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How to Get Married in Vegas – Frequently Asked Questions:

Many couples have a lot of questions pertaining to having their wedding in Las Vegas. This page is devoted to helping you by answering the most frequently asked questions I have received. 

I will have many questions to pose you to get to get acquainted with you. Please contact me with any additional questions you may have by clicking the button below.  

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How much notice is needed to get married in Vegas?

I prefer you to give me at least 1 month before booking the wedding. I do schedule last minute weddings all the time, however.  It just depends on how elaborate your Las Vegas wedding ceremony will be and if you require a pre-consultation or more detailed services.

If you are eloping in Las Vegas, I most often can accommodate you with a one to two-day notice but prefer a week to a month. If you request a Las Vegas wedding package, the photographers and vendors I work with usually have backup vendors to accommodate the last minute weddings.

I do require a deposit to hold your date and time.  Please submit an availability request and I will get back with you promptly.

How much is the marriage license, how do I get it, what do I need to know?

You will need a marriage license before you get married in Vegas. The marriage license is an absolute necessity for you to obtain before the wedding takes place if you plan to make your marriage legally binding. Any Las Vegas officiate cannot perform the wedding ceremony without it.  Therefore, it is imperative you obtain it before your wedding day.

This is the basic information you need to know:  

  • Price:  $77
  • No blood test/waiting period
  • Both bride and groom must visit the courthouse
  • Bring government-issued photo identification (drivers’ license, passport, social security number, etc)
  • Hours: Open 8 to midnight – 7 days a week, year-round, including holidays.
  • Courthouse website link Courthouse website  
  • Courthouse location:   201 East Clark Avenue, Las Vegas 89155 –
  • Click for Map to courthouse  
  • Phone:  (702) 671-0600

It is going to expedite your marriage license process to do the pre-application prior to going to the courthouse. You will be issued an express number and then stand in the express line as opposed to the regular line.

Las Vegas Marriage Pre-Application:  Click (want to get married?) on this page: online at  

The Clark County courthouse computer system will hold your application for 60 days.

** The license is valid for a year after you physically obtain it.**

Bring the entire license packet to the ceremony with you.  I will complete the necessary paperwork to get it recorded for you with the clerks’ office after the wedding.

To view my licensing page for more information please click Detailed Licensing Info  

What if we don't have a witness?

It is true, you do need one witness for your marriage in Las Vegas to be legal.  If you don’t have a witness, I will be able to get one for you.

You will have three options to choose for getting a witness:

1. If you are having the ceremony in your room, we can ask a bellman to witness (you will need to tip them). If you have the ceremony on the Vegas Strip outdoors in a public area we may ask an onlooker from the crowd around us to be a witness. I have never had a problem finding someone who will be gracious enough to do the honors.

2. If the ceremony is private and there is no witness available, the only option is to use one of our packages that includes a photographer.  In this case the photographer will be your witness. 

3. Choose a wedding package from my package page. I have many affordable wedding package options. In this situation, the photographer will be the witness. View wedding packages  

How do we choose the ceremony words and vows?

Most people who contact me are looking for a non-denominational wedding ceremony.  I offer many kinds of ceremony choices such as a traditional wedding, renewals, same-sex, inter-faith, commitment and customized. I have way too many wedding choices to list them all on this site.  

First, you will choose your ceremony type.  To view my ceremony page to learn more about ceremonies and special customization traditions and options click View ceremony page now!  

Non-denominational ceremonies can be broken into 3 basic categories:

  1. Civil or non-religious
  2. Spiritual
  3. Christian


What does the officiant services cost?

I will answer this question with some questions of my own to help you prepare and get started.  Contact me by clicking the button below. Answer the questions on the availability request and I will answer be able to give you an accurate and competitive quote. So to answer your question, I need to speak with you or you need to submit an availability request for me to give you an accurate answer.  I will try my best to work with you and give you a very fair rate and still give you the most professional, kind and caring services you deserve.

