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Need to know Covid-19 Resources for Planning a Las Vegas Elopement

When Las Vegas opens for business in the various phases of the Covid-19 crisis there will be essential restrictions in place you need to know about. We have created this article to help our customers navigate the climate during this crisis and share helpful resources. It will help you with useful...

11 Justified Reasons and Valuable Tips for Eloping in Las Vegas

This article shares 11 noteworthy, justified reasons and valuable tips to set your mind at ease about the thought of eloping in Vegas. You may not have thought of these reasons but if you are on the fence about making the final decision to elope in Vegas, here are some valid reasons to do so to...

Red Rock Weddings – stylish desert wedding elopement experience

Gerry and Brenda's Desert Elopement View their Red Rock Weddings Video Experience with Red Rock Weddings  Gerry and Brenda's romantic wedding story About Gerry and Brenda Gerry and Brenda met in June of 2014 and began dating and it blossomed into something special.  They never gave up hope that...

10 Essentials to Prepare for Your Desert Wedding in Vegas

If you are having a desert wedding in Vegas, here are preparation tips to avoid problems  For couples who want to manage a limited number of guests but still keep their weddings in style, Las Vegas desert elopements provide the perfect and popular option to tie the knot for destination couples...

9 Scenic and Romantic Las Vegas Desert Elopement Ideas

In this era of social media, you might think that you have already seen almost all kind of grandiose traditional weddings out there. For some couples who want to take a refresher from all the usual,  experiencing a Las Vegas desert elopement is definitely a must-try! 1. Nelson Ghost Town Desert...

A Guide to Using Pinterest to Help You Plan Your Wedding

Need help to plan Your Wedding in Las Vegas? Use Pinterest to help you organize, plan and collect your ideas Planning for a marriage ceremony is never easy or clear cut. It has also changed since the days when your choice of wedding inspiration was limited to magazines. You no longer have to...

7 Great Reasons to Hire a Vegas Wedding Planner

Wondering if you should hire a Las Vegas wedding planner? Here are 7 reasons to consider hiring one with more to follow soon.  Planning your wedding comes with many questions. Some questions are easier than others — from what will your theme be to what dress will you wear? Some questions you won’t...

Neon Museum Elopement Pop Up

Pop Up Neon Museum Weddings Neon Museum Wedding Photo Tours Neon Museum Wedding Photo Tour Story Darren and Allison's wedding story About Darren and Allison These two were so excited to travel to Vegas and elope. They traveled from Canada to get married in Las Vegas during the spring time.  The...

10 Cheap Las Vegas Wedding Venues to Consider

Many wedding couples are now considering having a DIY wedding.  Some wedding couples may start the research and desire to book cheap Las Vegas wedding venues on their own. Las Vegas with its Casino world, the hub of glamorous shows and foodie hotspots can be a perfect destination for your wedding...

How to Make the Most of Cheap Vegas Wedding Packages

Many couples who choose to get married in Las Vegas are looking for the best deals they can get. When they start looking they realize there are many Cheap Vegas wedding packages and choices available. These package and companies are abundant in Las Vegas, but do you really want to sacrifice style...

How to Plan Around the Weather for a Red Rock Wedding

You finally decided on the perfect destination wedding experience and chose a Red Rock wedding. But there are details you need to know to plan for having a wedding at Red Rock Canyon and this article gives important facts, tips and ways to make it a more comfortable and successful experience. ...

5 Tips for The Most Romantic Las Vegas Elopement Ever

Who wants to manage a guest list of over 200 people? No takers? Maybe you’re more of the elopement kind of couple, but you still want to do it in style. Here are five tips to have the most romantic Las Vegas elopement experience ever!   There’s nothing wrong with deciding to have an elopement....

Romantic Client Story in a Las Vegas Garden Wedding Venue

Las Vegas Garden Wedding Venue - Roger and Jane's Story About Springs Preserve Description Roger and Jane wanted a private elopement experience in a Las Vegas garden wedding venue with just a couple guests. In the end they chose Springs Preserves for it's beauty and variety of botanical gardens...

Las Vegas Red Rock Wedding Adventure

Red Rock Wedding Story Chris and Alyssa traveled from Wisconsin with family and friends to get married in Las Vegas. They chose to have a Red Rock wedding and decided to let us plan for an all inclusive Red Rock wedding package. They absolutely loved it. Chris and Alyssa traveled from Wisconsin...

9 Upscale Las Vegas Restaurants for Groups or Celebrations

9 Las Vegas restaurants for groups and celebrations Most likely you will need to choose a restaurant after your celebration. This article is a helpful resource guide for you to determine what restaurant you will choose and features 9 Las Vegas restaurant ideas to consider as fine dining...

