17 Trending Las Vegas Elopement Venues for Elopement in Vegas

Elopement in Vegas






Whether it’s a scenic elopement in the heart of the Vegas Strip or in a low key, rustic, scenic choice, this article presents 17 Las Vegas elopement venues you are sure to love and may consider for your elopement in Vegas.

If your thoughts have been blowing around having your elopement in Vegas on the iconic Vegas Strip, we recommend a couple of gems that will appeal to your modern adventurous nature, with some choices providing affordable and fun options for Las Vegas elopements.


Neon Museum Elopements


#1 Neon Museum


The Neon Museum is one of the most iconic venues for elopement in Vegas where you may have both a vintage Vegas photo shoot and a nostalgic ceremony amongst the most memorable and cherished Las Vegas signs ever to grace the city skyline. It has over 1500 vintage neon signs from around the world that are displayed to inspire visitors. From London’s Covent Garden sign, which reads ” consumes coffee”, or an angel with long golden wings holding a glass of champagne – you’ll find it all here! Couples cherish the artistic, vintage Vegas keepsake photos of their experience due to the myriad of backdrops they get.

Just to give you fair warning, if you are planning an elopement in Vegas be sure to plan over a year in advance as this this is one of the Las Vegas elopement venues that is booked up a year in advance. It is often easier to find space for a half hour photo shoot than it is to have the ceremony in the museum and a lot cheaper as well.  Our packages may be customized to meet your needs however since it is quite expensive to get married inside the Neon Museum, we have created a package to accommodate eloping outside the Neon Museum and then following up the ceremony with a 1/2 hour photo shoot inside the museum.

We have found it is much easier and less expensive on the purse strings to pare an elopement with a photo shoot at the museum.  With photo sessions, you have the option to use the North Gallery, or the main gallery and costs vary a great deal between the two choices. If you want to have the ceremony inside the Neon Museum, please contact us for customized planning services.  In any situation we need to request availability with the museum before booking your event.

Art District Elopement


#2 The Art District


This is a popular destination and entertainment area for tourists looking to take part in the Las Vegas lifestyle. These two areas are considered the vintage section of the Las Vegas Strip.  Fremont Street and the Art District are popular places to watch the world go by and people watch. There is a wide variety of colorful and entertaining street artists, vintage Vegas signs, casinos, and murals around these areas.  Either one of these choices would be considered a more modern trendy option.  It is one of the more fun experiences for couples who want to have a Vegas Strip elopement.  Many of our couples have chosen to combine these options with a photo shoot at the Neon Museum. Just follow our lead and we will guide you to the best places to elope on and near Fremont Street or the Art District, in the heart of the action or close by.


Vegas Sign Elopements


#3 The Vegas Sign


The Vegas Sign is an iconic symbol for this city that never sleeps. Established in Henderson, Nevada before moving to its current location on South Las Vegas Boulevard. It is a popular place to not only take photos but also to have an elopement in Las Vegas. There is usually a line of people standing to take turns waiting to take their photos with friends and loved ones.  Elvis impersonators and showgirls often hang out at this location hoping to make a buck taking photos with people.  This appeals to couples who want to be a part of the action.  You may even include an Elvis impersonator to perform the wedding there. When you get married there, you will have a crowd of onlookers ready to cheer for your special day after you tie the knot.  Paring this experience with a photo tour on the Vegas Strip is a great way to celebrate and have keepsake photos of your Elopement in Las Vegas.


Elopement Foodie Tours

#4 Foodie Tours


We have teamed up with an award-winning Foodie Tour company to create foodie tour elopement packages for the foodies. We tailor the ceremony location to suit your needs.  There a several foodie tour elopement options which focus on combining a foodie experience, elopement ceremony and photo tour. Enjoy this special treat at renowned eateries, savoring three to four delicacies at each location, including plenty of decadent sweets at the end. Make sure to arrive hungry, as it all makes for a sumptuous meal. Add on options are available. Showcasing quality chefs who serve delicious dishes that engage all the five senses, artistry on the plates and beyond!  The restaurants are away from noisy slots and gaming tables. These elopement options combine a modern twist on an elopement with a built-in reception option.

