide a venue with comfortable seating for your guests or have a simple solution where the guests stand during the ceremony? What is the cost of sending out invitations and providing party favors, etc.?

Transportation: Will you need to provide transportation for all your guests to get to the ceremony? What will that transportation consist of? Will it be a party bus? Do you need separate limousine service for you and your bridal party? How will the timing of arrival to the location be planned? Do you want to try to plan it yourself or have a planner help you? You might consider having the ceremony at your resort to avoid transportation costs.

Vendor Tipping: I think most people realize the wedding industry standard is to tip vendors at least 20 to 30 percent for their services. It is standard to give limousine drivers about $20 per hour for their service. It is wise to figure this in for your vendors, especially the transportation services as they rely on this for income.

las vegas elopement pacakges

Get pampered in a luxury limousine for your Vegas Wedding


Food: If you are providing food to your guests this will be a big factor in your budget. In Las Vegas, you can figure it will be at least $20 to $50 per person for food. Buffets in Las Vegas are phenomenal and they range from simple to elegant. My two favorite choices for buffets that may be used for a reception are “the Paris Hotel Buffet” and “the M. Resort Buffet”. One nice aspect about the M buffet is alcohol is part of the price which will save you a lot of money in the end. Some restaurants and even buffets like the M will allow you to deliver a cake from an outside vendor. Some restaurants’ also let you have the wedding ceremony there if you have a larger party of guests, which may save quite a bit of money. For this reason, to keep costs down, you might consider having the ceremony in the restaurant of your choice.

Cake: The wedding cake has been prized as a focal point of the wedding celebration for many years. The pricing of cake can add up to a bundle.

You may obtain a wedding cake for your wedding in Vegas cheaply in some cases but typically it’s best to use a local bakery rather than a casino bakery. You will save a bundle and they do deliver to your hotel.

Las Vegas wedding planning

Wedding Cake with background view from the Palms Hotel Suite

Advise on ordering the cake: Consider how many people you have attending and then decide what your budget is for the cake. Cake vendor pricing ranges dramatically from vendor to vendor. Couples eloping typically only need a small one tier cake, although many decide to customize them Vegas style or with their own vision and style. Of course, there are many choices and styles to choose from. I recommend you make the decisions about the most important items on your list first, like ceremony items, venue, and photographer and then find out how much you have left to spend for the cake.

Alcohol: Providing an open bar is an expensive option. The cost will depend on the venue you choose. Venues and restaurants on the Las Vegas strip will charge more for alcohol and so will restaurants. Another option is to choose a buffet that includes alcohol in its price. For instance, the M Resort buffet includes alcohol in their buffet. Another good solution is to offer only 2 drink coupons and champagne for the toasting.

Romantic group dining restaurant for celebrations

View from a restaurant at the Bellagio Hotel

Reception Space: Casinos and resorts have a variety of reception space available. If you choose to get married at a Casino resort this will be a higher-end choice. There are many gorgeous ones to choose from in Las Vegas. My favorite location in Las Vegas is Lake Las Vegas which is actually in Henderson, NV. Of course, most people want to get married on the Las Vegas strip. Reception space on Las Vegas Boulevard is pricey. The choices are endless and so is the price range. A good wedding planner will be able to find solutions to meet your needs. Even a concierge at your hotel will help you but there may be a price for that as well. Once again, it all hinges on your budget.

Entertainment and DJ: These two items will typically be a larger ticket item reserved for the reception room and larger wedding. Services will be invaluable because music is a large part of the celebration guests expect from a wedding. Las Vegas has a lot of options for entertainment. You won’t find a lot of other cities that offer as many alternative choices as Las Vegas for a variety of music and entertainment options. If you opt not to have a large reception hall and DJ you will still have a lot of other options that will be cost effective for your guests.

Las Vegas Wedding Planner:

Las Vegas Wedding planners perform a variety of services and functions. These services range from simple assistance, the day of coordination or full-scale planning for the large affair. There are many wedding planners in Las Vegas to choose from. We at Custom Las Vegas weddings offer simple assistance and day of coordination and specialize in planning for the smaller events to the mid-size customized events. Our specialty lies in helping couples with home events and small locations or restaurants that allow outside vendors. Please call or contact us for more information.