11 Helpful Preparation Tips for a Las Vegas Destination Wedding

Here are some Las Vegas wedding preparation tips to help you prepare for your wedding experience. Planning a Las Vegas destination wedding from out of the country or even from a different state of the union is a thrilling proposition but there can be challenges at times. This article is helpful...

Planning a Vegas Wedding – Essential Seasonal Tips

Planning a Vegas Wedding - Seasonal Tips you need to know In my many years as a Las Vegas wedding planner I have come to learn some important information about weddings, conventions seasons and weather.  Here are some important Vegas wedding tips and essential information you need to know about...

Nelson Ghost Town Elopement – Fun Adventure in Nelson Nevada

A Nelson Ghost Town elopement is trending: Having a Nelson Ghost Town elopement is an easy and stress free. That is why it is becoming an increasingly desired spot for Vegas destination wedding couples looking for a unique, fun and picturesque backdrop for their nuptials. It is also considered one...

10 Las Vegas Travel Tip Secrets – #1 Las Vegas Tram

10 Las Vegas Travel Tip Secrets: Millions of people travel to Las Vegas every year. Most people fall into the trap of trying too hard to see everything and have unrealistic expectations about what an excursion to Las Vegas is like.  Read this to learn about many Las Vegas travel tip secrets you...

6 Amazing Hotel Suites to Consider if you plan to get married in Las Vegas

Consider a Hotel Suite to get married in Las Vegas Consider this wedding advice before you make a decision where to get married in Las Vegas. These hotel suites are terrific choices to consider using if you are researching having an in-suite Las Vegas wedding because it may end up being the most...

14 fashion items you might need for your wedding in Vegas

14 fashion items not to forget for your wedding in Vegas As you add the finishing touches to your wedding day checklist, make sure you add “create a bridal emergency bag for your wedding in Vegas.” For brides that are getting ready to say “I do,” thoughts typically revolve around vendors,...

The Pros and Cons to Elope in Las Vegas – Infographic 101

You might be thinking you want to elope in Las Vegas. Read this article to view essential pros and cons first.

Las Vegas Marries the Military Contest Winners Story

Las Vegas Marries the Military Contest Winners Custom Las Vegas Weddings owner Julie Nourish donated her officiant services on November 10th, 2017 for Brandon and Amberrose Cone.  Julie and all vendors who participated are members of the Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce were honored to offer...

3 Ways to Incorporate 2018 Wedding Trends into Your Big Day

Kissing 2017 Wedding Colors Good Bye As we get closer to kissing 2017 goodbye and welcoming 2018 with open arms, it’s exciting to look forward to what the 2018 wedding trends and wedding fashion industry will have in store for us. We’ve seen rose gold and Pantone's Greenery color make its way into...

15 Fun Ideas to Explore after You Get Married in Vegas

After you get married in Vegas Here are some ideas to consider which will help you make the most of a romantic time together after your wedding ceremony.  If you are looking for ideas these will most likely intrigue you.  There are useful links in the article to help you do further research. 1....

8 Fun and Simple Ideas for Eloping in Vegas You Probably Don’t Know About

Your wedding is around the corner and you have decided to have your wedding in Vegas. In this article, you will find eight fun and unique yet simple ideas for an elopement in Vegas.  Las Vegas is one of most magnificent places to elope because it has an exciting, fun and engaging atmosphere....

9 Mistakes to Avoid if You Plan to Elope in Vegas

Tying the knot usually takes far more work than just saying yes.  Usually, it involves a lot of family and friends, faces familiar and less so, and a logistical behemoth which takes months to put together. If you plan to get married in Vegas and dread the thought of a large ceremony, spending a...

14 Creative Ideas to Include Pooch in Your Vegas Wedding

Your dog is your sidekick, always ready to follow your lead. Let’s just call your dog Fido even though I know the name you chose for your dog has got to be the best dog name ever!  And for those of you who are planning a Vegas wedding, excluding an important someone in your ceremony is not an...

How a Vegas Wedding Budget Checklist Can Keep You From Losing in Vegas

This article will help you think through the essential wedding budget plan for your Vegas wedding. As a wedding planner, I decided I needed to offer a wedding checklist to my clients. Couples often don’t know what is needed or leave out essential details when they plan their wedding. When I ask my...

How To Make More of a Nelson Ghost Town Wedding By Doing Less

How To Make More of Nelson Ghost Town Weddings By Doing Less For those of you who want to explore alternatives to the traditional wedding setting that is offered within urban areas, Nelson ghost town represents a unique and unforgettable experience. An abandoned town, located near a former gold...

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About Getting Married in Vegas with Custom Las Vegas Weddings

Custom Las Vegas Weddings Services:

The growth and remodeling of Las Vegas have remolded the Las Vegas image. Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world. Our hotels and resorts are elegant and offer so many amenities and opportunities to plan the perfect Vegas occasion and experience.