City Lights Helicopter Elopement


#5 City Lights 


Elope with a Vegas helicopter wedding! Your elopement ceremony typically takes place in flight at night when the lights of Vegas showcase their splendor.  You’ll get to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip from the air. It’s romance in the air with a 15-minute flight over the entire Vegas Strip, providing amazing views of such famous landmarks as the Caesars palace, Bellagio, Stratosphere, Eiffel tower, Luxor, and the historic Downtown area. This is one of the more simplistic, yet adventurous venues for elopement in Vegas. We plan everything you need for your elopement ceremony, including the limo, flowers, photographer and more. The elopement takes 3 hours total including transportation time.


Off Strip Venues
Vegas Elopement Venues




For another perspective, especially if you favor having your elopement in nature: there are plenty of scenic Las Vegas elopement venues to choose from outside the Vegas tourist trap! When you’re looking for an intimate and unique wedding without the crowds we recommend going off-the beaten path for the most unique experience of your life. From scenic parks like Red Rock Canyon State Park where couples can enjoy breathtaking views during their nuptials to old Ghost Towns or Desert Havens capturing the unique photo memories, here are some more choices.


.Red Rock Canyon Elopements

#6 Red Rock Canyon


This is a trending scenic location, which captures the romance, taking in the Vegas desert. You’ll feel relaxed once you reach Red Rock Canyon. Its natural beauty abounds. That’s why it makes such an ideal setting for a wedding ceremony. Its mountains are part of the Mojavi Desert, and the canyon has a variety of beautiful sandstone, often light tan in color, blended with various shades of reddish-brown rock caused by iron oxide. The stunning scenic views and unique terrain is one of the main reasons why so many couples choose this unique venues for elopement in Vegas. You may choose from 3 locations, Red Rock Overlook, Red Springs boardwalk, or Ash Springs. Couples also like to choose combining the ceremony location with a scenic photo tour to have keepsake memories. We will add in décor and further customize your services with a la carte add on options, including planning your transportation.


Nelson Ghost Town Elopements


#7 Nelson Ghost Town


Nelson Ghost Town is a trending venues for elopement in Vegas. It is definitely one of the more unique places to get married in Vegas. It offers a secluded and private setting for a wedding ceremony. Nelson Ghost Town is one of the most popular venues for elopements in Vegas because it offers so many photo opportunities.  Nelson is an abandoned town, featuring a variety of old buildings, antique cars, and the beautiful desert landscape, so you will be sure to have unique photo and ceremony memories to treasure forever. Its style is reminiscent of the late 1800s. It is located on a former mining site and is one hour outside Las Vegas, close to Searchlight, Nevada. This location is also called Eldorado Canyon. We provide all the needed services to make your elopement a hands-off event. You may want to keep your experience simple and DIY the transportation, flowers and photos or have us plan it for you.  Let us know your preferences.

Cactus Joes Elopement


#8 Cactus Joes


We believe that creating memories that last forever is one of the high priorities of an excellent wedding. From the moment you walk into Cactus Joe’s, you will admire the unique atmosphere of this venue. Cactus Joe’s offers a relaxed vibe and a fun environment for your Vegas wedding. You also have the option of having a wedding in the desert at the location they refer to as Desert Love with a view of the Spring mountains in the distance. The Desert Love backdrop is one of the most tranquil and picturesque venues for elopement in Vegas you will find.  With over 30 varieties of cacti and succulents, it’s a unique venue option for your elopement ceremony, offering a small old Western Chapel or desert backdrops to use such as Desert Love. This option provides an amazing array of desert fauna and flora to compliment the photo opportunities you have at this venue.