Best 25+ Wedding budget checklist ideas on Pinterest | Wedding …

Find and save ideas about Wedding budget checklist on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Wedding budget list, Wedding planning checklist, and Wedding …

At this point, you should have a good idea what elements of your wedding are most essential.

To recap:

1. Write a list of essential items.
2. Call vendors to get pricing or hire a planner to get quotes.
3. Review the quotes and determine what best suits your needs.
4. Voila, you have your budget and may get on the next stage which is meeting your vendors and signing a contract for services.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want your wedding day to be one that you look back on with happy memories, and ensuring that you organize your budget to include all that you need to make your day special is one way to guarantee that this will happen.

If you need ideas to decide on a Las Vegas wedding venue contact us here.

Chamber of Commerce | Wedding Experts Of Las Vegas

Help shape the future of the wedding industry in Vegas! … been looking for, and maybe some you haven’t even thought of yet to plan your wedding in Vegas.

10 Simple and Elegant Wedding Dress Styles for Getting Married in Vegas

10 Simple and Elegant Wedding Dress Styles for Getting Married in Vegas

Are you a lucky bride who will be getting married in Vegas — the glamorous entertainment capital of the world?

Then you need a gorgeous wedding dress that is both stylish and comfortable in the warm Vegas weather. So, once you choose a location for your Vegas wedding and hire a Las Vegas officiate, it is time to go shopping for this all-important wedding dress.

To help you make your choice, the bridal experts from Best for Bride provide some inspiration and explanations of 10 fun and elegant wedding dress styles to consider. Take a look at their round-up of the best wedding dress trends for a Vegas-friendly wedding before you hit the stores.

#1 Short and stylish white wedding dress

Vegas is pretty hot during the traditional wedding season. So, a smart little white wedding dress like this one from the Alfred Angelo Signature collection is perfect for a less-than-formal Las Vegas wedding in the warm months.

Not only is the dress functional, it is chic and modern. The other great thing about choosing a little white dress is that unlike most other wedding dresses, it is re-wearable and thus great value for money.

A short dress with a strapless or sleeveless neckline is ideal for a summer wedding. Pair it with a shrug or stole to complete your bridal look.

getting married in vegas

#2 Glamorous off-the-shoulder neckline dress

The off-the-shoulder neckline is currently a big hit on the bridal fashion scene. The unique detail instantly adds a glamorous touch to the bridal look, and is favored by many brides.

Off-the-shoulder necklines pair well with almost any wedding dress silhouette. Sensual and elegant, the neckline is often attached to straps or sleeves of different lengths. It draws attention to the neck, shoulders and decolletage.

The style flatters most body types, and is suitable for both formal and casual themes. Featured here is a dress from the Mori Lee bridal collection with Chantilly lace appliques on tulle. The off-the-shoulder neckline comes with illusion sleeves of three-fourth length that complement the lovely textures in the fit and flare silhouette.

getting married in vegas

#3 Bewitching one-shoulder wedding dress neckline

In recent years, asymmetrical details in the neckline and hemline have been a trend on bridal runways.

And with it, the one-shoulder dress style has returned. Notice how the one-shoulder strap detail on this Rory wedding dress from the Sophia Tolli dress collection is dramatic and instantly attractive! Single shoulder necklines look good on dresses of any length and style.

The thickness and fabric of the strap, as well as how it comes together with the rest of the silhouette affects the overall look. So, whether your wedding is a formal event or has a casual vibe, there will be a one-shoulder dress that will help you impress your guests.

Bewitching one-shoulder wedding dress

#4 The clever two-in-one wedding dress

Isn’t it a great idea to sport two different looks on your wedding day—one for the ceremony and the other for the reception? The two-in-one wedding dress, fondly dubbed the twofer, is just right for such occasions as getting married in Vegas.

Dresses with detachable overlay skirts allow you to enjoy both the different looks without any hassle. These convertible dress styles usually feature a slim inner silhouette and an opulent overlay skirt.

This dress from the Alfred Angelo collection interprets this trend in an unusually stylish way. Beneath the elegant hi-low tulle overlay skirt is a short and chic sheath style lace dress. The shorter length will allow you to comfortably dance in it, at the reception.

The clever two-in-one wedding dress

#5 Dramatic tiered wedding dress

Tiered skirts are a recent trend that was seen in a number of designer collections last year. Unlike the overpowering ball gown, layered wedding dresses are a happy mix between the fairy-tale princess gown and modern wedding dress silhouettes.

