Las Vegas Red Rock Wedding Location Options

Las Vegas Red Rock Elopement Location Options

Red Rock Canyon Elopements

This article is meant to guide you about choosing a location for your Red Rock Canyon wedding elopement.

Most people don’t know the Bureau of Land Management has dictated only specific locations may be used to get married at Red Rock Canyon.  As official permit holders Custom Las Vegas Weddings has chosen to get a permit for three locations the BLM authorizes. 


  • Red Rock Overlook
  • Red Springs Boardwalk
  • Ash Springs

Red Rock Overlook

Red Rock Canyon Desert elopement
This photo was taken at the Overlook location. This is a favorite elopement location to choose for many reasons. It is easy to access because it is located directly off the side of State highway 159 as a dedication overlook. Even though tourists to drive through this area, we have  a permit to perform the ceremony at this location. For couples that want a more private spot, we walk up the path to the top of the hill at the overlook for a panoramic view of the valley and the red rocks in the distance.
Red Rock Overlook elopement photo
This photo was taken of the red rock mountains in the distance and the desert setting.  This is the view from the top of the hill at a more private spot for a ceremony.  It requires a 5 minute walk up a paved pathway to access the hill but it’s worth it.
Red Rock Canyon Elopements
This couple chose to have their elopement at the overlook and combine it with a scenic drive wedding photo tour.  The photo was taken at sunset for a more subdued hues and the dramatic overtones.
Red Rock overlook romance

This photo showcases the path that takes about 5 minutes to walk to the top for a private ceremony and view.  This was taken as sunset. There are benches at the top in two different locations and the area is big enough to accommodate up to 12 people as guests.

Red Springs Boardwalk

elope at red springs boardwalk

This photo showcases the platform and backdrop at Red Springs boardwalk. To elope at this location requires a 8 minute walk on a plasticized boardwalk to get to a meadow.  The backdrop for the wedding is beautiful red rocks and a meadow.  You do hug the mountain at this location and it’s close in to red rocks. It’s a great option for the warmer months at the canyon especially as later at the sunset time frame it’s shaded from the harsh sun. 

red springs mountains

This boardwalk and the backdrop of the mountain at Red Springs is stunning. 

eloping at red rock canyon

Brides love this entrance to the Red Springs boardwalk platform.  It is the perfect aisle to showcase the bride walking in with the special someone to present their hand in marriage.  

red rock canyon elopement ceremony
This is the backdrop showcased from the boardwalk at Red Springs. Couples love the stunning views.

Ash Springs 

Ash Springs Red Rock Wedding

This photo was taken at the Ash Springs location. To elope at this location requires a 10 minute hike in through sandy desert paths. This location does require more time and effort to use.  As you can see, the rock boulders are a stunning backdrop for a ceremony. This is the only location you may use to climb on to large red boulders to get married at Red Rock.   Ash Springs requires at least 1.5 hours of minimum time at this location if you choose this location for the ceremony.

Ash Springs romantic elopement
This photo was taken of a couple who eloped at Ash Springs, showcasing the stunning red and white rock variations.
ash springs eloping at red rock canyon
There are a wide assortment of scenic photo opportunities at Ash Springs.  Some couples fall in love with the valley Ash Springs sits in and the adventure of walking the paths with it’s various small streams and greenery.
Ash Springs ceremony site

There is also an option to hold a quick elopement ceremony at this location at Ash Springs and then go on the scenic drive after the ceremony. If there are no other locations available we can pair Ash Springs with a scenic drive package.  

About Red Rock

Red Rock Canyon has been designated as a National Conservation Area by the Federal Government. It is governed by the Bureau of Land Management and they oversee administering park permits for weddings. The mountain ranges that make up Red Rock Canyon are a part of the Mojave Desert. It’s beautiful mountain peaks and geological features were created by the Keystone Thrust Fault. 

Red Rock Weddings – desert wedding elopement

Gerry and Brenda’s Desert Elopement

View their Red Rock Weddings Video

Experience with Red Rock Weddings 

Gerry and Brenda’s romantic wedding story

Scenic desert wedding photography

About Gerry and Brenda

Gerry and Brenda met in June of 2014 and began dating and it blossomed into something special.  They never gave up hope that they would find that special someone who would the their perfect fit. They came in to the marriage with grown children but their families blended beautifully and even add a 9 month year old miniature golden doodle (Zoey) that has been a joy for all family members.

