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Rev. Julie Nourish Las Vegas MinisterWELCOME NOTE: I have been serving as a Vegas wedding officiant since 1996.  It is a great honor to connect and serve couples and I never take the privledge to do so for granted. It is important for me to make the wedding ceremony services I offer couples a special experience for them.

It gives me great joy to have the opportunity to preside over and participate in one of the most meaningful experiences two people can have, the marriage experience. I give thanks every day for the opportunity to get to know so many people from all walks of life and be such an honored part of their lives. I feel like I have created many extended families in my life.

EXPERIENCE: I started out as a Las Vegas wedding officiant performing Las Vegas wedding ceremonies on the Las Vegas Strip in small wedding chapels in 1996. I have also worked with scenic Las Vegas wedding venues and other prominent event and wedding banquet centers.  After quite a few years working in these various establishments, I then chose to branch out on my own as an independent Las Vegas wedding Minister to offer couples the benefit of my experience at their location of choice.   Cick here to view my bio and more about my background and services offered. 

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JUSTICE OF THE PEACE: Often couples are simply looking for a justice of the peace. Although I am not a justice of the peace, I think many people don't realize a Las Vegas wedding celebrant also known as officiate or moble wedding officiate are all performing the same basic wedding service to couples; we all make the wedding ceremony legal.

ON LOCATION: My main focus is providing excellent services as a Vegas wedding Minister and officiant. You could also refer to me as a Las Vegas mobile Minister or Las Vegas mobile officiant because I travel to your location in and around the Las Vegas area.

Over the years I have learned a lot from working with wedding chapels and venues. For this reason I have decided to branch into offering other services to wedding couples. You may view the various services I offer by navigating to the main menu at the top of the website.

AFFORDABLE WEDDING PACKAGES: I offer affordable, inexpensive wedding officiation and Las Vegas wedding packages on location. I will bring the wedding package services to you. If I am not available for an on location wedding, I have associates who offer the same excellent services I do. My true love is being a part of the couple’s special day. To me, nothing is better than getting to know couples and preside over one of the most important special events in their lives.

Las Vegas officiant Rev. Julie NourishCEREMONIES: As a Las Vegas wedding officiant for over 19 years I have acquired a skill set for conducting Vegas wedding ceremonies that has become second nature. After spending so many years presiding over wedding ceremonies, I have accumulated an extensive assortment of wedding ceremony options to choose from.  At your request, I will send you choices to pre-view and choose from. 

NON-DENOMINATIONAL: When most couples contact me they request a non-denominational wedding ceremony. Simply put, a non-denominational wedding ceremony is one that is not associated with any one particular religious denomination.

I offer my clients a choice of wedding ceremonies regardless of whether the ceremony is simple or complex. The ceremony may be long or it may be very short and sweet, whatever you prefer. 

I provide a ceremony explanation page. Click here to view the differences between wedding ceremonies.

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ADVICE:  I also write informative articles in my blog devoted to all things related to weddings but especially devoted to helping wedding couples with resources for their stay  here and to help them plan their wedding details. I write my blog articles to provide essential resources for couples.  This is information you need to know and it will help you plan your Las Vegas wedding. Some of my articles are devoted to the complex circumstances surrounding the wedding experience such as family dynamics.

FAMILY DYNAMICS: Family structures, preferences and desires revolve around the wedding ceremony experience. Many couples choose to have their wedding ceremony in Las Vegas because of the ease of the experience in Las Vegas. After all, Las Vegas is the marriage capital of the world.

GET MARRIED IN LAS VEGAS: I can't tell you how many couples have told me they chose to have a Las Vegas wedding ceremony because this city makes it easy for them to have a non-complicated wedding experience. Each ceremony, couple and family are unique. I have experienced so many family dynamics that I know how to handle complex dynamics professionally, discreetly and with care and concern for all members involved.

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WHO DO I SERVE: I do not cast my own beliefs upon others. In my opinion all people have a right to be who they are without being persecuted or ostracized. I serve all faiths as well as those wedding couples who are atheists. It is my attitude that everyone who loves one another has a right to express that love and make a commitment as long as they are sincere in their love.

OPEN MINDED: I also officiate for couples of the same sex. Here is Nevada we have finally caught up with the idea that all couples who love each other have the right to declare that love equally with no discrimination and I think it's about time. I make it my priority to make sure each couple feels special and that they are the focus on their wedding day.Ceremony to Remember helps you plan a Las Vegas wedding ceremony on location

TIME: I am on location for a full hour on location for simple ceremony services.
More choices are available to devote to the wedding ceremony on your special

View my wedding officiant package page to find more details about consultations or package services.

NO HIDDEN FEES: My fees are clearly defined with no hidden charges. I will strive to serve you on location within your budget and needs.

AVAILABILITY: If I am not available to serve you or if you have a special need such as a Spanish or Male minister I am happy to book for you the services of my associate officiants in my place. I have formed alliances and associations with other wedding officiants that also have the same outlook, attitude and professionalism I provide.



WHY SO CHEAP? Marriage laws dictating who may legally perform wedding ceremonies changed dramatically a few years ago here in Las Vegas. It now allows lay people who have had no training and experience to conduct and legalize wedding ceremonies. Previously, the laws were very strick and only allowed Ministers or clergy who served congregations on a regular basis or a justice of the peace to perform weddings here.

WARNING: Now you can be married by almost anyone in any previous industry and no experience at all to legalize marriages as long as they apply and get approved to perform ceremonies legally. This change opened the door for almost anyone to perform extremely cheap weddings in Las Vegas. While many consider that a good change for the economy offering more jobs, unfortunately it also means that quite a few officiants here are very new and inexperienced at performing wedding ceremonies.

RISK: This means the providers may not offer professional services. If you risk using an extremely cheap wedding officiant, by donation service, you will get what you pay for and be lucky if anyone at all shows up or records your marriage.  If they do show up you may get someone dressed overly casual, perhaps dirty apparel and flip flops who may not take your wedding serously and provide reliable service.  It does happen.  Be careful please and make sure they take a deposit, have reviews, photos from happy customers and confirm with you properly. 

CHOICES: There are many new providers offering a cheap Vegas wedding. Cheap is different than affordable and professional. Popular choices here now are advertised as cheap Las Vegas outdoor weddings and cheap Las Vegas strip wedding packages. It's up to you to determine just how cheap you want to go. Consider this; going too cheap will compromise the quality of services you receive. Is it worth it to save a few dollars on your special once in a lifetime day and get substandard service and experience?  My promise to you is that I and my vendors will provide quality experienced services to you on location. We will do this and still provide services at affordable pricing that won't compromise your special wedding experience.

No matter what, if you choose Ceremony to Remember, you will be sure to receive quality, prompt and professional services to remember for all the right reasons. Thank you again for visiting. Rev. Julie Nourish.  



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What Clients Say

Well first it was so frustrating trying to plan ceremony, when you have never been in Vegas! I talked to a lot of different Chapels and they were not even the least bit Professional. But Julie made me feel at ease with all the planning! She was very pleasant to talk to and listen to every detail that I wanted! She was very professional and I absolutely loved everything about our ceremony! I have no complaints at all whatsoever!
Loida, 11/11/2015
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