Home Wedding

Whose Home Should You Use?

Having home wedding has become a very popular choice for couples over the years. It's one that I believe many couples don't often even consider. Maybe that is because there are so many other choices available for weddings. That being said however, this choice offers unique benefits and options. Wherever you decide to have it, one benefit becomes apparent. You will be more in control of the wedding timing and reception.

Some Options to Consider for Home Wedding

Use Your Home Use a Family Member Use a Friend's Home Use a Rental Home You can choose your own home or even better if you have a family member use theirs if it is on offer; therefore holding it at family or friend's could be an excellent choice. You may also consider having the wedding ceremony at a rental property. There are a lot of rental homes being rented out now for home wedding. You have a lot of options therefore and can get good deals on a luxurious home with beautiful court yards, gazebo or pool areas.

Using Your House

If using your home rest assured it will provide an intimate and convenient environment for you as well as to your guests. You may need to do quite a lot to the landscaping however. It may require more preparation to get ready for your wedding at your own home versus using a family or friends house. That may add a lot of extra stress to what many consider a very stressful situation to begin with. There also may be a lot more to purchase for the venue if it's your own home. Another thing to think about is whether your house would have room for guests to sleep. On the other hand, if the wedding is at your home, a lot of things will be convenient for you such as all your wedding supplies and paraphernalia that accompany a wedding ceremony. One convenience I think of straight away is convenience. After all, you always have access to your own home right?

Are There Pets Involved?

If you do have pets one thing to consider is where they will be kept during the ceremony and reception. Some people and guest may be fearful of animals or having allergies. This may be a sticking point if the arrangement stresses out the pets considerably. I myself have done many weddings where pets were present. I love animals so it has never been a source of contention for me as a wedding Minister. I will say many animals have decided to join in on the fun and some have even decided to walk down the wedding aisle before the bride did and steal the show. Some couples have even intentionally involved their pets in the ceremony as ring or flower bearers. That hasn't happened often, but it has happened.

Using a Friend or Relative's House For Home Wedding

Having your home wedding ceremony at family or friends provides an opportunity to benefit from their love and generosity and cut down on the stress of having a home wedding. Their home may already have a beautifully landscaped back yard, gazebo or pool area. Their homes may also offer amenities that your home does not have. On the other hand you probably will not feel comfortable asking them to offer guest rooms for people you might need or want to have around you. You will also still have to transport the needed items to your family and friends home. The possibility of forgetting items is greater. But in the end, maybe not having to deal with the added stress of organizing, cleaning and preparing your own home may be worth it. Of course it is still a good idea to assist whoever the house belongs to in the preparations and be sure to consult them about your wedding ideas for decorating to find out what their limits are. Obviously, you won't have the same access to someone else's house that you have in your own so arrangements will have to be made to decorate and have your rehearsal on their schedule.

Procuring a Rental Home for Your Home Wedding

This is a great idea if you have the money to spend on it. Actually, it can save money in the long run if you split the cost with other people and allow family and friends who need accommodations to use the guest rooms. Often the rental homes are luxurious and offer amenities that you would find in a hotel such as pools, wet bars, perhaps a Jacuzzi and beautiful scenic views. This option can allow for a wonderful family bonding experience if many friends and relatives are staying together. Also, you won't have to worry about any of your bridal party driving home after having too much to drink. I have often performed ceremonies in the back yard or gazebo of rental homes and those that choose this option have raved about it. There are a few down sides however. One is that you can experience the complaints of neighbors you don't know due to the noise of the reception. Also, because of the foreclosure rate in Nevada, you will definitely need to have an iron clad agreement and make sure that the homeowner is secure and doesn't drop out on the agreement on the last minute. Make certain that you have a chance to view the property and know what is expected in regards to cleaning deposits and damage fees if any that may be incurred.