If you are getting married in Vegas, you can be assured we offer a variety of unique Las Vegas wedding experiences to capture your imagination and interest.  There are a variety of options for holding your wedding ceremony in Las Vegas you might not have considered.  Julie and her team can help you with creative, alternative and unique ideas, separate from the typical outdated image of getting married in Vegas.  There are many choices you may not be aware of that will suit your needs perfectly.

A general overview of services:

Las Vegas destination weddings

If you are eloping to Las Vegas or attempting to make arrangements from a distance it can be challenging. You need to able to rely on someone you can trust if you are getting married in Vegas.  Julie has the experience to provide the individualized instruction and guidance you need. She will provide the caring and dependable services you can count on.

Simple Vegas Marriage Packages

Many couples love the idea of having a simple wedding in Vegas. This is quite popular now as Vegas wedding ideas on a budget. Because getting married in Vegas has evolved and the Vegas Strip cleaned up its city atmosphere, the beauty of the surrounding landscape is the perfect atmosphere for wedding photos. Many of the resorts boast beautiful, lush palm trees and landscaped gardens, fountains, and waterfalls. Another popular choice is having a wedding ceremony in public locations like public parks. The park environment is not completely private but it offers a good choice for a lot of people. And the drive to reach such locations is not far from the Las Vegas Strip. This option will offer the opportunity to have a family picnic and it’s more of a DIY event if the intent is to save money. You may also choose to add a cheap Vegas wedding package added to your services.

Las Vegas Strip Photo Tours

It’s a great idea to have a photo tour to take in the various hotel atmospheres and capture the beauty of each property. These are fun Vegas wedding ideas that are not the norm. I think a lot of wedding couples don’t think about the option to have their ceremony in the hotel. This is a classy elopement in Vegas. The ceremony can be in the hotel room or suite and then after the ceremony, the photographer whisks the wedding couple away for a Las Vegas Strip photo tour. This captures the glitz and excitement of glitter gulch providing memories to cherish for a lifetime. Adding in a fun limousine luxury ride will only enhance the ambiance. Riding along basking in the twinkling neon lights is the way to go. Getting married in Vegas on an affordable budget is very possible. In this troubling economy, why break the bank and spend thousands of dollars on a ceremony when it can be spent on more important things?

Places to Elope in Vegas

At Custom Las Vegas Weddings we help you keep down the cost of eloping in Las Vegas. Many people are opting to have cheap outdoor weddings in Las Vegas. There are many outdoor wedding options in Las Vegas you might not be aware of. For example, we have a lot of scenic locations in and around Las Vegas to choose for your nuptials.

Parks:  We have several parks we go to. One is called Lamb State Park. It is also known as Tule Springs is located in Northwest Las Vegas. It has mature trees and a spring that runs through it with ducks, swans, peacocks and it’s inexpensive to have a wedding ceremony there. You may reserve a group area for your wedding. You will save a lot of money and have a barbecue with your family and friends as a wonderful option. This is a terrific option for getting married in Vegas if you don’t mind setting up the chairs and putting some effort into the wedding.  If will require traveling about a half an hour to forty-five minutes away from the Vegas Strip in most cases.

Rental homes: Home Away, for instance. Another great option for getting married in Vegas is the simple wedding option.  In Las Vegas, it is well worth the time to consider having the ceremony in a park setting. It is a simple yet elegant option for your wedding ceremony. A good Las Vegas wedding planner will help you pull it all together, make suggestions and plan it for you in budget professionally.

Getting Married in Vegas Outdoors:

Red Rock Canyon wedding packages in Las Vegas are a terrific option to have a fantastic experience outside.  It is located about 45 minutes to 60 minutes outside of the Las Vegas Strip depending on your origination point of departure. This park is a stunning backdrop of rugged mountain scenery and red rocks. Over the years it has become more known to residents but it is still not well known to visitors. It is necessary to obtain a parking permit for this area but in my opinion, the serenity and beauty of having your ceremony here are well worth it. A well-qualified wedding planner will be able to obtain the parking permit for you. The permit costs $220 but that allows you 2 hours reserved for you on location. There are two locations authorized to have weddings.

Overlook – Amphitheater or Springs location: One location is called “The Overlook” and the other is called Amphitheater. There is a also a hidden spring area couples may take a short hike to.  The overlook is more of a public picnic area and it has very little shade.  It would be best to pick this location when it’s not so hot in Vegas.

View my  Photo Gallery  here

With a Red Rock wedding photo tour you and your fiance will have a romantic scenic photo tour of the Red Rock scenic drive after your ceremony and get close up shots on the huge red boulder rocks made of red sandstone. Capturing the beauty of the Red Rocks against a white wedding gown is spectacular.

Quality Services:

Getting married in Vegas or planning within budget should not sacrifice quality of service. Our team will make sure you get the services you deserve for your special day.



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