Kissing 2017 Wedding Colors Good Bye

As we get closer to kissing 2017 goodbye and welcoming 2018 with open arms, it’s exciting to look forward to what the 2018 wedding trends and wedding fashion industry will have in store for us.

We’ve seen rose gold and Pantone’s Greenery color make its way into florals, dresses, decor, and jewelry all throughout 2017. Will these also be 2018 wedding trends? Check out what guests, wedding parties, and soon-to-be married couples have to look forward to for weddings in 2018!

2018 bride showing wedding color trends

Every year there is a color report issued by Pantone LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Rite. It is the world-renowned authority on color trends. From Pantone’s website, it reads,  “The company is a provider of color systems and it has leading technology to help in the selection and precise communication of color across a variety of industries. The PANTONE® name is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.” 

2018 Wedding Trends – Colors

Blushes and pinks are definitely not being left at 2017’s trend altar. While rose gold has had a great run as a long-lasting trend, Pantone’s New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 report shows that pinks, mauves, and purples will continue to shine as 2018 wedding trends. Bring these colors into your bridal party’s look, accents, or your floral touches to embrace Pantone’s self-expression and uplifting shade inspiration.

Speaking of Pantone we know that 2017’s color of the year Greenery doesn’t stand a chance of going out of style (thankfully) with big, garden-style bouquets and centerpieces making a comeback. According to the Pantone color report, blues will have a strong showing in the Spring 2018 color report.

2018 wedding tux trends

For groomsmen, suits have been stepping forward as the outfit of choice over the traditional tuxedo for many. Because of this, navy blue suits will continue to be a popular choice for many grooms in 2018. However, for a more modern take on the classic black tux, many men are choosing charcoal gray tuxedos and suits as a nod to older traditions. Check out modern menswear company The Black Tux to rent modern and stylish tuxedos and suits in 2018 wedding colors like navy, charcoal, and more.

Modern 2018 Vintage Style

Oxymoron? No way! We know that everything that was once old will someday become new again, and weddings are a really interesting place to see old trends come back into style, thus making vintage modern again. Dresses are a key area where there are vintage nods. Lace, floral patterns (even 3D floral details), and petticoat skirts were all on the runway this fall. Remember seeing your mom’s wedding dress with the puffy sleeves? Guess what? They’re coming back too.

color trends for 2018

 Jewelry is another area where older, eclectic styles are having a moment. Edwardian-inspired rings with intricate shapes and stones are popping up more and more. I’m not sure how women are choosing a wedding band for these beauties, but the important thing is that this trend is about to really pick up in 2018.

The type of event couples are having are also a nod to what weddings used to be. Formal yet elegant events with a smaller guest list of close family and friends are a chosen way to celebrate a couple’s union. Because Pinterest-era weddings tended to become large and longer events and experiences, hosting a small and traditional wedding is actually vintage now.

Traditionally, wedding decor is a vase of flowers in the center of the table. While floral arrangements are still very central to wedding decor, table centerpieces have slowly transformed into whimsical, diverse tablescapes.

2018 orange and beige color trends

In 2018, expect to see copper as a popular accent element, as well as marble, glass and geometric shapes. The idea of rustic weddings is starting to fall away to woodsy-inspired events too. Expect to see wooden elements and plenty of greenery replacing burlap and lace as 2018 wedding trends.