Las Vegas elopement packages

Las Vegas Elopement Packages

 Las Vegas Elopement Packages

las vegas elopement packages


Las Vegas Elopement Packages

Look over our Las Vegas elopement packages and let us know how we may plan a customized solution for your wedding day. These packages are examples of the services we provide but may be customized according to your needs.  

To view more examples and wedding stories about our elopement packages Vegas and client experiences you may want to view some of our blog articles.  View our blog to see our client experiences and get advice as well as resources if you plan to elope in Vegas.  This will help guide you with informative articles, wedding advice about how to elope in Las Vegas.

We collaborate with only the best event locations and professional contractors provide excellent, reliable and professional services.


We have 148 positive, independent reviews on WeddingWire from happy couples who hired us to provide Las Vegas Elopement Packages.  View our reviews here. 

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Vegas Photos | Vegas Wedding Videos Gallery

The Vegas wedding videos you see on this page were either created compilations of photos from our weddings in Las Vegas or videos shots by our professional videographer associates. 

Visit my YouTube Channel to view more videos and subscribe. 

You put a great deal of trust in the company that is planning your wedding or event.  Rest assured, the Vegas wedding videos and photos that you receive from my preferred vendors will be excellent.   If you want to chat with the videographer or view more of their work let me know.

As a wedding and event planner, I work to get you discounts. The preferred vendors I use are professional and have been filming  Vegas wedding videos for many years. If you contact the same videographers separately, you will get a much higher quote. This is because I have made arrangements with them as your planner and we work in tandem to make sure you are getting the best quality for the best price.

When you contact me, let me know your Vegas wedding videos or event photo requests.  I will pass this information on to your photographer or videographer for you.

Contact me here for more information or to book your event or wedding in Las Vegas.

Scenic Weddings

Las Vegas Scenic Weddings Packages  

Custom Las Vegas Weddings provides an assortment of Las Vegas scenic weddings and venue choices. The choices range from the small event spaces great for an elopement to mid-range or large event spaces. No matter what the circumstances, we will help find you the perfect scenic venue selection and solutions to meet your needs.

Contact Us here or click on the photos to view the individual Las Vegas scenic weddings we provide.

Tell us your ideas 

Las Vegas Scenic Weddings

If you are looking for a non-cheesy Vegas wedding then we have a solution. At Custom Las Vegas Weddings you have the best of both worlds. You have the benefit of having a Las Vegas wedding planner working with you to help you take your wedding vision and make it a reality.  Las Vegas scenic weddings are very trendy and popular now.  Outdoor Vegas Wedding packages are great alternative choices compared to the traditional wedding you may have heard of in Vegas.  There is an assortment of venues you most likely don’t know about or have ever heard of.  We allow you to customize each Vegas wedding package we offer. The standard Vegas wedding packages you may see while browsing the internet often contain elements you may not want or need. We provide scenic wedding options as well as other Las Vegas Strip wedding options to choose from. Our favorite options are the scenic choices. While we focus on scenic elopements, we also provide minimony packages as well as accommodate larger guest counts and wedding planning in Las Vegas. Red Rock Canyon weddings, the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Lake Mead are just a few of the Las Vegas scenic weddings we offer.  We will travel and create a package anywhere we are welcome to go to.  There are many other options are available for couples to choose from.  Let us know how we may be of service and we hope to hear from you soon. 

Las Vegas Strip Weddings

Las Vegas Strip Wedding Packages

Having a wedding on the Las Vegas Strip wedding is a popular choice. Many people think they are a exciting way to tie the knot. The various Las Vegas Strip wedding packages represented on this site are just a few suggestions.  We will customize your event to your budget. Contact us for your special requests. We will help you plan your Vegas Strip wedding and provide solutions to meet your needs.

Las Vegas strip wedding packagesLas Vegas Strip Wedding Options

Las Vegas Strip wedding packages are a terrific option for couples who plan to get married in Las Vegas.  If you plan to have a wedding in a resort we offer those services as well. Whatever your needs, we offer Las Vegas strip wedding packages that will suit your budget and style.  Let us know how we can be of service to make your day and occasion special. 

