Las Vegas Strip Wedding Renewals: Important Tips You Need to Know

My name is Julie Nourish. I own Custom Las Vegas Weddings and I coordinate many Las Vegas Strip wedding renewal packages for couples from all over the world. I have been doing this since 1996 and during my years of working with brides and grooms I have learned a few things about planning wedding renewals. I have also learned.

First let me share with you a video of a recent wedding renewal that took place at the Mirage on the Las Vegas strip. Bruno and Sylvie wanted a very special but simple wedding renewal with a hand full of friends and family. They wanted to keep it simple, affordable and fun. They came all the way from France to have their ceremony and had a blast and enjoyed every minuite of it! Please enjoy the video.

Important Wedding Renewal Advice:

You will not need to have your original wedding documents with to have  a wedding renewal in Las Vegas. Not all hotels on Las Vegas boulevard will allow you to have a ceremony on their property, even with permission. We at Ceremony to Remember know the locations that do allow ceremonies to take place and photos to be taken.  It's wise to let your planner guide you before you rush in and start contacting the concierge or wedding catering department at the hotel. 

Las Vegas Strip Wedding Renewal Tips

Be sure your wedding coordinator sends you a contract and specifies the details for your wedding package.  The things you would expect to have in your contract will be:

  • Photo specifications:  how many photos will you receive? Will your photos be on a CD or will you receive them some other way?  How will your photos be mailed to you and how long will it take?  Do you get the photos on a gallery to preview and choose from?  These are all important factors to clarify and know before your wedding day.
  • Video specifications:  Will the video be hand held or on an tri-pod?  What will the video consist of?  WIll it just be only the ceremony or will there be more footage taken of the event?  What happens if the footage is lost? What can you expect if that happens?
  • Itinerary:  What are the meeting arrangements?  What is the limousine pick up time?  Where will your flowers be delivered?  
  • Souvenir: Will you receive a keepsake wedding renewal souvenir?

These are only a few of the details that you should have in your contract.  You can see that planning a Las Vegas renewal ceremony has a lot of elements involved in it can't you?  Be sure that you choose a company that has good testimonials and a good track record and go by their reviews.  Customers most often tell the truth about the matter.  

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