What is your budget? 
 The answer will depend on what you need. What services do you need?  Will your ceremony be simple and not require much time or will it take more time to complete? Where is the wedding taking place?  If it is farther to travel to your ceremony, it will be more than on the strip. How complicated are the ceremony details? How formal is your occasion?  There are many variables to factor in that will require more of my expertise than others. 

Competitive Pricing: My prices are extremely comparable, if not cheaper, than other wedding officiants in Las Vegas.  Keep in mind, I have twenty years experience doing wedding ceremonies and I am still very affordable. 

Quick pronouncements or elopement packages situations are different than a formal ceremony situation at a home or country club for example. Each ceremony situation is unique and has different requirements. 

For Ceremony Service Fees: View Ceremony Services Page  

View my Wedding Packages

How long do you take to record the license?

I usually will record the license within 5 – 7 days, however, I legally have 10 business days to complete the recording. If the wedding is taking place on a weekend it will typically be recorded by Tuesday of the following week.  I often have ceremonies on weekends and get too busy to do multiple trips to record. 

You may expedite the marriage license recording if you need to have that service. The fee to expedite it the next day before the close of business will be $30.00.  

Marriage name change information

I often get couples inquiring about how to make a name change after the wedding.

Your wedding officiant does not have the capability to do this for you but here are some general guidelines to help you understand the agencies you may need to visit to make legal changes after the ceremony.

Also, here is a link to a very informative article from Bridal Spectacular’s website/name change information:

A list of who you may need to contact for a name change after the wedding

  • Social Security Agency
  • Stock Company Certificates
  • Student Records
  • U.S. Passport
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Voter Registration Office
  • Will
  • Bank and Savings Accounts
  • Deeds and Property Titles
  • E-mail services
  • Employee Administrator
  • Insurance Companies/span>
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Medical Records: Doctor, Dental, Etc.
  • Post Office
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Credit Reporting Agency
How much time will you spend with us ?

Pre-consultation: For the pre-consultation, I allow an hour for meetings. I do love to meet you and get acquainted and learn more about you. Please submit information in the availability form about yourselves so that we have a good start to establish a relationship.  Please call me at (702) 320-1123 to schedule a pre-consultation.

Consultation time: I will spend 2 – 2 1/2 hours of my time, travel included, to meet with you.  I have many couples that I serve and my time is very limited due to this.  However, I feel it is very important to meet with couples. I consider it an honor to get to know you and your preferences, details, and background. I do however have to charge a $25.00 pre-consultation fee for the time and travel taken from my schedule.  

Delays for the ceremony: If a couple is experiencing a delay on their wedding day, for instance, waiting on VIP guests to arrive, this may pose a problem if I have another wedding taking place directly after. I always plan to arrive a half an hour early and leave an hour time slot to spend on location. For elopements and packages, I create a timeline and itinerary and times are specified. For ceremonies, if the ceremony start time extends beyond the hour on location, due to delays, I expect couples to be gracious enough to give a $25.00 or more gratuity for the extra time spent at your location.  Thank you for understanding. 

Arrival Time : I allocate at least an hour for travel to wedding locations.  I plan to arrive a half an hour early, with the exception of stated timelines within contract itineraries.  Because I allow a buffer of time in between ceremonies, this means I won’t be late. If other couples run behind or there is a traffic incident beyond my control, this may cause me to arrive only 10 minutes early and not a half an hour early as planned. I will call you and make you aware of my arrival time if I am running behind due to delays. I have only experienced a few incidents that were beyond my control and caused me to run behind, but it didn’t cause me to arrive late. I always notify couples of my whereabouts. Sometimes, I have other weddings prior to your ceremony. If the other couple starts to run behind, I start their ceremony so that it will not let it affect the travel to your location and my arrival time for your ceremony.   