When I asked them what they liked the most about their relationship they had a lot to say.  They started off saying they look forward to sharing each day and experience together. They expressed they now have a best friend to share life experiences with.  They also look forward to retiring together and growing as a couple while experiencing the many opportunities for world together (travel to Europe, beach vacations, etc). Best of all sharing laughter and the ability to make the other one smile is something they both value and appreciate in one another. They have no problem laughing at or with each other.

scenic desert wedding photo in Nevada

Photo at the Red Rock desert amphitheater location

Gerry and Brenda decided to have their Red Rock wedding at the amphitheater location at Red Rock Canyon visitors center.  This is a beautiful setting for any planned elopement or large wedding party looking for a desert wedding in Las Vegas. 

Julie at Custom Las Vegas Weddings planned Gerry and Brenda’s Red Rock weddings elopement package. They decided to customize the basic package and include extra services.  Their desert elopement wedding included planned transportation, ceremony, photos, flower planning, and a video to capture the moment for a lifetime of memories.  

On the day of their wedding the weather was a beautiful 80 degrees at Red Rock Canyon. After the ceremony they walked in to the desert and took romantic wedding photos on the desert pathways.  They had a fabulous time exploring the desert around the visitors center overlooking the scenic drive exchanging, romantic kisses and interchanges.


wedding at red rock canyon

The ceremony begins. 

Red Rock weddings
 Red Rock canyon elopement

Gerry and Brenda seal their vows with a kiss.  

Wedding kiss at Red Rock Canyon

Here the bride and groom enjoy the intimate moment when they make it official. 

outdoor desert wedding in Las Vegas
Las Vegas desert wedding for two
Red Rock canyon scenic photo

Here the wedding couple poses with the beauty of the desert with the Red Rocks behind them.

red rock wedding

Happy newlyweds planned spelling out LOVE with their hands.  Creative! 

Unique desert wedding

We had to showcase Gerry and Brenda’s fun and comfortable choices of shoes. 

Red Rock weddings are very popular and trendy now.  The reasons for this lie in the stunning natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon mountain ranges and terrain. A lot of wedding couples don’t know this but this is reserved as a federal park and is overseen by the Bureau of Land Management.  The BLM only allows a small amount of permit holders to hold weddings at Red Rock. In fact, there are 3 locations the BLM will allow wedding ceremonies to take place since Covid has happened.  They are the overlook, the Red Springs Boardwalk and Ash Springs.

Are decorations allowed?  The BLM stipulates permit holders and their customers are not allowed to engage in throwing bird seed or confetti at wedding ceremonies. They also do not allow natural decorations to be placed in the desert as it may affect the natural habitat of the species that inhabit the area.  They do allow carefully placed artificial minimal decorations if they are all removed after the ceremony.  The BLM are guardians for the natural habitat at the park and consider it a serious violation to break the rules or engage in picking up or interacting with the desert tortoise, which is protected now under the endangered species laws.  There is a $500 fine if this rule is not abided by.

Entrance to Red Rock canyon scenic drive

Photo by Matthew Seeman

About the scenic drive:  The amphitheater ceremony location is located inside the guard gate entrance for the scenic drive.  Red Rock Canyon scenic drive is a one-way 13 -mile drive with a 35 MPH enforced speed limit by park rangers. The BLM does allow wedding customers to enter the scenic drive with the photographer after the ceremony is done but it has to stipulated on the wedding permit by the wedding planner.  The wedding permit covers the entrance fee for all guests to go on the scenic drive.  The scenic drive is the place where you will get the most unique and beautiful wedding photos.  To choose this option you may drive yourselves to Red Rock canyon and have the ceremony there and then move on to the scenic drive with the photographer.  This will allow more flexibility for you and will be a cheaper option if you are on a tight budget. Otherwise, if you plan to use a limousine service and want to include the scenic drive for photos you need to reserve the limousine for at least 4 hours of time. Limousines will require a minimum vehicle booking of 4 hours to travel and take in the ceremony and the scenic drive.  This is due to the fact that it will take 45 minutes just to drive around the scenic drive as it is a one way drive. This does not include stopping and walking to get photos, which lengthens the time  spent on the scenic drive.

Nov – Feb – 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
March – 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Apr – Sep – 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Oct – 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM


red rock canyon weddings

Red Rock Scenic Drive Photo

This package showcases an example of a Red Rock wedding package that incorporates the scenic drive into the experience. However, Custom Las Vegas Weddings also provides other options starting with basic elopement services.

Red Rock Canyon Weddings 
Scenic Wedding $1650.00

  • Planning and coordination
  • All photos | digital delivery
  • Photos reproduction rights released
  • Photos gallery for viewing |sharing
  • Professional photography (2.5 Hrs.)
  • Photos at 2 scenic locations
  • Licensing preparation guidance
  • State licensed officiant
  • Choice of wedding ceremony
  • Bureau of Land Management Permit
  • 12 passenger escalade limo (4.5 hrs.)
  • Limo company provides Champagne
  • Limo company provides water for 12
  • Entrance fee paid for you and guests

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