Are you planning to have your Las Vegas wedding in the summer? Perhaps you have heard Las Vegas is HOT in the summer. How hot does it get? It can get up to 115 degrees and be 105 in the shade. I always advise my clients to keep this in mind when planning a summer Las Vegas wedding.Las Vegas has a monsoon season from June until September. When the summer days get that hot, humidity builds up and eventually peaks into a rain storm. So this is my advice if you are planning a Las Vegas wedding in the summer.

Have your Las Vegas wedding indoors:

The choice to have your Las Vegas wedding indoors is an obvious one that makes sense. If you want to keep the wedding simple I recommend getting a suite in of the popular Las Vegas hotels or resorts. We are experts at bringing a Las Vegas wedding package to your location. Las Vegas indoor suite weddings are a very economical wedding choice whether you have a large or small guest count. You can have professional wedding planners like us put together a simple or elegant indoor Las Vegas wedding affair for you. Many couples like to have food catered in their suite, decorate with flowers and keep it semi-formal. We are a one stop shop to organize a very economical indoor Las Vegas wedding package for you.

What if you still want an outdoor Las Vegas Wedding?

If you still want to use one of our outdoor wedding packages here is what I recommend. Have the ceremony either early in the morning before it gets too hot between 8-9 am or after the sun goes down, which is around 7:30 pm here in the summertime.

Scenic Red Rock wedding:

Some people really love the idea of having a Red Rock canyon wedding package. If you have a Red Rock wedding there are several things to keep in mind. Since it’s hot I highly recommend taking advantage of the wedding chapel at Bonnie Springs which is part of Red Rock canyon. The chapel has air conditioning and will afford the luxury of escaping the heat of the sun for awhile and having your wedding ceremony indoors. You may need this for family who are elderly. The chapel seats up to 60 people. In this case I recommend doing the photo tour very early in the morning around 6 am. This will make sure you avoid getting burned by the hot rocks that you climb on the photo tour.

Las Vegas Wedding Sunset Photo Tour:

Another excellent option is to have a summer outdoor Las Vegas wedding sunset ceremony and tour. I recommend having the ceremony later in the evening. You could have the ceremony around 7:30 pm and get our Las Vegas wedding sunset ceremony photo tour. It will still be hot but not as hot. The trick is to stay in the shade. I would avoid having the ceremony at the Las Vegas sign as it has no shade. We can recommend the most favorable places which allow you to stay in the shade and still enjoy your outdoor Las Vegas wedding. During your photo shoot our photographers are expert at balancing the time you spend outdoors with the cool hotel atmosphere of the locations you will visit for your scenic photo tour.

Go to Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is a very beautiful, peaceful and cool option for your summer Las Vegas wedding. You could either have the ceremony on the Las Vegas strip in the evening after your Mt. Charleston photo shoot or have the ceremony amidst the cool forests Mt. Charleston. Take advantage of the cool mountain weather during the day when it’s scorching hot in the Las Vegas valley. You can opt to have your Las Vegas wedding ceremony on the strip later at night along with a photo tour there. This would offer you the benefit of enjoying part of your Las Vegas wedding photo tour in the neon lights of Las Vegas strip after the sun goes down. During the day you could enjoy the cooler air of the mountain. I recommend escaping the busy atmosphere of Las Vegas for part of your photo tour at this wonderful mountain location. It’s peaceful and serene mountain views and natural setting is a welcome escape from the heat. The weather at Mt. Charleston is about 30 degrees cooler as a norm during the summer. So when it’s 110 degrees in our city valley it will be 75 degrees there. Nice!

Above all, if you are not used to the heat you will need to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and of course use plenty of sunscreen. The UV rays here are very harsh. Therefore, try to keep out of the sun during peak hours and don’t sunbathe during peak hours to avoid getting a sun burn. There is nothing worse than ruining your Las Vegas wedding day by being as red as a beet and even hotter than you have to be.