** If you are running over 15 minutes late, I will not be able to delay the start time if I have another ceremony to go to.  Please keep this factor in mind. Ministers often have to keep a schedule and have other brides and grooms to serve as well.  Therefore, if I have another wedding scheduled after yours, we may need to start without guests, to keep the timeline of my next scheduled event. **

Note: Please ask your guests to arrive an hour early to your location if you expect them to be late as a standard practice.


Is the pre-consultation automatically included in the services?

Pre-consultations are only included in the full-service ceremony options. Some couples travel from overseas and do not have the time for a pre-consultation. The consultations are not included in the elopement ceremony options or the wedding packages.

View ceremony services page View Ceremony Service Options

Get acquainted: The pre-consultation the opportunity for us to meet and get acquainted. It’s understandable that you want to feel comfortable with whoever will be providing your wedding ceremony services.

Phone/Facetime: I am also able to do a phone conference call with you and your fiance or have a Skype meeting if you are long distance or out of the country and not able to meet in person.

Add-On: Please keep in mind, I do also have other brides and grooms to meet and ceremonies to perform. For this reason, my time is very limited and doesn’t allow me to automatically include a consultation. It takes approximately 2 or 2.5 hours with travel to meet couples, therefore I schedule the consultation, time permitting, and do charge an extra $25.00 for the time spent traveling and helping you create the ceremony.

Where do you travel and what type of facilities do you go to?

I typically serve Clark County and also will travel to Moapa and areas approximately 1-2 hours outside Las Vegas. Please let me know your intended location to get married in Vegas.

Some examples of facilities I serve are:

  • Las Vegas city limits
  • Parks
  • Country Clubs
  • Banquet Facilities
  • Back Yard or Home Weddings
  • Hotels, Resorts, Time-Shares, Casinos
  • Red Rock Canyon
  • Pahrump Winery
  • Mt, Charleston (I do not travel there during winter months)
  • The Grand Canyon (By helicopter in a wedding package)
  • The Valley of Fire (By helicopter only in a wedding package)
Will you be available for rehearsals?

I do provide rehearsal services. The fee for rehearsals is $100.00 and typically take place the day before, however, they may take place at another time conducive to everyone’s schedule. If someone cannot make it, select someone in their place to fill in. Once the information is collected, the rehearsals generally take about an hour and consist of establishing the line up for the processional and walking through the recessional first, followed by the processional. The walk through generally happens twice so that everyone feels comfortable. The rehearsal is planned during the pre-consultation with you or over the phone if you are not able to do a pre-consultation beforehand.  I typically will also correspond via e-mail with you regarding the details prior to the rehearsal day.  Here is the list of items I will need from you prior to the pre-consultation and rehearsal:

Wedding Rehearsal Overview graphic

  • The names of the bride’s attendants in order – if you have 5 bridesmaids, start with the name of the last in line first on your list  (see the diagram below for reference). 
  • The names of the groom’s attendants in order – if you have 5 groomsmen, start with the name of the last in line first on your list. 
  • Name/s of flower girl/s
  • Names of ring bearer (will the ring bearer carry the real rings?)
  • Names of parents to be walked in and who will walk them in?
  • Any other special elements such as unity candle table placement, unity sand, or other ritual additions should be discussed prior to the rehearsal. 


What is the standard gratuity?

The standard gratuity in this industry for Las Vegas wedding Ministers is anywhere from $20 on up to $100 for the officiant.

The limousine drivers depend on the gratuities to make a living so please keep that in mind and tip them generously (at least $20 for a hours service and more for several hours, especially if you think they did a great job).

The standard tip for photographers and videographers are $20 on up, once again, depending on their professionalism and level of service to you.  Typically the longer the vendor spends with you, the more generous you should be.

Your generosity is appreciated and we all thank you!

Are gratuities expected?

It is a standard here in Las Vegas to expect gratuities, however, vendors realize it is dependent on excellent service as well. If you feel that the Officiate, Photographer, videographer or other vendors have done an excellent job and served your well, give from your heart what you think is right.

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