Renewing wedding vows

  A wedding vow renewal is an occasion when a couple re-commits to their relationship by expressing their long lasting love to one another. This event is more of a sentimental nature rather than an official legal event. It allows the couple to remember and respect an important milestone. Nowadays many marriages are falling apart; therefore it is very important to celebrate marriages that are going strong. 

Renewing wedding vows is a great way to tell your partner that you love and cherish them and that you intend to always be committed them. It could be your 2nd or even your 20th wedding anniversary; a vow renewal is great for remembering and also reconnecting with your spouse. The purpose of the renewal is to remember and cherish the times you have been together and also to commit to each other in the future.

Location– Where do you want to renew your vows? Are you thinking of the church you got married at or you wanted to do it in your backyard or maybe the place where your spouse proposed? Do you want it make a formal or informal event? Ask yourself all these questions and then you can decide on the location.

Invites– Who would you like to invite? Do you want it to be a small intimate affair where only your families and relatives are present? Or you want to make it a grand affair and invite all the people you know.

Officiant– If your wedding was a legal and civil ceremony and now you want something less informal, you can choose a close friend, relative and even one of your kids to be the officiant at the vow renewal ceremony. Because you are legally married, you can choose any one to be your officiant, it can even be your minister or even a local district justice. You are free to choose anyone you want.

Other aspects of Renewing wedding vows

These include choosing your dress for the occasion, music and photographer. A wedding vow renewal is a way to tell everyone who's dear to you, that you still love and cherish your partner. It is a declaration of a commitment towards your spouse. If you have children, a vow renewal becomes even more special when they witness exchange of vows between you and your dear one. Planning a renewal is simple; all you need is your dear one, someone to take charge of the event and your families. Please visit our ceremony choices page for more ceremony explanations and ideas. Or if you would like to have us contact you for a renewal SUMBIT A REQUEST . Phone: (702) 320-1123