#9 Valley of Fire 


This Valley of Fire helicopter elopement option takes place at one of the breathtaking scenic spots you can imagine, overlooking the Valley of Fire Park scenic vistas.  The Pilots narrate the history of the area and are actively engaged during the experience. The helicopter arrives to the Valley of Fire and alights upon a large rock overlooking the scenic vistas encompassing miles of fiery rocks. The panoramic views are stunning, providing for one-of-a-kind photos to capture the memory of the occasion.  Your after ceremony experience includes a champagne toast and hors d’oeuvres. Your adventure will conclude with a spectacular flight over the Vegas Strip and Downtown Vegas. You may opt to customize this experience and return at sunset, which will provide a spectacular array of colors to admire together as you start your newlywed journey. This option allows up to 6 people in a private helicopter experience.


Lake Las Vegas Elopements

#10 Lake Las Vegas


This elopement venue is located in the quaint Village located at Lake Las Vegas. This is one of the most beautifully appointed venues for elopement in Vegas that affords couples the opportunity to capture photos with breathtaking view of Lake Las Vegas. It features options for eloping in a gazebo, courtyard or an indoor space that is rustic and elegant. The décor in this venue option is rustic with stone accents, barrels, and unique décor. It’s a choice you won’t regret to have your ceremony in a beautiful lake setting. Eloping here gives you access to many scenic lakeside photo opportunities, showcasing waterfalls, rolling hills and lush landscaped areas near the many fine restaurants and hotels. You may even consider staying as some of the hotel hot spots and choose to have your honeymoon there.  The elopements at this location are available only weekdays Monday through Thursday during the daytime.

las vegas elopement venues

#11 Greengale Farms


Greengale Farms is a one-of-a-kind elopement option. This farm is family owned and provides a wide array of desert and lush backdrops you won’t typically find around Las Vegas.  This venue will provide an assortment of ceremony backdrops, featuring palm trees, fruit groves, desert areas and woodlands. The farm animals and unique scenery provide unique photo opportunities. This location may be embellished with décor to make your photo sessions pop with additional color. The farm is located approximately twenty minutes outside the Vegas city limits but well worth your consideration for a potential location for your Vegas Elopement.


venues for elopement in vegas

#12 Springs Preserve


Springs Preserve features multi-faceted choices to have your elopement ceremony. This is one of the Las Vegas Elopement Venues that is a best-kept secret. It boasts a wide array of scenic botanical garden backdrops, with cactus, unique plants, and trees. There are lush winding pathways and unique decorative inclusions to include benches, water features, arbors and a gazebo with lush vine growth, and a butterfly habitat, to name a few. We love to hold the wedding ceremony and photo shoots here as this venue option provides fantastic photo opportunities amidst a garden setting. Those who visit this venue will feel the whimsical relaxation of your inner child take hold.


Midcentury manor photo
#13 Midcentury Manor


This historic mid-century manor boasts a vintage, Vegas Palm Springs atmosphere that showcases one of the most glamorous places to elope in Vegas you could imagine. The manor sets nestled into the Las Vegas National Golf Course and is 15 minutes from the Vegas Strip. It has unique décor and customized touches indoors and outside, complete with an outdoor entertainment area. Customized décor for the ceremony may be planned at this location. The ceremony may take place outdoors in a garden setting or indoors in luxury. They offer small, yet affordable reception options for elopements, including champagne toasts, cake and hors d’oeuvres. Dinner options are available with 15 minimum guest count.

wildhorse country club elopement

#14 Wildhorse 


The Wildhorse country club is a quiet, peaceful, and scenic elopement setting. It is located 15 minutes away from the Vegas Strip in the Green Valley area of Henderson, Nevada.  Green Valley. There are several options for the ceremony backdrop amidst rolling green hills. A rustic metal gazebo or hexagon arch feature may be decorated for you.  We provide all the items you need to make this choice a seamless, stress-free experience. If you would like to add in a small reception, their team of professionals will accommodate a champagne toast, hors d’oeuvres or a choice for small group dining options. It makes for an ideal location if you want a scenic choice since it has beautiful vista backdrops with mountains in the distance.  Sunset weddings are ideal at this location.



