Mt. Charleston Elopement

Mt. Charleston Retreat

Eloping is an increasingly popular option for couples who want to avoid the stress and expense of a traditional wedding. One unique and picturesque location for an elopement is the Mt. Charleston Retreat in Nevada. This stunning retreat is situated in the heart of the Toiyabe National Forest, providing a breathtaking backdrop for a romantic and intimate ceremony.

Mount Charleston elopement

Mt. Charleston Elopement $2250

  • All planning services for package
  • Creation of detailed itinerary
  • Site fee for Mt. Charleston Retreat
  • Planning for décor and flowers
  • Planning for transportation
  • Oversight of vendors and payments
  • Wedding officiant & choice of ceremony
  • Professional photographer (1.5 hrs.)
  • All photos included
  • Photo rights released for copy
  • All photos delivered digitally

Services are restricted to Mon. – Thursday 10 am – 4 pm.

Note: This package is a base price example without transportation or flowers included. We provide customized elopement planning and use independent vendors to serve our clients. All vendor services are planned, itemized, invoiced, paid directly to independent vendors on behalf of clients. CLVW sells no tangible or taxable goods directly to clients.

About Mt. Charleston

Couples who choose to elope at Mt. Charleston Retreat can expect a truly magical experience.

With its serene and picturesque surroundings, this location is perfect for couples who want to exchange their vows in a peaceful and natural setting.

The retreat offers a range of beautiful venues for the ceremony, including outdoor locations that provide stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

The Mt. Charleston Retreat also offers a variety of amenities to make the elopement experience truly special.

Couples oversee the planning of services from May to October at Mt. Charleston Retreat.  After this time, the weather is too unpredictable and can be inclement.

The basic elopement package listed does not include décor and set up/break down fees or flower cost. Transportation is also quoted and paid separately.  We do oversee the planning for these services however.

Whether you want a simple, no-frills elopement or a more elaborate elopement, we will help you create the perfect experience.

Another advantage of eloping at Mt. Charleston Retreat is the privacy and intimacy it provides. With just the two of you (and perhaps a few close friends or family members), you can focus on your love and commitment to each other without the distractions and pressures of a large wedding.

This also allows you to customize your ceremony to your own tastes and preferences, creating a truly unique and personal experience.

Overall, eloping at Mt. Charleston Retreat in Nevada is a wonderful option for couples who want a memorable and romantic wedding without all the fuss and stress of a traditional ceremony.

With its stunning natural setting, range of amenities, and focus on privacy and intimacy, this retreat provides the perfect backdrop for a truly unforgettable elopement experience.