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Planning for a marriage ceremony is never easy or clear cut. It has also changed since the days when your choice of wedding inspiration was limited to magazines. You no longer have to scribble down lengthy notes and stack up folders with your essentials to plan your wedding. Today, the world is digital enough that virtually everything you need to plan a modern wedding is available online, such as Pinterest.

With over 200 million active monthly users already, Pinterest is one of those social networking sites where anyone planning for a wedding, engaged or privately researching on wedding ideas has visited. It means you’ve probably saved lots of pins on diverse themes, flower ideas, cake tips and lots of pictorial inspiration.

While you’re expected to keep on scrolling tons of pins, you can actually get overwhelmed by the online tool to plan your wedding nuptials. Here are a number of tips to get you started with wedding planning using Pinterest.

Pinterest Board Photo of Custom Las Vegas Weddings

Pinterest Board Photo of Custom Las Vegas Weddings


Sign up if you haven’t

Chances are you’ve heard and browsed pins on Pinterest but haven’t actually gone ahead and signed up. No doubt there’re thousands of beautiful and striking pictures posted every minute. However, you can do more with the tool other than look at pretty images. Pinterest is a wonderful tool to use to gather all types of wedding ideas and receive the inspiration you need to get started.

You can use all the quality images to let a wedding vendor know what you really want or try out various ways of decorating a venue free of charge. At the end of the day, all the beautiful pictures will give a precise vision of your wedding and what you really want.

If you want to get a clear idea of what to expect on the theme of your wedding to décor, flower arrangement and many others Pinterest pins are a sure graphical way of doing it. Use your email and create an account right away to be able to save the pins you like.

The proper way to maximize on Pinterest

Having perfectly done boards to inspire yourself and communicate better with vendors is the reason why Pinterest is perfect. Nonetheless, doing it in a well-organized manner as you collate every pin you’ve liked is important. With thousands of thousands of pins to rummage through, doing it without a clear approach will get you overwhelmed.

Plan your wedding

Custom Las Vegas Weddings – Wedding attire board

Pinterest board consolidation

Right after creating a Pinterest account, you’ll find that the online tool allows you to come up with all manner of boards. Since each board has its own title, come up with a board for your wedding and save every inspiring pin you find under the wedding board.

Nonetheless, don’t do it haphazardly. Think about the wedding and all the diverse elements that come with it from your makeup, cake, décor, flowers, stationery, and music, among others. Rather than put all these elements in a single board have different boards for each of these sections for easier organization.

For instance have a board for ‘bridal gown’, ‘floral’, ‘décor’, ‘cake’ etc. all the different categories will be simplified and splendidly organized.

Quick thoughts to have in mind:

Already have an account with thousands of pins and hundreds of boards? Create a new Pinterest account specially for planning your wedding to avoid being dazed.

The Pinterest account is what you use as a reference point with all you need. Simply log in and be inspired by the image you pinned on a specific category.

Have nosy family members and friends? Want to do your Pinterest wedding planning privately? Use secret boards option from your profile and pin up inspirations only you can see.

Getting the specific pins you want

Neon Museum Pin for Custom Las Vegas weddings

Once the Pinterest account is ready, it’s easy to plan your wedding with the boards you have created. Put your thoughts and ideas toward the next step which is finding the specific inspirational pins you want to collect for your board. You can do this in a number of ways.

  • Follow all wedding related categories including those related to your different boards such as ‘venue ideas’, ‘rustic ideas’, ‘Vegas Strip ideas’ to name a few.  Soon you’ll see Pinterest has customized your feed that all related sections will be up there waiting for you when you sign in.
  • Use the search bar to find specific pins rather than rummage through vast categories like ‘wedding flowers’ or ‘wedding décor.’
  • Search for specifics such as ‘peach color ideas’ rather than ‘wedding color ideas’ through descriptive terminology.
  • As you click on pins, Pinterest takes it a tad higher by suggesting lots of similar or related images you’ll love looking at.
  • In case you want to find out the root of the pin you can click the photo and it’ll take you there. This is helpful if you want to read more from the blog or website of the pinner about the wedding element such as ‘Vegas summer wedding ideas’.
  • While reading wedding related sites on the web pin the photos onto your Pinterest account directly from the sites to use later.
  • Don’t just pin without a description.

Most people simply click images and pin them. To make the photos more helpful write a little description of the pin and why you selected it in a few words or more. This is not all.

Using descriptions, such as ‘great wedding cake idea to think about’ will be perfect much later as you return to your boards.  Descriptions ensure your boards are personalized and have a short reason why you selected them to help you when tying your wedding ideas together.

Wedding board/pins-wedding planner collaboration

As you find pins, personalize and add them into the various boards you’ve created for your wedding planning boards, nothing much can be said about them. However, as the nuptial planning process progresses, the Pinterest boards and wedding planner will collaborate perfectly to understand exactly what you want to plan your wedding.

If your suppliers have Pinterest profiles share your boards with them. Allow them to offer more ideas and advice according to the images shared. Allowing the vendors to interact with your boards and pins also helps them understand exactly what you want even if you’re unable to explicitly explain it in words. For instance, your bridal gown provider will interact with your ‘bridal gown inspiration board’ and make suggestions according to the images and notes you’ve made. 

Is your wedding planner on Pinterest?

Allow whoever your planner is to access all the Pinterest boards you’ve created and the individual will have a proper grasp of the wedding vision you have in mind. Get hands-on right away.

Going the rout of DIY:

CLVW Planning Ideas

Perhaps you’re a DIY kind of person who has a lot of wedding items and decorations to do on your own. Pinterest is the home of DIY inspirations!

What do you want to do on your own? Flower arrangements for instance? Simply look for ‘DIY flower arrangements’ and find what captures what you want better. Click the image and visit the root source of the DIY instructions and learn how to create what you want.

There’s absolutely nothing you cannot find for DIY nuptial inspirations. You can even find printable freebies such as stationery, printable menus and invitations.
Sharing all Pinterest boards with your partner will also help him decipher the kind of wedding you’ve in mind to offer contrary views or suggestions.

The whole Pinterest board exercise and interacting with lots of superbly done photos of everything you’d want in your wedding has its downsides. Firstly, you need to a reality check and accept that together with your partner you’re different and unique. The pins are also done delicately by teams of professional photographers who took time to plan for a single shoot and edited the images for hours.

None of the photos is going to be equal in quality and look as what you have in mind. Your uniqueness as a couple also means you shouldn’t seek a perfect copy of images you see on Pinterest.

Duplicating such incredibly fantastic photos for the entire nuptial event will costs a lot of money and very hard to fully replicate. Manage your expectations by being in peace with the fact that accomplishing the kind of wedding you see through Pinterest wedding pins will not happen. The wedding boards in their entirety are simply to inspire you and communicate the wedding vision you’ve in mind.

Pinterest is simply that picture-perfect online tool to help you have fun while planning your ceremony and allow the wedding planner and various vendors to understand your wedding vision and essentials you’re thinking about.