Scenic Parks


Scenic parks are very popular Las Vegas elopement venues and are often a frequent choice for couples to elope in Vegas. Two of the most most popular choices for elopement venues in Vegas are Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs in Las Vegas and Wetlands Park in Henderson. Both parks offer an outdoor park setting that are peaceful.  These options offer great solutions if you want a simple Vegas elopement that is intimate, yet scenic.


Tule Springs Park Elopement

#15 Tule Springs Park


This park features a lot of wildlife, including peacocks, and other small creatures that roam the various areas amidst its numerous mature shade trees.  Really, you don’t even know you are in Vegas at this park. It is located about 30-40 minutes from the Vegas Strip, depending on traffic conditions. One of our favorite ceremony locations at this park is a tree lined pathway that leads to an outdoor gazebo. There are also small ponds and a larger lake which some couples prefer as a backdrop for the ceremony, capturing the shimmering lake in the wedding photos. This park showcases many unique scenic photo opportunities, to include views of the surrounding mountains. A great add on is to opt for including a scenic photo tour at Red Rock Canyon Park in addition to this park. This add-on will allow you to take in not only the lush setting at Floyd Lamb Park but also have photos to commemorate the unique stunning beauty of the scenic drive at Red Rock Canyon.


wetlands park elopement

#16 Wetlands Park


The other park we love to offer couples is Wetlands Park in Henderson. This park is located about 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.  This is a nature preserve showcasing a variety of wildlife and birds. The manicured winding trails are plentiful and nestled amidst the 210-acre park. There are a variety of backdrops and settings to choose from for an elopement ceremony at this park, to include a vintage bridge showcasing a mountain backdrop or a desert setting surrounded by reeds and blooming shrubs. There is even a small amphitheater setting you may choose, or a small pond surrounded by tall reeds.  Wooden fences spanning the distance of the many trails.  This desert option hosts native plants, trees, and a variety of lush shrubs, which make for stunning photo opportunities.  When you choose to elope here, you will be surprised by the unique wonders of the natural desert setting it offers you.

Mt. Charleston Elopement


#17 Mount Charleston 


Mt. Charleston Lodge is one of the best venues for elopement in Vegas if you are you looking for a serene getaway from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas but still want to stay close by. Nestled in the heart of the Spring Mountains, one hour outside of the Vegas strip, this cozy lodge is the perfect escape from the heat of the Vegas valley from May to October. We don’t typically go to Mt. Charleston November through May due to unpredictable seasonal weather changes that bring snow, rain, and wind to the mountains. The lodge boasts a variety of accommodations, from rustic cabins to luxurious suites for a stay or getting ready for the getting ready needs prior to the processional. Each room is uniquely decorated with a rustic charm that perfectly complements the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains. But the real star of the show at Mount Charleston Lodge is the stunning scenery and view from the balcony where the ceremony is held. Overall, if you’re looking for a peaceful and picturesque setting for escaping the city to elope in Vegas, Mount Charleston Lodge is the perfect destination.

elopement decor

Décor Options 

The more décor and bling you desire, the more costly your wedding elopement will become. The typical Vegas elopement décor for a scenic wedding will start at $800 on up for simple boho basket décor options. Keep in mind you need to factor in the delivery, set up and break down charges.  This is for renting the items such as backdrop décor pieces, lanterns, carpet, etc.  Boho décor is a trending choice for elopement couples but there are other choices you might consider. We will present a quote and vision board and work with your photo submissions to create a look you like within your budget. You will need to reach out and reserve planning services with a retainer and we will work with you to create a look you desire.
Elopement Décor Planning

Elopement Budgeting

Some modern Vegas elopements carry a large price tag. Why? Because planning an elopement takes time and energy. For instance, the trending Boho or scenic wedding will most likely put a premium price tag for your elopement experience if you want service that comes with all the bells and whistles.

