How to Marry in Vegas 

Get married in vegas

How to Get Married in Vegas – Frequently Asked Questions:

Many couples have a lot of questions pertaining to having their wedding in Las Vegas. This page is devoted to helping you by answering the most frequently asked questions I have received. 

What advance notice is needed to get married in Vegas?

If you are eloping in Las Vegas, I most often can accommodate you with a one to two-day notice but prefer a week to a month. If you request a Las Vegas wedding package, the photographers and vendors I work with usually have backup vendors to accommodate the last minute weddings.

I do require a deposit to hold your date and time.  Please submit an availability request and I will get back with you promptly.

Instructions to obtain the marriage license

You will need a marriage license before you get married in Vegas. The marriage license is an absolute necessity for you to obtain before the wedding takes place if you plan to make your marriage legally binding. Any Las Vegas officiate cannot perform the wedding ceremony without it.

It is imperative to obtain the license before your wedding day.

Preparing to get a Las Vegas Marriage License:

Here are the essentials you need to gather together and know to prepare to get married in Las Vegas:

Are you 18 years or older? 
Are you able to both physically go to the courthouse in person?
Have you been previously married before?
Be prepared to bring both bring a state issued ID.
The easiest way to get the marriage license is to go to marriage bureau to fill out an application or do the pre-application online. You may do this up to 90 days prior to the ceremony. 

If you don’t have access to a computer, you may collect all your information and fill out the marriage license application at the courthouse. 

Pre-Application:  Click  and fill it out online here  

Remember, you are applying for a legal document. Please be sure the information you enter on the application exactly matches the name on your government-issued ID you will be using when you pick up the Las Vegas marriage license. Do not make spelling errors or miss any required information on the form. 

After completing the online application,simply submit it and then make a note of your reference number they issue you at the time of the submission. This reference number will be required to identify you at the marriage license bureau.

*Both marriage parties must be present when you go to obtain the marriage license*. 

How to obtain the recorded document

Marriage officiants legally have 10 calendar days to complete the recording of the documents. 

You may request I expedite the marriage license recording if you need to have that service. The fee for me to expedite the recording of your marriage before the next (business) day before 11 am will be $35.00. Please contact us about availability for this service. 

Certified marriage certificate | Proof of Marriage | Required Name Change Document

Certified Las Vegas Marriage License Example

The Certified marriage certificate is required by Social Security for name changes, INS (Immigration & Naturalization Service) and adoption services. These institutions generally keep a copy so it is strongly advised to order more than one copy. This document is obtained after your marriage ceremony.

Customers may order documents online by mail, or by visiting one of two convenient locations, listed below. 



How To Order a Certified Marriage Certificate (After the wedding):


In Person:  Pick up the license in person at this address before you leave or if you live locally.

The Clerk’s office charges $20 per certified copy.

For more information on name options and how to change your name if you reside in the United States, please view this Name Change Infographic.

The four methods of payment are cash, credit card, money order or cashier’s checks. (Payable in US Dollars on a US Bank) They don’t accept personal checks. 

Hours of Operation: At this time due to Covid-19 restrictions, all operations for obtaining the license to get married and picking up the license after the wedding are being conducted at the courthouse temporarily. 

Marriage Bureau Address:
201 E. Clark Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101
7 days per week, 8am-midnight
(open all holidays)

Online:   Order it online electronically.You may order documents online using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover).

You may follow this link to order it online: Click Here to Order Online

Gratuity questions and info

The standard gratuity for wedding industry professionals is 20-20% percent of the wedding package price.  

It is a standard here in Las Vegas to expect gratuities, however, vendors realize it is dependent on excellent service as well. If you feel that the Officiate, Photographer, videographer or other vendors have done an excellent job and served your well, give from your heart what you think is right.

Your generosity is appreciated and we all thank you!

Name change information

For more information on name options and how to change your name if you reside in the United States, please view this Name Change Infographic.

Rehearsal information (if needed)

Rehearsal with our wedding packages typically take place directly before the wedding. 

For home on on location weddings, a rehearsal is typically needed but requires a separate date and time to facilitate it.  The fee to conduct the rehearsal will depend on several factors.  It requires all people in the bridal party to be available to attend or if a member of the bridal party cannot attend, someone else needs to be selected to fill their place.

Once the information is collected, the rehearsals generally take about an hour and consist of establishing the lineup for the processional and walking through the recessional first, followed by the processional. 

Please contact us for pricing if a rehearsal is needed.

Here is an infographic displaying the traditional layout of the rehearsal party:

Wedding Rehearsal Overview graphic

  • The names of the bride’s attendants in order – if you have 5 bridesmaids, start with the name of the last in line first on your list  (see the diagram below for reference). 
  • The names of the groom’s attendants in order – if you have 5 groomsmen, start with the name of the last in line first on your list. 
  • Name/s of flower girl/s
  • Names of ring bearer (will the ring bearer carry the real rings?)
  • Names of parents to be walked in and who will walk them in?
  • Any other special elements such as unity candle table placement, unity sand, or other ritual additions should be discussed prior to the rehearsal. 


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