Vegas Strip

Vegas Strip Wedding Package Options

Las Vegas Strip Wedding Packages

For wedding planning services – not inclusive of suite fee

Vegas sign photo gallery

Vegas Sign $600.00

  • Professional Photographer (1/2 hr.)
  • 50 digital photos
  • Printing rights released
  • Gallery for sharing
  • Officiant & Witness
  • Choice of Ceremony


Las Vegas Eiffel Tower

City Resort  $900.00

  • Planning & coordination
  • Professional Photographer (1.5 hrs.)
  • All digital photos 
  • Printing rights released
  • Gallery for sharing
  • Officiant & Witness
  • Choice of Ceremony
  • License recorded in 10 days
  • Flower planning

Vegas Strip Wedding Packages

Suite City Deluxe $1500.00

  • Package and vendor planning 
  • Professional photographer (2 hours)
  • Printing rights released
  • All photos digitally delivered
  • Photo gallery included
  • HD Digital video of Ceremony
  • Coordination of event
  • Choice of ceremony
  • State licensed officiate
  • Choice of ceremony
  • License recorded in 10 days
  • Fresh flower planning

Our Las Vegas Strip wedding package options on this dedicated page are focused on supplying vendors at your location.  You may want to use our services at your resort or hotel suite or any of the Las Vegas Strip hotels you have booked a room at. The Vegas planning packages represented on our site have been created to give our clients examples of the services we provide. If you are looking for alternative options that are out of box and want to make your wedding unique we offer you solutions to do so. When you choose Custom Las Vegas Weddings, you have a built in wedding planner oversee your experience. Many of our past clients have wanted to add on other planning services such as hair and makeup, wedding cake planning, day of coordination services, tux and gown rentals and other periphery services. Your experience will be customized to meet your needs and desires. A wedding planner will work with you in tandem to ensure your wedding day happens with style and perfect attention to detail. We will make your wedding a day to remember for all the right reasons. 

The packages we offer for the Las Vegas Strip vary in complexity but if you do decide to get married in a resort, please note, the resort site fee and room rental fees are paid separately from the packages listed on our website. We do customize the Las Vegas Strip wedding packages you see on our website. to suit your budget and needs. 

The Las Vegas Strip wedding packages displayed on this website are examples of planning services offered.  Photographers | florists | videographers | décor companies, etc. are planned for you and paid separately.

All planned services are itemized, invoiced, paid directly to independent vendors on behalf of clients. Custom Las Vegas Weddings sells no tangible or taxable goods directly to clients.



Wedding ceremony takes place at the your resort location. Public locations for photo tour may be restricted due to Covid-19.

Flowers are planned and itemized separately. Payment is directly paid to florist.

This package is an example of customized wedding and event planning services.  All vendor services are planned, itemized, invoiced, paid directly to independent vendors on behalf of clients. CLVW sells no tangible or taxable goods directly to clients.

Request your Vegas Strip Wedding Package by using this form. We will be in touch within 48 hours. Thank you.


Las Vegas Marriage License Information


How to get married in Las Vegas

This is all you need to know to get a Las Vegas marriage license. The Clark county marriage certificate is only one part of the envelope packet given to you. 

Pre-application and preparation to obtain the license

Preparing to get a Las Vegas Marriage License:

Here are the essentials you need to gather together and know to prepare to get married in Las Vegas:

Are you 18 years or older? 
Are you able to both physically go to the courthouse in person?
Have you been previously married before?
Be prepared to bring both bring a state issued ID.
The easiest way to get the marriage license is to go to marriage bureau to fill out an application or do the pre-application online. You may do this up to 90 days prior to the ceremony. 

If you don’t have access to a computer, you may collect all your information and fill out the marriage license application at the courthouse. 

Pre-Application:  Click  and fill it out online here  

Remember, you are applying for a legal document. Please be sure the information you enter on the application exactly matches the name on your government-issued ID you will be using when you pick up the Las Vegas marriage license. Do not make spelling errors or miss any required information on the form. 

After completing the online application, simply submit it and then make a note of your reference number they issue you at the time of the submission. This reference number will be required to identify you at the marriage license bureau.

*Both marriage parties must be present when you go to obtain the marriage license*. 