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Staying in Budget

A smaller budget for a scenic Vegas elopement is not a deal breaker.  Even if couples don’t have a lot of dough to spend they still can have a great experience. The plus side of having a smaller elopement is not having to deal with as many decisions.  You can have a simple elopement and many couples prefer to do that rather than have the stress of having a Larger and more elaborate experience. Larger elopements require more planning and because of all the choices available and extra decisions that need to be made such as décor choices, extra photography and embellishments, the price tag of a larger event adds up. The smaller price tag verses a more affordable one may be a preferable and stress free choice.

Vegas Elopement Tips

A planner will provide you with the guidance you need to be realistic about the expenses and understand the dynamics of the cost of eloping in Las Vegas. After you factor in your flight, lodging and food costs, how much will you have to spend on the elopement and how do you know what the costs are?  There is a solution to the high cost of planning an elopement in Vegas.  Custom Las Vegas Weddings offer Las Vegas elopement ideas and planning services that provide affordable solutions without breaking the bank.

Learn how  to avoid common Vegas elopement planning mistakes.

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– Keep Décor Simple
Décor can be beautiful, yet unique with some embellishment but not over the top design, which will keep it elegant and fun without the huge price tag. Whatever choice you eventually decide on, you may not want all the extravagance for the ceremony.

– Limit Guest Count

The less guests you have, the cheaper it will be for you. Another idea is to have your guests join you for the dinner and opt to keep it simple for the wedding.

We offer great options for Las Vegas elopement packages for two. When it’s a wedding for two, the transportation options increase and that keeps expenses down. After the pandemic, limo companies have increased their pricing and minimum required booking standards substantially.

The Vegas elopement ideas presented in this guide range appeal to couples wanting either a simple budget of under $1000 to the mid-range budget of $2000 and may be embellished with décor add-ons which will bring the price tag into the $3000 or more budget range.

There are options you may not be aware of to keep your costs within your budget range and as a wedding elopement planner I am here to help you do that.  The budget for each event varies a great deal and is based on the services you choose, so contact us for more information. We do customize your experience for you, however if what you want exceeds your budget, we will offer guidance for other possible choices within budget.

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Downsizing Your Vegas Wedding Reception Planning

Vegas wedding reception

If you have decided to have a Wedding in Vegas but want to downsize it and have a smaller wedding reception in Las Vegas, we have some helpful tips and advice.  If you have already chosen a ceremony venue and just realized you forgot to plan your Vegas wedding reception for your guests, you may have to move quick and at the last minute to get it sorted in time.

Couples often experience extra guests at the last minute. I often have couples who are try to DIY their Vegas wedding planning and they often ask my advice to help them make a decision. In this article we provide ideas and advice for your edification. There are simple ways you can save your wallet a lot of damage, while simultaneously creating a special day for you and your partner. For some tips to get you started, we have curated some helpful advice below to help you with your Vegas wedding reception planning.

Do you feel overwhelmed with making a last-minute decision and don’t know where to start your wedding reception plans? Trust me, you are not alone! These questions and dilemmas are running through a lot of engaged couples’ minds as they realize they forgot to plan ahead.

With the various effects of the pandemic, most brides, regardless the size of their guest count, have been navigating some roadblocks. Luckily, there are still ways to manifest the perfect, meaningful day within a realistic budget. You won’t even have to forgo too many of your wishes.

Between scheduling out your day, pairing it with the right Las Vegas wedding reception location, and making some necessary cuts, there are simple ways you can save your wallet a lot of hurt while simultaneously creating a special day for you and your partner.

vegas wedding reception planning

Since the rise of the new pandemic paradigm in the world, couples have had to downsize their events from the larger standard receptions they might have originally planned to have. The new lingo specifying the smaller occasions on the rise is either a micro-wedding or a minimony. Most brides, regardless if they are choosing to have a micro wedding, minimony or large-scale wedding, often are confused about the differences.  My experience has been many couples typically don’t know how to stay within a realistic budget and what to expect and plan for. I know because when I ask them what they have allocated for their budget, they often reply they have no idea how to determine what budget they need. They clearly need advice and that is why I have decided to write this article. Hopefully this information will get you one step closer to understanding some ways you may not only save money but some solutions if you are planning your wedding reception in Las Vegas, especially if you have a smaller guest count.

