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The Vegas wedding videos you see on this page were either created compilations of photos from our weddings in Las Vegas or videos shots by our professional videographer associates.

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You put a great deal of trust in the company that is planning your wedding or event. Rest assured, the Vegas wedding videos and photos that you receive from my preferred vendors will be excellent. If you want to chat with the videographer or view more of their work let me know.

As a wedding and event planner, I work to get you discounts. The preferred vendors I use are professional and have been filming Vegas wedding videos for many years. If you contact the same videographers separately, you will get a much higher quote. This is because I have made arrangements with them as your planner and we work in tandem to make sure you are getting the best quality for the best price.

When you contact me, let me know your Vegas wedding videos or event photo requests. I will pass this information on to your photographer or videographer for you.

Contact me here for more information or to book your event or wedding in Las Vegas.

Local Parks or Locations

mobile weddings in vegas

Wedding at Lamb state park

Your Location $650.00

  • Professional photographer (1 hr.)
  • 70 digital photos
  • All printing rights released
  • Day of coordination
  • Rehearsal 30 minutes before 
  • Flower planning assistance
  • State licensed officiant 
  • License recorded in one week

Many add-ons available: Flower planning within budget – 10% flower discount
$100 extra for rehearsal on a separate day
Planned for you with care and attention to detail

las vegas wedding package

Wedding at Marche Bacchus Restaurant

Special Memory Package $850

  • Professional photographer (2 hrs.)
  • All photos & printing rights released
  • Photos delivered digitally
  • Gallery for viewing and sharing
  • Planning & Coordination
  • Pre-consultation with planner
  • State Licensed Officiant
  • Rehearsal 30 minutes before
  • Customized Ceremony
  • Witness

Many add-ons available: Flower planning within budget – 10% flower discount
$100 extra for rehearsal on a separate day
Planned for you with care and attention to detail

outdoor las vegas wedding packages

Private mansion wedding

Deluxe Package $1200.00

  • Professional photographer (2 hours)
  • All photos & copy rights released
  • Wedding Pre-Consultation (1 hour)
  • Rehearsal for ceremony (1 hour)
  • HD Video of ceremony
  • Customized wedding ceremony
  • Planning and coordination
  • State licensed officiant
  • Flower planning 

A la carte add-ons available:  Planned for you with care and attention to detail.

Weddings in Las VegasThe packages on this site are examples of services we offer at your location.  We provide services for your weddings in Las Vegas. This may be your home, a rental home, a park or your own resort setting away from the Las Vegas strip.

 Julie will create your package for you based on what services you need and provide an itemized quote. Many couples decide to keep it simple whereas others decide to get a suite to accommodate their wedding arrangements.


For weddings in Las Vegas, there are many outdoor wedding options available to consider. You may read this article if you want to see ideas to elope in Las Vegas.

You might consider renting a home and having you and your family stay together under one roof. This allows you to economize and pool your resources.

Julie will be your wedding planner and help you put together an outdoor Vegas wedding package that will meet your needs. Julie partners with other planners and facilities to offer locations to have a simple or more full-service wedding planning experience.

Custom Las Vegas Weddings – your weddings in Las Vegas provider has many outdoor Vegas wedding ideas and options to choose from. 

Available Planning:

    • Simple packages
    • Party packages
    • Photo Tours
    • Party bus tours
    • Limousine tours
    • Photographers
    • Videographer
    • Flower planning
    • Entertainers


This video showcases weddings in Vegas at a local park