If previously married

If  you or your intended spouse have been married previously, it is necessary to gather up this information to enter into the online pre-application or take the information to the courthouse to enter it into the application form. 

Is your former spouse living?  Did the marriage end in a divorce, annulment or death?

  • If you are divorced, provide your previous spouse’s full legal name, the date the divorce was finalized, and the city, state, and country that issued the divorce.
  • You may also be required to show a certified copy of the divorce decree, dissolution documentation. 

What forms of ID will you need?

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • U.S. or foreign country issued I.D. card showing your photo and birthdates
  • Passport
  • Military Identification
  • Resident Alien Card

Do you need a witness for it to be legal?

Yes, you do need one witness for your marriage to be legal here in Nevada.  If you don’t have a witness, I will be able to get one for you.  There is a charge of $35.00 for this service within the city limits and $50 outside city limits for a desert wedding. 

Obtaining the Las Vegas Marriage License

The marriage license is an absolute necessity for you to obtain before the wedding if you plan to make your marriage legally binding. You need to obtain the license from the clark county clerk’s office.  Ministers or any wedding venue may not perform the wedding ceremony without it.  Therefore, it is imperative you obtain it before your wedding day.

This is the basic information you need to know:  

  • Price:  $77
  • No blood test/waiting period
  • Both bride and groom must visit the courthouse
  • Bring government issued photo identification (drivers’ license, passport, social security number, etc)
  • Hours: Open 8 to midnight – 7 days a week, year-round, including holidays.
  • Courthouse website link
  • Courthouse location:   201 East Clark Avenue, Las Vegas 89101 
  • Phone:  (702) 671-0600

It is going to expedite your marriage license process to do the pre-application prior to going to the courthouse. This is only possible 90 days prior to your wedding. You will be issued an express number and then stand in the express line as opposed to the regular line.

Bring the entire license packet to the ceremony with you to the wedding please. 

Obtaining the license after the wedding

Marriage officiants legally have 10 calendar days to complete the recording of the documents.  You may request I expedite the marriage license recording if you need to have that service. The fee for me to expedite the recording of your marriage before the next (business) day before 11 am will be $35.00. Please contact us about availability for this service. 

Certified marriage certificate | Proof of Marriage | Required Name Change Document Certified Las Vegas Marriage License Example

The Certified marriage certificate is required by Social Security for name changes, INS (Immigration & Naturalization Service) and adoption services. These institutions generally keep a copy so it is strongly advised to order more than one copy. This document is obtained after your marriage ceremony. Customers may order documents online by mail, or by visiting one of two convenient locations, listed below. 


How To Order a Certified Marriage Certificate (After the wedding):

In Person:  Pick up the license in person at this address before you leave or if you live locally. The Clerk’s office charges $20 per certified copy.

For more information on name options and how to change your name if you reside in the United States, please view this Name Change Infographic.

The four methods of payment are cash, credit card, money order or cashier’s checks. (Payable in US Dollars on a US Bank) They don’t accept personal checks.  Hours of Operation: At this time due to Covid-19 restrictions, all operations for obtaining the license to get married and picking up the license after the wedding are being conducted at the courthouse temporarily. 

Marriage Bureau Address:
201 E. Clark Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101
7 days per week, 8am-midnight
(open all holidays)

Online:   Order it online electronically.You may order documents online using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). You may follow this link to order it online: Click Here to Order Online

What is an Apostille and do you need one?

An Apostille is a form of certification set out in the 1961 Hague Convention, to which the United States became a subscriber in 1981. It is a form of numbered fields, which allows the data to be understood by the receiving country regardless of the official language of the issuing country.

What countries require an Apostille? Many countries require an Apostille for proof of marriage. It is suggested that non-U.S. citizens check with their local officials for special documents that may be needed to ensure the marriage will be recognized in their country.

A complete list of countries is available on the website of the Hague Conference on Private International Law – Click for Hague Convention – Country list

What does an Apostille do?

The object of the Apostille is to “abolish the requirement of diplomatic or consular legalization for foreign public documents”. The completed Apostille certifies the authenticity of the signature, the capacity in which the person signing the document has acted, and identifies the seal/stamp which the document bears. 