You won’t even have to forgo too many of your wishes to downsize. Between scheduling out your day, pairing it with the right Vegas wedding reception location, and making some necessary budget adjustments, one thing is clear.  You will save money by having a Las Vegas wedding planner assist you on your special day.

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Minimony verses micro wedding receptions

Depending on how many guests you want to invite to your ceremony, a micro wedding or a minimony alternative to a large reception are great options to consider. Learn more about the differences between the two alternatives to a traditional wedding.  In the meantime, there is a brief overview of them below for your benefit as well. 

Minimony Wedding
A minimony is smaller than a micro wedding and usually includes 15 or fewer guests. If you have planned a wedding ceremony that involves your closest friends and family, then this is what you are having.

Micro Wedding
A micro wedding is similar to a traditional wedding, because it contains a ceremony, a cocktail hour and a reception. It also contains many of the same customs of a traditional wedding, such as the vows, bride and groom wedding parties and more. 

If you have planned your Vegas wedding to feel traditional, and you have a guest count of 50 or fewer guests you are having a micro wedding.

Las Vegas wedding reception

Large Scale Vegas Wedding Reception Planning

Large scale wedding planning for a wedding reception takes a large budget and for a Las Vegas wedding that typically equates to reserving a budget of between $5,000 on up depending on how upscale the event is. You are better off choosing other options than restaurants for a large-scale wedding unless the venue also accommodates the wedding ceremony as well. 

Advice for Downsizing your Las Vegas Reception

  • Limiting the alcohol selection makes a big difference in your budget allowance

Take a hard look at your beverage list. While it may feel important to include a variety of options for your guests, there are actually plenty of ways to still include some choices on your final menu. To begin, get a feel of what your loved ones are expecting in terms of alcohol. Your guests may love cocktails or wish to have a themed Las Vegas drink within your celebration. If this is the case and you opt for a themed cocktail, you have the flexibility to possibly limit the wine list. On the other hand, if beer is more your speed, satisfy that with a variety of lagers. With the seemingly endless types of beer to choose from, you can handpick some of your favorites. The best part is, the sense of choice isn’t lost with the number of options!  Here is another research link to research wine options to choose for your reception. 

vegas wedding reception champagne glasses

Las Vegas is also the perfect place to keep the party going after the reception. If you keep your alcohol options on the shorter end, you are able to better continue the party to the strip and truly get the Vegas experience. Encourage guests to stay within the same hotel and make a night of it!

Save money by pairing a ceremony wedding package with a smaller reception:

There are a lot of different types of ceremony-only Las Vegas wedding venues with an assortment of different packages you can choose from. Actually, you can get cross eyed considering all the options. We at Custom Las Vegas Weddings have created some affordable and unique options to consider for a variety of ceremony only venues throughout Las Vegas. These ceremony locations range from the Las Vegas strip to scenic choices such as the red rock canyon for a desert wedding and more options. Our Las Vegas wedding packages will satisfy your needs for a variety of tastes and styles, although we tend to gravitate for more scenic outdoor venues as our client’s favorite go to choices.  

In our experience our clients tend to need us to do additional research for them to ensure they stay within budget when they want to add in a Vegas wedding Reception to their planned ceremony only event. This is where the value of hiring a wedding planner in Las Vegas becomes obvious as a money saving essential for clients.

Pair Your Wedding Minimony with a Foodie Tour

Remember, a minimony is a ceremony with 15 people or less.  If you happen to have 12 people or less and you are all foodies we have received raving reviews from our customers who have chosen to have a Foodie Tour after their ceremony. Instead of choosing just one place to have your reception you will have about 3 -4 restaurants to choose from depending on the tour and day your wedding falls on.  It’s an affordable and fun way to experience a variety of food fare in a relaxing, fun and unique environments and sample different choices from an assortment of restaurants.  There are quite a few foodie tours to choose from and we will assist you to plan the total experience.  Visit this page to learn more about our Foodie Tour.

