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Hello, my name is Julie Nourish. I have been providing couples with Vegas wedding ceremony services and wedding planning since 1996.  I have created many wedding packages on this website and would love to help you plan your Vegas wedding ceremony.  

I typically provide officiant services as a part of the wedding planning and packages I offer. In the event I am not available, I place professional officiants who provide excellent services. 

Las Vegas wedding Minister Rev Julie Nourish

I do customize ceremonies.  If you want to share your own personal story let me know. I will send you a wedding questionnaire to fill out. 

Once it’s complete I will incorporate their story in to the ceremony to personalize it for you. 

In some cases for the Vegas wedding ceremony packages I offer, you may incorporate a unity ceremony or add other special elements to your ceremony.  

Ceremony Differences: There are two types of ceremonies I offer and I do perform non-denominational same-sex unions as well as renewal ceremonies in this category.

A civil ceremony is also considered non-religious. A civil ceremony is a beautiful ceremony that doesn’t reference God or any other spiritual deity. Civil ceremonies may have traditional or contemporary readings or poems and there are no prayers or blessings.

A Christian ceremony is a ceremony with emphasis as Christ at the center of your marriage. The Christian ceremony is what you would expect of a traditional style and wording, reflecting Bible verses quotes and Christian prayers, demonstrating your Christian values. 

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Wedding Ceremony Script Format: My ceremonies always follow a standard format and then may be customized and embellished if you desire to make them unique.  You will see an outline of my typical ceremony format below.

Of course, this may be changed or embellished and I encourage you to do so.  I am here to help, whatever your vision is. I usually don’t ask if anyone present will object.  I will incorporate this if you wish but most people don’t want it.  Some do want it though as it can be a great way to add humor. I have had people ask me to add this in because they have an uncle or father who is known for being comical and outspoken. It always gets a laugh.


  • Opening Statement:  This opens the ceremony and starts things off.  (Traditionally, it reads: We are gathered here ….)
  • Presentation:  This allows the bride or partner the opportunity to have someone presents their hand after they walk down the aisle (Who will give you away?)  It is not necessary but traditional. Your circumstances may differ.
  • Gathering words: – This may consist of a poem, a statement honoring family and friends who attend.  There are many variables.
  • Opening prayer or poem: – For the traditional ceremony, it will be a prayer For a civil ceremony it will be a statement or poetic opening or verse.
  • Promises: This is the part where you say I do and promise, for better or worse, richer or poorer … etc.
  • Introduction to Vows: A statement about the significance of wedding vows
  • Vows:  Many couples follow the preset dialogue and I prompt then to repeat after me.  Others want to have me prompt them and then read their own vows.
  • Introduction to ring exchange:  A statement or prayer is offered to speak about the significant of the wedding rings
  • Ring exchange: This is the part where I prompt you to exchange the rings and repeat the words you have chosen to say while doing so
  • Closing prayer or reading: If you include a closing prayer this is where it is interjected. If not, you may want a poem or favorite reading here.
  • Closing Statement:This closes down the ceremony and puts the final touches on it by stating more about your happiness and future together.
  • Pronouncement:This is where I introduce you and married.  The part you have been waiting for right?
  • Kiss: This is everyones’ favorite part.  So you finally get to seal your marriage vows with a kiss.
  • Presentation:Finally you are married. At this point, I introduce you to the audience and guests before you walk down the aisle.
  • Recessional takes place
Unity Sand Ceremony

wedding in las vegas

The unity sand ritual is a beautiful addition to add to your ceremony.The symbolism of the ceremony is as follows:

Individual grains of sand represent the lives of each couple, separate and unique. As the couple pours the sands from their individual containers into the central vial, their lives just like the sand, are combined into one life, becoming inseparable.

This sand creates a beautiful, colorful pattern and makes a beautiful keepsake cherish forever.

What You Will Need:

  • 2 outside vials for the sand (usually different colors are used)
  • 1 central Vial – couple uses to pour sand into
  • 1 Table to place the items (table cloth optional)

Blending Families: When using this ceremony to symbolize the blending of families, you will need additional vials for each family member that you choose to include. In this case, the family members are asked to come forward and stand. The officiant will speak about the significance of the ceremony and mention their importance in your relationship and address them by name. They will each have a different color of sand and take turns pouring the sand into the central vial first, before the couple. The family members then sit down or take their places in line. Lastly, the couple then pours the sand, taking turns to finish the ritual addition.

Unity Candle Ceremony

ceremony in las vegasThis is a very beautiful ritual addition to symbolizes the unity marriage brings to a couple. The unity candle ceremony has become very popular in recent years. Using the wedding unity candle in your ceremony brings an additional meaningful element to the ceremony.

To some, it symbolizes their spiritual lives uniting into one life. To others, it is a simple symbol of uniting their lives into one life. Yet, to other couples, it represents their lives uniting with God and Christ. It may also symbolize the joining of families.