Going by how this trend took the fashion world by storm, we think it is here to stay. Tiers set at different levels are usually seen on various silhouettes including the A-line and mermaid.

They have a refreshing and novel effect. You can see how this dress, the Maisie from the Mori Lee collection, has all that it takes to transform you into a picture of opulence. Just the perfect dress for getting married in Vegas because it is cool for the weather and easy to wear for a Vegas wedding!

Dramatic tiered wedding dress

#6 Amazing back detailed wedding dress

When planning your bridal look, you must pay attention to looking good from every angle, especially the back. This is because you will be facing away from your guests during the ceremony.

Exquisite and intricate detailing in the back of many dresses make this a trend to embrace. With a variety of options, like illusion details in the back, keyhole cutouts and low-cut backs, it is now easy to look great from this angle as well. Take a look at the example here.

The open back with borders of thin lace in this dress from the Mori Lee collection makes it a stunning beauty from the rear angle. Another advantage is that you can forego veils when you choose a wedding dress with amazing back details.

Amazing back detailed wedding dress

#7 The retro halter style wedding dress

Not every bride can carry a halter-style wedding dress with style. Nevertheless, the halter neckline is a stunning feature that enhances the style quotient of the wearer.

This neckline highlights the shoulder and collar bones, and draws attention to slender arms. Often paired with a low-cut back, it allows you to expose skin in an unexpected and sophisticated way.

While there is modest coverage in the decolletage area, the back screams for attention. Halter-style wedding dresses have regained focus lately, and are a great choice for formal and informal events. Consider a halter neckline in a satin finish and a fitted silhouette for an elegant, modern bridal look.

The halter when paired with airy breathable fabrics like chiffon has a casual and informal feel.

The retro halter style wedding dress

#8 Stylish in sleek satin wedding dress

If you must look super-modern, but elegant on your wedding day, a satin wedding dress is the go-to choice. Soft with a sheen, white satin dresses exude an air of sophistication.

The fabric can be soft or structured. However, contemporary choices are modern silhouettes like the mermaid with a structured bodice and layering in the skirt.

Other popular choices include A-line and sheath silhouettes. With a satin dress, you do not need many accessories or embellishments to complete the look.

Simpler choices are usually just as captivating. Check out this dress with straight lines and minimalist details in Larissa Satin. It is the Marlena from the Mori Lee collection. The lovely V-neckline accentuates the slimming effect of the fit and flare silhouette, and the dress is as elegant as it is simple.

The retro halter style wedding dress

#9 Colored wedding dress

Step away from tradition by choosing a colorful wedding dress instead of a standard white wedding gown for your nuptials. Designers like J.Mendel, Pamella Roland and Keveza have introduced us to muted shades of pink and rose in wedding dresses that add just a pop of color.

Muted shades of gray and blue are also trending on bridal runways. These soft sober colors are a fine alternative to white, as they aren’t too bold nor bright. Equally attractive are dresses with colorful floral prints.

This cappuccino dress is the Mon Cheri Adeline from the Sophia Tolli dress collection. With a hand beaded shimmering applique along the sweetheart neckline and at the hips, the asymmetrically draped tulle dress is a fantastic choice for a bride.

Colored wedding dress

Short hemlines and deep necklines wedding dress

The combination of a plunging neckline and a short dress hemline will help you nail a fun and flirty look on your wedding day. Deep-dipping V-necklines are the choice for brides who have the confidence to show off their bold side.

Although a low-cut neckline comes with a fair share of risks, you can be safe by simply adding a modesty panel. Here is a cute dress from the Alfred Angelo Collection with all these desired features.

Perfect for a warm Vegas wedding, the dress features spaghetti straps that flow into a deep-cut bodice. The clever addition of a sheer layer makes sure that the bold neckline choice doesn’t create any unwanted issues.

Short hemlines and deep necklines wedding dress

Author Bio: Best for Bride is a bridal chain that operates from four store locations in Canada. They specialize in designer bridal dress collections, dresses for the bridal party and for special occasions. Best for Bride also has an online shopping option that caters to brides from all over the world. For more information on the collections they feature and their wedding services, check out the Best for Bride website.

Share your Opinion: I want to know your opinion. What is your favorite wedding gown and why it’s your favorite ? Leave your feedback below in the comments section.