Midcentury Manor

midcentury manor collage

Midcentury Manor

Midcentury Manor Garden

This historic midcentury manor exudes a vintage, Palm Springs-inspired charm, making it an ideal destination for a glamorous Vegas elopement. Nestled within the Las Vegas National Golf Course and just a 15-minute drive from the bustling Vegas Strip, this venue boasts distinctive, personalized indoor and outdoor décor, along with a spacious outdoor entertainment area.

You have the flexibility to keep the elopement simple or tailor the ceremony décor and include a champagne toast with cake and champagne. This takes place in a charming garden setting or an elegant indoor backdrop.

colorful backdrop
There are also reasonably priced options for intimate elopement receptions, including champagne toasts, delectable cakes, and hors d’oeuvres.

champagne toast

For those interested in a larger gathering, dinner options are available, with a minimum guest count of 15.

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Outdoor Wedding Venues

Outdoor Vegas Wedding Venues

If you are looking for places to get married in Las Vegas we provide an assortment of customized solutions for outdoor Vegas weddings and elopement venues in Las Vegas that provide out of the box choices.  We focus primarily on elopement weddings and smaller wedding groups and specialized experiences. We will customized your experiences and match you to the perfect outdoor Vegas weddings venue selections and solutions to meet your needs.

Contact Us here or click on the photos to view the individual outdoor Vegas weddings we offer.

Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Venues Las Vegas

Custom Las Vegas Weddings specializes in planning Vegas elopements for couples.  This page showcases the outdoor Las Vegas wedding venues we collaborate with. If you are searching and considering places to get married in Vegas and prefer to get married outdoors in Las Vegas we have you covered with great options and venues to choose from. As wedding planners we collaborate with phenomenal outdoor wedding locations in Las Vegas and will guide you every step of the way to plan your occasion.   Whether you plan to elope in Las Vegas or plan to have a larger event, we cover the planning details for you and make it a stress free experience.  Having fewer people attend your wedding is more popular now due to the effects the pandemic has had on wedding couples budget and circumstances. The micro wedding has become popular. Micro weddings are weddings with less people, approximately 5–50 guests.  We find this is now become more of a norm than the larger weddings for many reasons.  

This is because people are shifting their sights to scale down their original wedding plans and opt for smaller events. We are discovering couples still want to focus on making their wedding pop with pizzazz and style. They can afford to spend enough to make this happen when they have less guests attending and Las Vegas is the place to make it happen. As wedding planners, we are here to help you make that happen. One popular choice to fulfill this vision is having an outdoor scenic wedding in Vegas.  There are fantastic options many couples doing a destination wedding don’t  know even exist in Vegas. This option allows couples to still stay within their plans for a small wedding and yet not have to forgo the style and vision they want. This option allows couples to invite a larger guest count for attendance. It also fulfills expectations they may have had to give up when downsizing their event, such as the social aspects and interactions with family members they may miss if they had a larger wedding back home.  With our wedding planning services we will help you with all the periphery wedding requests you have, such as hair and makeup, tux and gown rentals, flowers, décor and transportation and more.

If you are needing full wedding planning with a reception we also have you covered.  We focus primarily on wedding venue locations listed on this site however we do scout venues for you with our full wedding planning services.  If you are interested in our full wedding planning services, please send us a message and we will respond by sending a questionnaire to learn more about your preferences and details. The choices range from the small event spaces great for an elopements and micro weddings to larger event spaces to accommodate a full wedding with a reception. No matter what the circumstances, we will help find you the perfect selection and solutions to meet your needs.

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Lake Las Vegas Elopements

Lake Las Vegas Elopements

Lake Las Vegas Elopements

Lake Las Vegas is a breathtaking destination to elope. It’s located outside Las Vegas in Henderson.  This venue is located 30 minutes outside the city limits of Las Vegas.


Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas Elopements

The serene and stunning lakefront is a perfect backdrop for an intimate wedding ceremony or elopement. We have partnered with A Moment in Time to feature this location.

This is one of the more exclusive customized options to elope. If you are interested in this venue for your elopement please contact us by using the form on this page.

Because Lake Las Vegas elopements have become increasingly popular, elopement options are not typically available on weekends and holidays. They book larger receptions and events on weekends and weeknights.

We focus on doing the elopements midweek and typically during the daytime.

One of the benefits of having a Lake Las Vegas elopement is the stunning scenery. The beautiful lake and surrounding mountains make for a picturesque backdrop for wedding photos. The natural beauty of the area provides a romantic and intimate atmosphere and creates a memorable experience that couples will cherish for a lifetime.

The resort provides a variety of amenities to make the experience more enjoyable, such as world-class dining, spa services, and recreational activities.

With its natural beauty and world-class amenities, Lake Las Vegas is the perfect place for couples to start their journey together.

For those seeking an intimate ceremony, Lake Las Vegas provides the perfect, secluded solution. 

This venue is located in the picturesque Lake Las Vegas with just a 30-minute drive from the world-renowned Las Vegas strip. We have partnered with this stunning rustic elegant style event venue, which is the perfect destination for your dream elopement. This is a small and cozy venue at Lake Las Vegas is the perfect solution for a small elopement ceremony for two and up to 10 guests. We provide a photo shoot to capture your memories and planning for flowers, transportation and more. Services are customized at your request. 

You may choose to have the ceremony in the small gazebo or lush green courtyard.

Lake Las Vegas Gazebo

Hours for service are limited to weekdays for elopements in this venue.  After the ceremony, we will be walking the grounds around the lake and taking photos you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Waterfall elopement photo

The lush Mediterranean surroundings of The Village at Lake Las Vegas provides a sprawling, scenic, and romantic man-made lakeside paradise.  No need to feel awkward having a small ceremony in a large venue when you can choose one of our charming venues instead.

Dressing room