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View our extensive flower gallery of pre-made bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.  

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This is a pretty simple process. Just let us know the code or name of the flowers that you like or if you don't see what you want let us know the type of flowers, bouquet size and your budget. We will get the rest done for you within your budget!


The boutonnieres pictured are only examples. Pictures are Provided Courtesy of Las Vegas Bouquet Flower Shop.
ther flowers and colors are available.

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red boutonnier Flower Shop

1 carnation bout. 2 carnations bout. 1 carnation + other single flower
$6.5o $8.5o $8.5o
single rose bout. 2 roses bout. 1 rose + select other single flower
$12.5o $14.oo $16.oo

rose bouto Flower Shop

orange single Flower Shop

Orchid Boutonniere Flower Shop

rose  hydrangea Flower Shop

yellow bout Flower Shop

double calla boutonniere s Flower Shop

blue boutonniere s Flower Shop

Red Rose Orange Single Orchid Rose and Hydrangea Yellow Calla Double Blue
$12.50 $12.50 $12.50 $12.95 $14.00 $17.00 $10.50


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All Flower Pictures are Provided Courtesy of Las Vegas Bouquet Flower Shop

1 carnation corsage. 2 carnation corsage. 3 carnation corsage.
$9.00 $12.00 $16.00
single rose corsage. 2 roses corsage 3 roses corsage
all colors of flowers are available.
plain roses corsage Flower Shop grande Flower Shop  Flower Shop maestro corsage Flower Shop
Plain Grande Royal Maestro
$21.00 $22.50 24.50 31.50
bout rose calla s Flower Shop bouton4 Flower Shop gardenia corsages s Flower Shop alstro corsage s Flower Shop yellow lily cors s Flower Shop Maui corsage 1 150x150 Flower Shop
rose-calla corsage orange corsage gardenias corsages alstr. corsages lily corsages Maui Corsage
$21.95 $15.50 From $25.95 to $39.95 From $11.95 to $15.95 From $12.95 to $29.95 $24.95
WE-006-102 WE-006-101        


Please tell us your budget or choose from the choices below.
All Flower Bouquet Pictures are Provided Courtesy of Las Vegas Bouquet Flower Shop

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3 4 rose bouquet Flower Shop

bridal bouquet with stars Flower Shop

flower girl bouquet Flower Shop

fg bouquets red Flower Shop

Simple Bouquet Choices

1 rose presentation $15.00
2 rose presentation $18.00
3 rose bouquet (same colors) $25.95
6 rose bouquet (same colors) $36.00
6 rose bouquet  (different colors) $44.00
12 rose bouquet  (same colors) $64.95
Junior Brides maid Basket $25.00
Flower Girls Basket $25.00

Pre-Made Bouquets Slideshow

If you want something unique, send us a picture via email or call us with your details.  (702) 320-1123.

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Bouquet Examples

All Flower Bouquet Pictures are Provided Courtesy of Las Vegas Bouquet Flower Shop

9 Calla 3 Roses We 006 002 78.95 300x300 Flower Shop

Pink Calla Lilly Light Dark Pink 300x294 Flower Shop

Manaco Bouquet Flower Shop

White Calla WE 006 028 89.95 239x300 Flower Shop

Only You Calla We 006 155 185.95 300x300 Flower Shop

9 Calla – 3 Roses Pink-Calla Monaco White Calla  Only You Calla
$78.95 $139.95 $359.95 $89.95 $185.95
WE-006-002 WE-006-067 WE-006-140 WE-006-028 WE-006-155

Lavender Bouquet Flower Shop

24 Whispers WE 006 055 300x300 Flower Shop

bb Dalia s 2 Flower Shop

12 White Roses WE 006 001 64.95 261x300 Flower Shop

Asiatic Lilies Large Bouquet Flower Shop

Lavender Bouquet 24 whispers Bella Bouquet 12 White Roses Asiatic Lilies
$65.95 $120.95 $244.95 $64.95 $86.95
WE-006-127 WE-006-055 WE-006-138 WE-006-001 WE-006-092

Red White Bouquet Large Pic 12 Red roses 6 White Callas 291x300 Flower Shop

Orchids Bouquet 8 Orchids 6 Roses Flower Shop

bb yellow shell s 1 Flower Shop

Victoria Bouquet Large Picture 300x257 Flower Shop

Red Candy Bouquet Flower Shop

Red & White Orchids Yellow Shells Victoria Red Candy (12)
$104.95 $117.95 $185.95 $99.95 $74.95
WE-006-025 WE-006-027 WE-006-123 WE-006-142 WE-006-143

Bordeaux Bouquet Pink Lilies 276x300 Flower Shop

Spring Bouquet Flower Shop

Lavender Smile Large Picture 285x300 Flower Shop

Spring Valley Bouquet Flower Shop

Belladonna WE006 300x300 Flower Shop 

Bordeaux Spring Bouquet Lavender smile Spring Valley Belladonna
$79.95 $65.95 $62.95 $128.95 $122.92
WE-006-044 WE-006-135 WE-006-061 WE-006-144 WE-006-152

 Sweet Dreams WE 006 076 124.95 300x300 Flower Shop

Blue Orchids Flower Shop

Casablanca Bouquet Large Picture 217x300 Flower Shop

 Pinky Blue WE006 151 300x300 Flower Shop

Golden Sky Side View Picture Flower Shop

Sweet Dreams Blue Orchids Casablanca Pink & Blue  Golden Sky
$124.95 $129.95 $89.95 $119.95 $92.95
WE-006-076 WE-006-149 WE-006-072 WE-006-151 WE-006-056

 Purple Fantasy Large Picture 300x290 Flower Shop

 Forever Bouquet Daises and small roses1 214x300 Flower Shop

White Star WE 006 012 128.95 300x300 Flower Shop

3 Rose Presentation Large Picture 200x300 Flower Shop

Arthurium Orchids WE 006 008 139.95 170x300 Flower Shop

Purple Fantasy Daisy Lady White Star 3 Rose Presentation Arthurium & Orchids
$149.95 $54.95 $128.95 $25.95 $139.95
WE-006-042 WE-006-047 WE-006-012 WE-006-043 WE-006-008

Timeless Bouquet Large Picture 168x300 Flower Shop

Spring Lavender We 006 024 74.95 300x300 Flower Shop

Dendrobium Bouquet Large Picture 300x223 Flower Shop

Maui Bouquet Flower Shop

Magic Vendela Flower Shop

Timeless Spring Lavender Dendrobium Maui Bouquet Magic Vendela
$39.95 $74.95 $53.95 $75.95 $99.95
WE-006-030 WE-006-024 WE-006-088 WE-006-129 WE-006-063

The bouquets featuered represent only the types of arrangements available and are available in different sizes. Contact us for a quote.  Prices and availability depend on the season. Tax and delivery not included in prices above. The total price will be calculated for an intial quote before purchase.