Who issues Apostilles?

The United States has appointed the Secretary of State (or their counterpart) of the various states as said authority. A request for an Apostille may be made in person or through the mail if you want to order it yourself. The document(s) will be handled by the appropriate division within this agency. Contact the Nevada Secretary of State or visit their website for more information.

Nevada Secretary of State 555 E. Washington Ave., Suite 5200 Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone: Phone: (702) 486-2880 Hours; 9 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday.  Learn more about acquiring Apostilles at the Nevada Secretary of State Website link

We partner with a local business expert at obtaining Apostilles:

 CONTACT JULIE NOW TO LEARN MORE and inform her you want this service.

Do it Yourself Steps to Acquire an Apostille:

If you want to do-it-yourself, here is the information you need. Once you’re married your Minister or Officiant has 10 days to submit your Marriage Certificate to be recorded. You may have Rev. Nourish expedite the recording of your marriage license the next business day for $35.00.

  1. Once the license is recorded, you will obtain a Certified Copy of Nevada Document from the county where the event occurred. This may be done online through the Clerks office or by mail or

    Online:You may order documents online using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). You may follow this link to order it online: Click Here to Order Online            

  2. Complete and print out the Apostille/Certification Order Form below. Any request for an Apostille must be accompanied with this Apostille Order Form.


    Any Apostille request submitted without this form will be returned. Apostille/Certification Order Form (PDF)

  3. Submit the certificate document and order form to:


    Nevada Secretary of State
    101 North Carson St., Suite 3
       Carson City, NV. 89701

    Send a money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card number and expiration date, in the amount of the service you are requesting in U.S. currency for each certification required.

    In addition, it is necessary to provide an email address, a return address or self-addressed,  envelope AND the name of the country in which the Apostille/Certification will be used.

    Once the Secretary of State receives your certified document they do have expedite services. Click here to view their fees.  

Authentication of a Nevada Notarized Document:

Due to the high volume of weddings in town and the steps required to obtain an Apostille can be a lengthy process.

An Apostille is produced by the Nevada Secretary of State and requires a Certified Marriage Certificate. For the authentication of a Notary signature on most other documents, the document needs to be notarized by a Nevada notary and submitted to:

Nevada Secretary of State
101 North Carson St., Suite 3
Carson City, NV. 89701


Red Rock Canyon Weddings

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon Weddings

Red Rock Canyon Wedding
Red Rock Elopement $650 

  • Event planning
  • State Licensed Officiant
  • Wedding Ceremony choices
  • State Permit Fee included

    Only for elopements under 12 total . Red Spring Boardwalk or the Overlook locations only.

    For customization options please submit a form below along with your requests.

    Additional fees will apply for planning or customizing services, ie.. scheduling transportation, flowers, designing, etc.

Weddings at Red Rock Canyon


Red Rock Simplicity Memories $1000.00

  • Planning and coordination
  • Professional photographer (1 hr.)
  • BLM site fee permit included
  • All photos | digital delivery
  • Printing rights released
  • Photo gallery for sharing
  • State licensed officiant 
  • Choice of wedding ceremony

Not for group occasions

Only for elopements under 12 total . Red Spring Boardwalk or the Overlook locations only.

For customization options please submit a form below along with your requests.

Additional fees will apply for planning or customizing services, ie.. scheduling transportation, flowers, designing, etc. 

Ash Springs Red Rock Wedding

Ash Springs Elopement $1100.00

    • Planning and coordination
    • Professional photographer (1.5 hrs.)
    • BLM site fee permit included
    • All photos | digital delivery
    • Printing rights released
    • Photo gallery for sharing
    • State licensed officiant 
    • Choice of wedding ceremony 

    Only for elopements under 12 total. Ceremony will take place at Ash Springs.

    For customization options please submit a form below along with your requests.

    Additional fees will apply for planning or customizing services, ie.. scheduling transportation, flowers, designing, etc.

