12 Tips to help you write your wedding vows:

Hello.  My name is Rev. Julie Nourish. I am a Las Vegas wedding officiate. Believe me, I have seen so many a wedding in Las Vegas. Even though I have lost count at one point,it is always a very special experiences to be allowed to be a part of such a momentous moment in people’s lives.  

Many couples struggle with writing their vows. 

I have helped many couples write their vows and come up with ideas as well. Whether you are planning to write your vows for a Las Vegas wedding or anywhere else in the world, you may share the same problem.  If you are having a difficult time writing your wedding vows, here are some valuable tips and guidelines for writing some meaningful and personal wedding vows.

Wedding Songs to Inspire Vows: Use YouTube to inspire you:

Try reading the lines of favorite songs. Perhaps you have a special couple’s song. Borrow lines and write how you felt when you heard the song. What is it about your favorite song that applies to your relationship?

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