Love Story From 11-11-11

This is a story about a couple who met over the internet.  It seems like meeting online has become more of a standard, popular way to meet one another these days.  It’s becoming more mainstream and acceptable.  That is fine with me.  Hey, if you are happy and have a lot in common and similar tastes and interests, why not ?  Who am I to judge?  A lot of people meet and a variety of unusual ways right?

  Joel and April’s Love Story

  Joel and April met playing an internet game in December of 2004.  I won’t say what the game was.
It doesn’t matter.  They fell in love. That is all that matters. Like many couples, one of the partners has
children.  It so  happens that the boys (Tyler and Corey)  took a shining to Joel.  They had also
participated in playing games on the internet together with Joel for many years.  This love relationship
carried on for quite some time long distance before they decided to tie the knot.  But they spent the
last two of the years living closer and getting to know one another deeply and of course fell more
deeply in love.

  A Lovely Tahitian Beach Ceremony in Las Vegas?

Joel and April decided to accept the input of this young boy and Joel agreed to wear a top hat and
cane and make it a fun wedding on a lucky and meaningful day to them, 11-11-11.  They decided to
have their ceremony on the beach at Tahiti Village at night, with the shining background water. Let me
just say the water was not feeling so tropical in November but it was a stunning backdrop for their
event but all 30 of their guests enjoyed it immensely.



The Ceremony

Joel and April decided to choose to have a civil ceremony but they combined two of my most popular choices together to customize it and make it special and to express their own ideas about their love.  I must say they were very happy and enjoyed the moment and their family and friends immensely.  I too enjoyed performing the ceremony for Joel and April and meeting them and their family. Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of your special day!

Rev. Julie Nourish