Some couples like to have the mothers involved by asking them to light the outside candles to honor the family and their involvement and importance in the relationship.

Couples may also like the idea of having a loved one or friend read a beautiful poem before you light the unity candle.

What you will need for the ceremony:

  • 2 taper candles for the outside of the ceremony
  • 1 pillar-style central candle to used to light by the couple
  • 2 candle holders for the taper candles
  • 1 Lighter to light the candles
  • 1 Table to place the items (table cloth optional)

The table is usually placed to either the left or the right of the front central podium or center where the couple stands. It may also be placed just behind the couple. Traditionally, the wedding officiant will tell the couple to step over to the unity table. The other option is for the officiant to step aside and the couple moves to the central spot under the wedding arch.

Tips & Resources for vows

Believe me, I have participated in thousands of weddings in Las Vegas.  and seen so many a wedding in Las Vegas. Even though I have lost count at one point, it is always a very special experiences to be allowed to be a part of such a momentous moment in people’s lives.  

Many couples struggle with writing their vows. If you are planning to write your vows for your wedding in Las Vegas and think you may have a difficult time doing so, here are some valuable tips and guidelines to write meaningful and personal wedding vows.

The wedding ceremony script I will send you will be different than your own personal vows. If you are considering writing and reciting or reading personal vows to your partner, start early and think it through beforehand. It’s great to have help and get inspiration, so I have written articles to cover this topic with helpful, free and inexpensive resources.

Read this blog post for resourceful vows writing tips  

Wedding Songs to Inspire Vows:

Use YouTube to inspire you

Try reading the lines of favorite songs. Perhaps you have a special couple’s song. Borrow lines and write how you felt when you heard the song. What is it about your favorite song that applies to your relationship?


Blessing of the Hands

vegas wedding ceremonyThe Blessing of the Hands:

This blessing gives a couple the opportunity to reflect upon the beauty or their partners’ love. This is a poem that symbolizes the beauty of what each partner hopes to promise to each other. This ceremony is truly a moment of reflection in honor of the love you have for one another.

An excerpt of a hand ceremony:

“These are the hands of your best friend, young and strong and vibrant with love, that are holding yours on your wedding day, as ______________/___________________ promises to love you all the days of their life . . .These are the hands that will give you support as _____________/_______________ encourages you to chase down your dreams. Together as a team, everything you wish for can be realized. God, bless these hands that you see before you this day. May you always be held by one another”


Ceremony ideas

Wedding Ceremony Ritual Blending of Sand

Any one of these ritual additions is beautiful to add to your ceremony.

These ceremonies include family members and make them feel involved as a special part of your lives.

The Unity Sand Ceremony Vows
Unity Candle
Rose Ceremony

Click to read this blog post that provides ceremony ideas for your wedding in Las Vegas.

Remembrances Explained

photo of a loved one for remembrance ceremonyIf you’ve lost a parent, grandparent, or friend, a brief moment of remembrance of them is a fitting way to acknowledge their presence with you spiritually, and in your hearts. In the ceremony, you can honor specific people, or you can ask Rev. Nourish to include a general acknowledgment of loved ones who are not able to join you for your wedding.

Suggested ideas of honor:

The most common memorial items used are candles, which can be lit just before your unity candle ceremony, or at any other time, you and the officiate determine is the proper moment. Special readings are read before or during the lighting of the candles. A moment of silence in remembrance is customary.

You may select a reading to commemorate your loved one, to be recited by the officiant before the lighting of the candle. A moment of silence in remembrance is customary.

You may also display a single rose or flower arrangement in a vase. I have also had couples save a chair in the front row and place the departed’s photo/s on the chair/s in memory and honor.



FAQ Rehearsal Overview

As a standard wedding rehearsals for packages are not needed prior to the wedding day.  We typically go over the walk through at the facility and I will gather the necessary details from you prior to the day of the wedding to guide you through seamlessly.

If you have a home wedding or on location wedding in a park and choose one of my on location wedding packages, I will schedule a rehearsal prior to the wedding day and it will either be myself or my assistant to meet you prior to the wedding day and guide you through the process from start to finish.

Rehearsals generally take about an hour and consist of establishing the line up for the processional and walking through the recessional first, followed by the processional.

The walk through generally happens twice so that everyone feels comfortable.

I will correspond via e-mail with you regarding the details prior to the rehearsal day. Here is the list of items I will need from you prior to the pre-consultation and rehearsal:

  • The names of the bride’s attendants in order – if you have 5 bridesmaids, start with the name of the last in line first on your list (see the diagram below for reference).
  • The names of the groom’s attendants in order – if you have 5 groomsmen, start with the name of the last in line first on your list.
  • Name/s of flower girl/s
  • Names of ring bearer (will the ring bearer carry the real rings?)
  • Names of parents to be walked in and who will walk them in?
  • Any other special elements such as unity candle table placement, unity sand, or other ritual additions should be discussed prior to the rehearsal.

Wedding Rehearsal Overview graphic