Vegas Foodie minimony reception

Budgeting variables: the venues, receptions and event:

Budgeting: Once you set your limit on what you are willing to spend as your total budget it is easier to get started planning. The value of hiring a Las Vegas wedding planner becomes obvious as it will be a lot easier for you to narrow down an exact budget once your planner provides the price points for comparison. That takes a lot of research to do on your own.  We will cover that in another article for you.

Choosing a Vegas Strip restaurant for your reception:

If you are looking for upscale restaurant locations, and are willing to spend the money for a Las Vegas Strip restaurant for a reception, you may need to limit your spending on the actual ceremony. Making compromises can feel discouraging, but when you decide what is most important to you, it’ll make this process that much easier.

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DIY Researching for the right after ceremony restaurant

Visit this site for a detailed list of Vegas Restaurants perfect for hosting your wedding

Knowing Your Choices – Consider Downsizing Options

  1. Consider choosing a venue that can also double as your reception. This tends to be easier for you in many ways. Think about it; your guests won’t have to travel from one event to the next. This will save you money and the stress of having to pay for their transport. Many couples who have a limited budget will get their guests to Uber there and maybe get them transport back to the hotel, especially if they have been imbibing.  
  2. Keeping your guest list around 12 – 20 of your closest friends and family will also help. With this option it is easier to double down on a location and still keep the cost of the wedding in budget.
  3. Another great option is to have a mini-reception lunch or appetizer and complimentary champagne toast.

Vegas Wedding Reception Options to Consider

Wedding Ceremony and Reception gems off the beaten track:  Most couples don’t realize they can get good deals at some official wedding reception locations in Las Vegas and make it cheaper to have the ceremony and reception there, even for micro weddings and minimony sized events.  As Las Vegas Wedding planners we know some of the perfect venues to choose.  Just ask us to help you and we will provide the wedding planning services to save you money.

Small Vegas wedding reception

Choosing a Suite to host both events: A great option to capitalize on is to use your own hotel suite as a place for both your ceremony and celebration. Choose a suite with a view of the Vegas strip so you still have the feel of a Vegas destination wedding. With a slightly more expensive suite, you are essentially ridding yourself of the need for two locations. This also doubles as your honeymoon suite and that is an extra bonus. You do have to keep the noise down in  most suites you do have receptions in as they have room occupation limits and noise restrictions in most suites.

Keeping in budget: There are ways to keep your small celebration within your goal budget and as Vegas wedding planners, we help you do just that.

Vegas micro wedding reception


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When planning a wedding reception, be sure to consider all of the preparation that goes into it by visiting our Las Vegas wedding reception planning guide, coming soon.

We spoke to Blue Nile,  the world’s leading online retailer of diamond engagement rings, to share our tips on how to choose the best Las Vegas wedding venue and here are some tips they gave us we are passing on for your benefit.  

1. Think outside the box

If you’re an adventurous couple seeking a non-traditional experience,  Sin City offers plenty of fun, unique wedding options. Some venue alternatives include desert mountains, lakes, old ghost towns, or city reception venues. 

  2. Utilize reviews and social media

Do your research about the venue you plan to use and see what others are saying about it. You’ll find that most couples will be honest about their experiences. Social media is a very helpful tool to gauge the experiences other couples have had, giving a glimpse of photos and stories about the potential venue. Then you can decide if the venue is a good fit for you and your fiancé.

3. Consult a Las Vegas Elopement Wedding Planner

Wedding planners, such as Custom Las Vegas Weddings, are venue matchmakers. Planners can help you sort through the maze of venue choices, making it a less stressful and budget-friendly experience.

Most importantly, cherish this celebration- congratulations!