Outdoor Wedding Venues

Outdoor Vegas Wedding Venues

If you are looking for places to get married in Las Vegas we provide an assortment of customized solutions for outdoor Vegas weddings and elopement venues in Las Vegas that provide out of the box choices.  We focus primarily on elopement weddings and smaller wedding groups and specialized experiences. We will customized your experiences and match you to the perfect outdoor Vegas weddings venue selections and solutions to meet your needs.

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Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Venues Las Vegas

Custom Las Vegas Weddings specializes in planning Vegas elopements for couples.  This page showcases the outdoor Las Vegas wedding venues we collaborate with. If you are searching and considering places to get married in Vegas and prefer to get married outdoors in Las Vegas we have you covered with great options and venues to choose from. As wedding planners we collaborate with phenomenal outdoor wedding locations in Las Vegas and will guide you every step of the way to plan your occasion.   Whether you plan to elope in Las Vegas or plan to have a larger event, we cover the planning details for you and make it a stress free experience.  Having fewer people attend your wedding is more popular now due to the effects the pandemic has had on wedding couples budget and circumstances. The micro wedding has become popular. Micro weddings are weddings with less people, approximately 5–50 guests.  We find this is now become more of a norm than the larger weddings for many reasons.  

This is because people are shifting their sights to scale down their original wedding plans and opt for smaller events. We are discovering couples still want to focus on making their wedding pop with pizzazz and style. They can afford to spend enough to make this happen when they have less guests attending and Las Vegas is the place to make it happen. As wedding planners, we are here to help you make that happen. One popular choice to fulfill this vision is having an outdoor scenic wedding in Vegas.  There are fantastic options many couples doing a destination wedding don’t  know even exist in Vegas. This option allows couples to still stay within their plans for a small wedding and yet not have to forgo the style and vision they want. This option allows couples to invite a larger guest count for attendance. It also fulfills expectations they may have had to give up when downsizing their event, such as the social aspects and interactions with family members they may miss if they had a larger wedding back home.  With our wedding planning services we will help you with all the periphery wedding requests you have, such as hair and makeup, tux and gown rentals, flowers, décor and transportation and more.

If you are needing full wedding planning with a reception we also have you covered.  We focus primarily on wedding venue locations listed on this site however we do scout venues for you with our full wedding planning services.  If you are interested in our full wedding planning services, please send us a message and we will respond by sending a questionnaire to learn more about your preferences and details. The choices range from the small event spaces great for an elopements and micro weddings to larger event spaces to accommodate a full wedding with a reception. No matter what the circumstances, we will help find you the perfect selection and solutions to meet your needs.

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Nelson Ghost Town Weddings

Nelson Ghost Town

Nelson Ghost Town Weddings



Nelson Elopement Essentials $1300.00 


  • Professional photographer (1 Hr.)
  • Professional officiant | witness
  • Customized wedding ceremony
  • Licensing | planning guidance 
  • Planning for vendors
  • All photos | digital delivery
  • Printing rights released
  • Variety of photo locations 
  • Up to 10 people
  • Music player
  • Fresh flower planning
  • Transportation planning

Nelsons Ghost Town Nelson Nevada
Nelson Ghost Town Weddings – Customize Your Experience

Let Julie help you plan and customize your Nelson Ghost Town wedding experience.  As a Vegas Wedding planner I have helped many couples customize their experience based on their needs. 

You may choose more or less options for your Nelson Ghost Town wedding.  It’s up to you what  you want. Some wedding couples want the bare minimum and others have more guests.  We will add in flower planning and fresh flower customization, tux and gown guidance, hair and make up assistance and more.

Here are some ideas to consider for customizing your experience.  Nelson Ghost Town weddings are fun and unique for each couple.

Add On Services

  • Additional Photography
  • Videography
  • Vegas Strip Photo Tour
  • Hair and Makeup Planning
  • Tux and Gown Rental
  • Décor customization
  • Guests up to 12
  • Additional permit time

Your experience is customized to meet your needs. 

Vegas Elopement

Elopement at Nelson Ghost Town

Nelson Ghost Town weddings are one of the most popular wedding locations in Las Vegas and one of the most Photographed Locations in Nevada. Many movies and photo shoots are performed there every year. Nelson ghost town is a great place to elope or have a photo engagement shoot too. You will have unique photo memories to cherish for years. Nelson is an abandoned town, located near a former gold mine.

This location is also known as Eldorado Canyon. This popular location is an provides a secluded and private venue for wedding photos shoots, weddings and engagement sessions as well as receptions. Nelson features a number of abandoned buildings, antiques, vintage vehicles, and the unmatched desert landscape. Nelsons style is that of the late 1800’s.

Marriage License must be obtained before the wedding by the wedding couple.
*Not available major holidays. i.e. 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve. *
Note:  All planned services are itemized. CLVW sells no tangible or taxable goods directly to clients.

Nelson Ghost Town Elopement

Wedding Packages

Vegas Wedding Packages

We specialize in planning Las Vegas Wedding Packages for elopement weddings however we will also help you with the periphery services and will help you plan if you have a larger group at any of these wedding venues.  Let us know what you need and we will guide you every step of the way. The Las Vegas wedding packages may be customized to serve you. 

These Las Vegas wedding packages accommodate many wedding circumstances. 

Whether you plan to elope in Las Vegas or have guests joining you, we provide affordable Las Vegas wedding package solutions. Our wedding packages can be customized to meet your needs. Planning a destination wedding isn’t always easy. Whether you need a low budget destination weddings solution or are looking for a customized Las Vegas wedding packages option, we have you covered. Our inexpensive elopement packages can be used for a scenic Las Vegas wedding experience, at your resort location or in a Las Vegas venue you are using. Typically destination elopement packages range in price for the services you need and prices increase with each customized add on. We plan Las Vegas wedding packages within your budget.

Reach out and contact Julie to help you start planning your Las Vegas wedding now!

Outdoor Vegas Wedding

Outdoor Vegas Wedding | Park Locations


outdoor vegas weddings

Park Elopement $950

  • Planning | Event Coordination
  • Professional photographer (1 hr.)
  • All digital photos
  • All printing rights released
  • State licensed officiant 
  • License recorded in 10 days

Planning for flowers and transportation available
Upgrade for HD video of wedding event is $250
Marriage License fee $77 not included

Note: This package is an example of a customized elopement planning services
*No availability on major holidays ie. 4th of July, memorial day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve. *
CLVW sells no tangible or taxable goods directly to clients.

Weddings in Las VegasThe packages on this site are examples of Outdoor Vegas weddings and elopement services at local park locations.

Request more information and Julie will send you galleries to view showcasing the parks she recommends.  There are a few beautiful parks to consider.

Julie will be your wedding planner and help you create a package that will meet your needs.  Custom Las Vegas Weddings also has other outdoor Vegas wedding ideas and options to choose from. Please contact us for more information. 


Available Add On Services:

    • Photo Tours
    • Videographer
    • Flower planning

This video showcases weddings in Vegas at a local park

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