Red Rock Canyon Weddings

Red Rock Canyon Weddings

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Red Rock Simplicity $500 

  • All planning for vendors 
  • Event coordination
  • State Licensed Officiant
  • Wedding Ceremony choices
  • State Permit Fee – Paid to BLM
  • Use Silk Bouquet & Boutonniere
  • Choices of Silk Flowers for Use


weddings at red rock canyon

Photo taken at the overlook hill top area

Red Rock Simplicity $750.00

  • All planning for vendors 
  • Event coordination 
  • Professional photographer (1 hr.)
  • BLM site fee permit included
  • 70 photos | digital delivery
  • Printing rights released
  • Photo gallery for sharing
  • State licensed officiant
  • Choice of wedding ceremony


Red Rock canyon wedding

Special Elegance Package $1033.00

  • All planning for vendors 
  • Event coordination 
  • Professional photographer (1 hr.)
  • BLM site fee permit included
  • 100 photos | digital delivery
  • Printing rights released
  • Photo gallery for viewing 
  • State licensed officiant
  • Customized wedding ceremony
  • Licensing preparation guidance
  • 6 passenger Limousine (3 hours)
  • Limo company provides champagne (1)


elope in Vegas

Red Rock Canyon Weddings Scenic Choice $1450.00

    • All planning for vendors 
    • Event coordination 
    • All photos | digital delivery
    • All photos rights released
    • Photos gallery for viewing |sharing
    • Professional photography (2 Hrs.)
    • Photos at 2 scenic locations
    • Licensing preparation guidance
    • State licensed officiant
    • Choice of wedding ceremony
    • Bureau of Land Management Permit
    • 12 passenger escalade limo (4 hrs.)
    • Limo company provides Champagne
    • Limo company provides water for 12
    • Entrance fee paid for you and guests

    *Photos are taken at 2 locations*

red rock canyon weddings

Frank & Elizabeth Eloped at Red Rock Overlook

About Red Rock Canyon Weddings

About Red Rock:  Red Rock is a breathtaking location to tie the knot away from the Las Vegas Strip. It’s ancient mountain formations have a very calming presence that adds to a romantic event. Couples who have ceremonies here can’t say enough about the beauty and fantastic memories they capture having their ceremonies here.

Location choices: There are four approved locations to hold Red Rock Canyon weddings. 

Julie will guide you to choose the location best suited for your experience and wedding.  Not all weddings are the same and each one has specific and unique attributes to take into considering. That is why Julie will help you customize these basic package options listed on this page. Customizing doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Let Julie know your needs and she will work with your budget.  Red Rock Canyon has a myriad of beautiful sandstone, which is typically light tan in color blended with various shades of red rock caused by iron oxide (rust). This location is approximately 45 minutes away from Las Vegas depending on where you start your journey and how much traffic you encounter. 

Limousine companies do require 3 hours round trip to go there and back. That allows one hour at your ceremony location.  But again, your experience may be customized with extra time or different vehicle choices.

Once you arrive to Red Rock Canyon,  you will feel a sense of relaxation as the beauty of the natural surroundings abound.  This is why it makes such a wonderful backdrop for a wedding ceremony.  Red Rock canyon weddings make a unique and wonderful alternative to the standard cookie cutter Las Vegas wedding. 

Put your faith in Julie who will be your wedding planner. She will arrange all your event details for you and provide a beautiful wedding ceremony for your occasion.

  • Let us know your budget
  • How many quests you have
  • What kind of vehicle you want
  • How many photos you want
  • Do you want a video?
  • Do you want flowers?
  • Length of photo session

Tell Julie what you envision below.Use this contact form below and we will reply promptly. Thank you.

  • Marriage License fee $77 not included
  • Packages may be customized to add in transportation, upgraded to include more guests and additional services upon request.
    Guest counts above 12 people incurs additional coordination fee of $50. Amphitheater location is the only area seating is included. Chair set up at Red Springs, the overlook or Ash Springs will incur additional cost.
  • Guests may take photos and video. 
  • Note: All planned services are itemized, invoiced, paid directly to independent vendors on behalf of clients. CLVW sells no tangible or taxable goods directly to clients.

Mobile Minister Las Vegas

Mobile Minister Las Vegas


mobile minister las vegas


Julie Nourish is the owner of Custom Las Vegas weddings. She has been an officiant in Las Vegas since 1996.  Julie is the officiant for most of the elopement and wedding packages on this website. On the day of your wedding Julie will typically be your officiant.  

If you desire to have your own officiant provide services and they are not licensed in Nevada, Julie will witness and be the official to sign and legalize your document at no extra charge if you have hired Custom Las Vegas Weddings as your planner and have a wedding package with us.  

The primary ceremonies offered are civil or Christian. If you want to customize the ceremony with your own personal story let Julie know. She will send you a wedding questionnaire to fill out.  Once it’s complete your story will be incorporated into the ceremony to personalize it for you. 


las vegas wedding officiant

Ceremony Choices

Non-denominational ceremonies are provided.  Clients may also provide their own ceremony verbiage. Services are provided for all couples as well as same-sex unions and renewal ceremonies.

A civil ceremony is also considered non-religious. A civil ceremony is a beautiful ceremony that doesn’t reference God or any other spiritual deity. Civil ceremonies may have traditional or contemporary readings or poems and there are no prayers or blessings.

A Christian ceremony is a ceremony with emphasis as Christ at the center of your marriage. The Christian ceremony is what you would expect of a traditional style and wording, reflecting a 1st Corinthians Bible verses quotes and Christian prayer. 

Click the photo below to visit the ceremony explanation page. 

Las Vegas mobile minister

Click this photo to visit ceremony explanation page