Red Rock Canyon Elopements

Red Rock Scenic Elopement $1300

    • Planning and coordination
    • All photos | digital delivery
    • Photos reproduction rights released
    • Photos gallery for viewing |sharing
    • Professional photography (2 Hrs.)
    • Photos at 2 scenic locations
    • Licensing preparation guidance
    • State licensed officiant
    • Choice of wedding ceremony
    • Bureau of Land Management Permit

    *Photos are taken at 2 locations* 

Only for elopements under 12 total . Red Spring Boardwalk or the Overlook locations only.

For customization options please submit a form below along with your requests.

Additional fees will apply for planning or customizing services, ie.. scheduling transportation, flowers, designing, etc.

red rock canyon weddings

About Red Rock Canyon Weddings

About Red Rock:  Red Rock is a breathtaking location to tie the knot away from the Las Vegas Strip. It’s ancient mountain formations have a very calming presence that adds to a romantic event. Couples who have ceremonies here can’t say enough about the beauty and fantastic memories they capture having their ceremonies here.

Location choices: There are three approved locations to hold Red Rock Canyon weddings. 

Your Las Vegas wedding planner will be Julie Nourish. She will guide you to choose the location best suited for your experience and wedding.  Not all weddings are the same and each one has specific and unique attributes to take into considering. That is why Julie will help you customize these basic package options listed on this page. Customizing doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Let Julie know your needs and she will work with your budget.  Red Rock Canyon has a myriad of beautiful sandstone, which is typically light tan in color blended with various shades of red rock caused by iron oxide (rust). This location is approximately 45 minutes away from Las Vegas depending on where you start your journey and how much traffic you encounter. 

Limousine companies do require 3 hours round trip to go there and back. That allows one hour at your ceremony location.  But again, your experience may be customized with extra time or different vehicle choices.

Once you arrive to Red Rock Canyon,  you will feel a sense of relaxation as the beauty of the natural surroundings abound.  This is why it makes such a wonderful backdrop for a wedding ceremony.  Red Rock canyon weddings make a unique and wonderful alternative to the standard cookie cutter Las Vegas wedding. 

Put your faith in Julie who will be your wedding planner. She will arrange all your event details for you and provide a beautiful wedding ceremony for your occasion.

  • Let us know your budget
  • How many quests you have
  • What kind of vehicle you want
  • How many photos you want
  • Do you want a video?
  • Do you want flowers?
  • Length of photo session

Tell Julie what you envision below. Use this contact form below and we will reply promptly. Thank you.














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  • Marriage License must be obtained before the wedding by wedding couple independently. The $77 fee is paid at the courthouse.
  • Packages may be customized to add  additional services upon request. Guests may take photos and video. 
  • Note: All planned services are itemized. CLVW sells no tangible or taxable goods directly to clients.

Mobile Minister Las Vegas

Mobile Minister Las Vegas


mobile minister las vegas


Julie Nourish is the owner of Custom Las Vegas weddings. She has been an officiant in Las Vegas since 1996.  Julie is the officiant for most of the elopement and wedding packages on this website. On the day of your wedding Julie will typically be your officiant.  

If you desire to have your own officiant provide services and they are not licensed in Nevada, Julie will witness and be the official to sign and legalize your document at no extra charge if you have hired Custom Las Vegas Weddings as your planner and have a wedding package with us.  

The primary ceremonies offered are civil or Christian. If you want to customize the ceremony with your own personal story let Julie know. She will send you a wedding questionnaire to fill out.  Once it’s complete your story will be incorporated into the ceremony to personalize it for you. 


las vegas wedding officiant

Ceremony Choices

Non-denominational ceremonies are provided.  Clients may also provide their own ceremony verbiage. Services are provided for all couples as well as same-sex unions and renewal ceremonies.

A civil ceremony is also considered non-religious. A civil ceremony is a beautiful ceremony that doesn’t reference God or any other spiritual deity. Civil ceremonies may have traditional or contemporary readings or poems and there are no prayers or blessings.

A Christian ceremony is a ceremony with emphasis as Christ at the center of your marriage. The Christian ceremony is what you would expect of a traditional style and wording, reflecting a 1st Corinthians Bible verses quotes and Christian prayer. 

Click the photo below to visit the ceremony explanation page. 

Las Vegas mobile minister

Click this photo to visit ceremony explanation page